Monday, November 19, 2007

Committee On the Present Danger

The original Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) was inaugurated back in 1950. CPD is a hawkish "advocacy organization" first founded in 1950 and re-formed in 1976 to push for larger defense budgets and arms buildups, to counter the Soviet Union. In June 2004, The Hill reported that a third incarnation of CPD was being planned, to address the War on terrorism.

One of the more notorious viruses to emit from the CPD was called "Team B." Team B was developed by Bush the Elder to help support the conclusions this gang of cutthroats had already developed in regards to the old U.S.S.R. They would "cherry-pick" intelligence reports and news stories to get their twisted version of the facts needed to support the original lie.
These people were scared to death that peace might actually break out and dedicated war mongers and war profiteers such as these slime balls weren't about to let that happen on their watch.

One of the founding members is the at large war criminal Paul Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz would take this learned skill and later apply its toxic excesses in the lead up to the war against Iraq.

Other notable members listed on the CPD website include Laurie Mylroie, Norman Podhoretz, Frank Gaffney and other associates of the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Boeing Company.

The CPD site is a regular "Who's Who" in war mongering. There's the US Senator from Israel, Joe Liebeman, who's always more than happy to ship your sons and daughters off to die in the sands of the ME, fighting wars for Israel.

And Midge Decter, who just happens to be married to Norman "Kill them all and let Jehovah sort them out" Podohertz. Stormin' Norman is listed, but not his marriage to Midge. Hmmm, just an oversight?

Plus, Dov Zackheim, former Comptroller of the US. But his profile doesn't mention that while in charge of the U.S. currency, over 3 TRILLION DOLLARS disappeared. Guess that's just another oversight, huh?

There's the foaming at the mouth, hater of any and all things Arab/Muslim, Daniel Pipes. And the list goes on and one and on.

The people listed on the site pop up again and again on the TV talk shows, evening news clips and on the editorial pages. Time and again, their only cry is that we need to bomb more Arab countries and we need to do it NOW, to protect our interests. It doesn't take a genius to see that the interest they're talking about is Israel.
Like some cult, they keep repeating their mantras in the hope that it will all come true and the ME--except for their beloved Israel--is turned into a large parking lot.

Throughout the site, one of the war mongers favorite theme is: "We are facing a clear and present danger.." I agree. A clear and present danger from within, from war mongering sites like the CPD; AEI and AIPAC and their fellow travelers in Congress who always are more than ready to send off American kids to fight another war for Israel, then use the mayhem, death and destruction they created as an excuse to further savage the Bill of Rights.

Since the Bush/Cheney junta took control of our government in the December 2000 bloodless coup d'├ętat, they and their obedient lackey's in the Congress and the Supreme Court have managed to strip Americans of the Right to Habeas Corpus and the Right to a Speedy Trial Motion.

To help support their draconian version of our land, they've managed to put so many restrictions on our Right to Free Speech that it has become only words on paper, tucked away in some forgotten memorial in Washington, DC.

Our Right to Freedom of Assembly is under assault daily, by Ninja dressed Rambo wannabe's, armed with badges, mace and automatic weapons who get sent in to bust up peaceful demonstrations, by using extreme force. Oh and by the way, these Rambo's are what used to be called "Peace Officers." And were also known as Public Servants, since we pay the taxes that pay their salaries. Just make sure not mention that fact when you're getting beaten and trussed up for shipment to jail, or they'll TAZE your ass.

Our Right to be Free from unreasonable searches is kaput, thanks to electronic spyware that tracks our every move on the 'Net and captures every phone call made.
Hell, they no longer even need a search warrant to bust down your door in the middle of the night. And if they happen to have the wrong address and some brave citizen fights back against the power of the state, you'll be shot down like rabid dog, with the arresting officers then conspiring to plant phony evidence on you to keep their sorry asses out of trouble.

Gone too is the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. Oh hell, i forgot. The new U.S. Attorney General doesn't think water boarding is torture. In fact, he doesn't even have an opinion on water boarding, since he's not sure what it is. Anyone either that stupid, naive or clueless has no business being in the business of helping protect our rights.

Osama Bin Laden didn't take away these rights. Our so-called representatives in Washington, D.C. did all in the name of fighting a war against terror.

That's how will be destroyed as a nation; By the deluded power-hungry lunatics who are doing their damnedest to keep American kids fighting wars in the ME for decades to come.
To ensure that happens, they are stripping away our hallowed Bill of Rights to prevent We the People from taking back control of our government from the war mongers, Israeli Firsters and war profiteers who love a daily diet of death and destruction.

They don't hate us for our freedoms and if they ever did, they can stop, since the Bolsheviks comprising the CPD have been instrumental in destroying our freedoms.

And that is the true present danger. One that is savagely attacking America from within.

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