Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Occupation breeds terror

The unspoken truth that every Israeli knows, uncomfortable as it may be to admit, is that occupation breeds terror. Every incursion, every raid, every curfew and collective punishment, drives the moderates into the welcoming arms of the militants, who promise to return their honour and their wounded pride by fighting the oppressors' fire with fire of their own. And that fact alone should be enough to shake Israelis awake and realise that the occupation has to end, as much for our own security as for the sake of the Palestinians that we're subjugating.

Even those who only care about the safety of the Israeli people, and to hell with the Palestinians, should be backing the withdrawal of troops to the Green Line. They should know that the labyrinthine network of checkpoints is not actually making them safer, but is there just to make the Palestinians' lives a misery, thus endangering Israeli lives further in the end. And they should recognise that while Israel's presence continues to fester in the Palestinian territories like an open sore, there is little to no chance that the Palestinians will seek rapprochement and dialogue with their neighbours.

When I first moved to this country, I was prepared to play my part by enlisting in the IDF and serving in the West Bank. While there, I saw for myself the effect my mere uniformed presence had on the Palestinians I encountered on a daily basis. Every interaction took place with me holding all the cards - it was me with the loaded gun in my hands; it was me barking instructions to "stop or I'll shoot", "lift up your shirt", "don't come another step closer"; it was me playing with my quarry as though they were puppets on the end of short, taut strings.

However, I still believed that we "did what we had to do", since it was a case of us or them, and we could never ease up in our actions for fear that the next Palestinian we encountered was the one with a bomb strapped to his chest. And so it continued, bursting into buildings to round up the residents and lock them in their own basement, so that we could take over the house and grab a few hours' sleep in the middle of a mission - and all perfectly acceptable in the context of war.

But that was when I saw the wide, silent eyes of the families' children as we screamed at their father - their hero, their protector - and wrested from him the reins of power inside his own house. And that's when it started to dawn on me just what kind of effect our actions were having on the next generation, who were guaranteed to end up hating us when all they saw was us herding them like cattle and imposing our will on them through the sights of our guns.


True words spoken by a son of Israel who has been in the trenches, enforcing the occupation of Palestine.

Israel can make all sorts of excuses for keeping troops in occupied Palestine, but it's not right and the terrorist actions of the ZOF (ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE) only breeds resentment, which in turn leads to reprisals by the subjugated Palestinians.

Israel has the world's fifth largest nuclear weapons force and the world's fourth largest military, yet it still does not feel safe.
Why? If Israel had the world's largest military and largest cache of nukes, would it then feel safe?

I doubt that. Just look at the United States. We're the world's largest military power and we're less secure and safe now then we were back in 2001. And part of that is due to our continued occupation of Iraq.

Until the intelligent and sane Israeli's take back their purloined government from the war mongering Likud Party and end the occupation, there will be NO peace in the Middle East.

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