Sunday, November 4, 2007

"We, as the army, are helping Jewish settlers to commit crimes against unarmed Palestinian civilians."

According to Israeli human rights organisations, settlers committed 25,000 assaults against Palestinians throughout the West Bank since the start of this year alone. In some areas, such as Hebron, these assaults have led to large numbers of Palestinians leaving their neighbourhoods. Despite the widening scope and intensity of such assaults, only one settler has been sent to trial, and he was released on a meagre bail. In the northern West Bank, settlers have uprooted 10,000 olive trees and have poisoned hundreds of artesian wells. They have also let loose large herds of swine to destroy agricultural crops. And according to an Israeli study, the military checkpoints Israel has erected in the West Bank interfere with the lives of 80 per cent of all Palestinians.

Yet even more serious in Blair's plan is the fact that it ignores the frank and documented statements made by leaders of the Israeli army in which they admit that they create conditions that facilitate settlers committing crimes against Palestinian civilians. General Yuval Bazak, head of the "military theory development" department in the Israeli army's joint staff and who once led the Israeli army in the West Bank, recently told the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the occupation army has for dozens of years ignored the assaults of settlers on Palestinian civilians. "A grave deception is taking place here," Bazak said. "We, as the army, are helping Jewish settlers to commit crimes against unarmed Palestinian civilians."

He added that the Israeli army covered for Israeli terrorist organisations active in settlements. He further stressed that the army and Israeli intelligence do not make any moves to dismantle Israeli terrorist organisations.

Al Ahram

In Occupied Palestine, the indigenous people deal with Jewish terrorism that is much more violent, extreme and more deadly than we here in America deal with.

In America, we only have to deal with the likes of lovers of all things Israel like David Horowitz and his campus indoctrination tour about the newest and most likely candidate to win the Zionist award for re-branding the War on Terror: "Islamo-Fascism."

While Palestinians feel the raw force of the racist and apartheid state known as Israel, thru the theft of their lands, poisoning of their drinking water and the not so subtle bullet to the face, we in America have only to fear having our brains poisoned by the venomous attitudes of the Zionists.

And deal with the fact that we have lost control of our government. Our so-called "representatives" in Washington, D.C. spend most all of their time playing kissy face with lobby's like AIPAC.

Bowing and scraping on bended knee to the Zionist Lobby so our country can be used as both a piggy bank for the rapacious Zionists and so they can use our Armed Forces like so many GI Joe dolls, carelessly tossed onto field of battle in service to Israel.

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