Friday, November 9, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

Over the last few days, did an informal review of various television channels to see who was on the various news shows and what they were saying.

Here's the list:

"Viewpoint with James Zogby" Hosted by James Zogby who had on Norm ORNSTEIN of the American Enterprise Institute.
The discussion was about the upcoming U.S. presidential election and mostly focused on whether Rudy or Hillary would win.

Gee, thanks for narrowing the choices.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed William COHEN about the U.S. choices in the MIddle East. COHEN was furrowing his brow and trying to sound earnest when talking about our so-called "interests" in the ME.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out just exactly what that interest is.

On the PBS News hour, the talking head was interviewing a Steven PEARLSTEIN and a Ken ROGOFF. Both were discussing the falling dollar and how it got that way. Never once did they mention the fact that the private banks of the ill named Federal Reserve had been pumping up the money supply way out of proportion to the actual need.

Anyone want to guess who runs the Federal Reserve?

On HNN, the notorious bootlicker "Glen Beck" featured an interview with Alan DERSHOWITZ. DERSHOWTIZ was ranting and raving about the increase in "Anti-Semitism."
The show's setting was a classic piece of agitprop. DERSHOWITZ was sitting in a rather large, almost throne like chair. The camera angle was such that DERSHOWITZ appeared to be elevated above the viewer and gave the impression that the person watching would be on their knees, supplicating themselves before "King Alan."

ESPN had a certain Joe SCHAD talking about some damned football game out West. SCHAD was really into this schlock, trying his damnedest to sound like one of the "good ol' boys" at the local tavern.

Yeah, Joe boy, you're definitely one of us.

The MSNBC show, HARDBALL had its host, Chris Matthews, discussing the dollars woes with a Chrysta FREEDLAND.

What's the matter Israel? Is inflation taking a bite out of the 6-10 BILLION dollars per year we give to Israel?

FOX News did a remote interview with that Senator from Israel, Joe LIEBERMAN, talking about the need to stay in Iraq.

What the hell for Joe?
So we can get more of our kids killed fighting Israel's war?

Back at CNN, another Senator from Israel, Charles SCHUMER, was prattling on about how we need to seal the deal and rubber stamp the Zionist MUKASEY to be the US Attorney General.

Bye Bye, 9/11 investigations, adios to the scheduled AIPAC Espionage trial and Hello Waterboarding.

And there's always the BLOOMBERG News and business channels. Need more be said?

Although this is an informal survey, it's not an exception, but rather the rule when it comes to television news. Time and time again, the people descended from the Khazars dominate the news cycle.

Regardless of what they talk about, their mission is the same: To keep polishing that large, stinky turd known as Israel. To keep shoveling load after load of their venomous propaganda into the minds of America.


  1. Greg who is this Joe Zogby? Not the same person as James Zogby right? Or are they related?

  2. I am still investigating but they are not the same person. My feeling is they may be father and son but will let you know when i find out unless you do know and you can inform me. Thanks.

  3. Don't know who Joe Zogby is, but James Zogby hosts
    "Viewpoint with James Zogby" Hosted by James Zogby

    At times, it's not a bad show, if you can filter thru the Zionist propaganda messages and get to the real story.

  4. Joe worked with martin indyk.

    Found it.

    "If people are not aware of their civil rights, these violations won't come to our attention," said Zogby, James Zogby's son. "

    both zionist bastards.
    James started the Arab American Institue (notice any similarity to another "institute"?) ;)

  5. Correction:
    james worked FOR indyk

  6. Martin InDICK is a real bastard. He's been a major force in both AIPAC and another Zionist brainwashing institute, forgot the name. Maybe JINSA

    He's got friends in high places in Washington and London who gladly kiss his boots to just get a little attention.

  7. Embarrassingly he came from Australia. inDICK that is.

  8. Sorry the two names are so similar that i stuffed up.
    Joe worked FOR inDICK not james.

  9. "April 10, 2007
    Zogby BARKS!
    Filed under: Uncategorized — barabie @ 9:24 am Edit This

    “By invading Iraq without a plan and with no clear understanding of the consequences that would result from this war, the Bush Administration has created a bind for itself and for the Middle East as well,” wrote James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute (AAI), a Washington, D.C.-based organization, and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network….”

    Zogby isn’t concerned that Iraq was attacked by the yanks but is worried that the yanks attacked “Iraq without a plan”.
    So if the yanks had “a plan”, Zobi would not have a problem with that.
    This is the type of donkeys that speak for American/Arabs.
    How can one blame the westerner when you have traitors like this?"

    ("zobi" is arabic for "my dick", fits in well with inDICK)

  10. "When Joe Zogby, a 29-year-old Arab American lawyer, was approached by Martin Indyck, the US assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, with an offer to work as his assistant for a year, a Pandora’s box was opened.

    “People in the community advised me against working in the State Department because they disagree with Mideast policy,” Zogby told Al-Ahram Weekly. “They said no purpose would be served. But I disagree with that perspective. The only way that we as Arab Americans will influence the process is by participating fully.”

    Joe Zogby took the risk. He risked being the token Arab in a foreign policy circle that even Jewish Americans openly admit leans heavily on Jews. Later, Zogby’s boss, Martin Indyck, was to be accused by Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, of hiring Zogby in an attempt to silence criticism that too many Jews control US Middle East policy.

    It should be noted that while Indyck himself was a major player in the Zionist lobby before joining the State Department, he is now considered by that same lobby to be someone who, as an editorial in the New York Post put it, “has his job, in part because he loathes the current Likud government in Israel.”

    The paper went on to wonder what Indyck was “trying to prove” by hiring Zogby.

    What indeed? "

  11. "Zogby isn’t concerned that Iraq was attacked by the yanks but is worried that the yanks attacked “Iraq without a plan”.

    All of the pissing and moaning and griping and groaning by the neoCONs and the Zionists isn't about the illegal and immoral war against Iraq.

    Nor is it about the over ONE MILLION Iraqi's that have been murdered by the fucks in charge in Tel Aviv, DC and London.

    Nor do they gripe about the over FOUR MILLION that have had to run for safety to other countries.

    Nor the millions upon millions that have been internally displaced.

    The subhuman species known as the ZIOCONS are singing the blues because the illegal war against Iraq didn't cause enough damage.

    Their arrogance led them to think that it would be a "cakewalk" to just go in and destroy Iraq and feed off the pieces.

    Except the brave and resolute Iraqi's had other plans for the Occupation Army.

    The ZIOCONS plans to invade and conquer Syria, Iran and Lebanon has been put on hold and the world owes a debt of thanks to all of the brave Iraqi's fighting to the death to overthrow the Occupation Army of the West.


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