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Israeli Settlements - The End of the Peace Process?

Imagine you are a Palestinian living in the West Bank. Since 1967, your life and destiny has been under the military control of Israel. You live in an area the size of Delaware. Since at least 1993, Israel has been continually building settlement enclaves on your land, peopling your land with Israeli citizens. You watch your small "state" being eroded. Then along comes the international community as "brokers for peace." Inexplicably, the international community puts the burden of making concessions for peace on you while ignoring the steady usurpation of your shrinking "homeland!" Tanya Rinehart of Tel Aviv University observed, "...what (Ariel) Sharon`s legacy has brought to perfection is that war can be always marketed as the tireless pursuit of peace. Sharon proved that Israel can imprison the Palestinians, bombard them from the air, steal their land in the West Bank, stall any chance for peace, and still be hailed by the Western world as the peaceful side in the Israel-Palestine conflict." ("An interview with Tanya Rinehart" 10/02/06)

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UN resolution 242 (passed after the 1967 war) called for Israel to withdraw from the Occupied Territories back to the 1967 borders in exchange for Arab recognition of Israel. That resolution was reaffirmed in the Roadmap to Peace. In 1993, Yassir Arafat recognized Israel's right to exist when he signed the Oslo agreement in 1993. In 2002, the Arab League offered a proposal to recognize Israel if Israel would withdraw to the 1967 borders. In May 2006, the Palestinian National Reconciliation Document (aka the "Prisoner's Document"), which was a collaborative offer from Hamas and Fatah factions, offered official recognition of Israel within the 1967 borders. When the Arab League inititated a debate in the UN Security Council on its peace plan, Israel together with the US attempted to prevent that debate. (G. Baskin, "The Jerusalem Post" 10/10/06)

The truth is, Israel does not want to return to the 1967 borders. Israel wants more. The Christian Science Monitor reported that in the ten years from the 1993 signing of the Oslo Peace Accord in which Israel promised not to change the status quo in the territories, the Jewish population in the West Bank doubled from 110,000 to 220,000 (CSM 6/9/03). The Roadmap to Peace was agreed to in April 2003 but in August of 2003, Israel announced an $11,400 grant to induce young settlers to move to the West Bank. In August 2004, the Congressional Research Service Brief 1B82008 (8/19/04) reported that, "Israel confirmed that it would build 1000 new houses in Maale Adumin and three other West Bank settlements, an apparent contradiction of Israeli pledges not to expand settlements."

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The truth is, Israel does not want to return to the 1967 borders.

Truer words have never been spoken. Israel has NO plans, thoughts or inclination to return land stolen from both the indigenous Palestinians or Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Israel will make nice with the quisling Abbas, the Mayor of the West Bank, but will not give back what it has stolen. In fact, Israel's true plan for its borders is a country that includes parts of Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq.

Their favorite band of mercenaries, the US military, has already invaded and destroyed Iraq. Making that nation, or what's left of it, prime for rapacious nations like Israel to slice off parts of that country. In northern Iraq, Kurdish militias are being trained by Isareli agents and Kurdish oil is being slated to be pumped out of Iraq and moved overland to the Israeli port of Haifa.

Jordan is still missing large parts of the fertile Jordan Valley. Syria is still missing the Golan Heights. Both have natural water resources prized by Israel and both chunks of land were stolen by Israel in their 1967 War of Agression.

Even now, there are rumblings in Tel Aviv that Israel should not have given back what it stole from Egypt in that same war, the Sinai Peninsula, rich in oil resources the Israeli's covet.

And let's not forget the indegenous Palestinians, who have been watching the ZOF (ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE) steal more and more of their land and water resources.

This is Israel: A nation of thieves, liars and murderers, willing to do anything it takes to fatten their bottom line and their amount of plundered land and resources.

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