Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should the U.S. Bomb Israel's top-secret Chemical and Biological weapons at Nes Ziona?

Mention the name of the secretive Israeli nuclear weapons lab at Dimona, and some will recognize this is the place Israel enriches plutonium for military use so they can build thermonuclear, fission and neutron bombs.

But who knows about the top-secret Israeli biological and chemical weapons complex located in the Tel Aviv suburb of Nes Ziona, called the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR)?

IIBR is so secretive that it does not appear on any maps and is off-limits even to members of the Knesset, Israel's Parliament.

Didn't the "Coalition of the Willing" --COW's--invade Iraq because they claimed Iraq had WMD's like nukes, biological and chemical weapons that were being hid from the world? And that Iraq was denying inspectors access to their WMD sites and threatening to use these WMD's against America?

What about Israel denying inspectors access to their WMD sites at Dimona and at IIBR?

What would these COW's say to Israel's WMD's? Like the 300 plus nuclear weapons Israel has? Nukes which they threaten to use against neighboring countries.

And has threatened to use their nukes against the entire world, sort of a nuclear hissy fit, by invoking their dreaded "Sampson " option.

Israel has shown the world it has no concern for the safety of others, like in the October 1992 crash of El Al Boeing 747 flight LY1862 that slammed into an apartment building in Amsterdam.

The El Al flight, in violation of the international Chemical Weapons Treaty, carried sarin gas chemicals, enough to annihilate the populations of several large cities.

The flight also carried weapons-grade plutonium and depleted uranium. A bitch's brew that was partially discharged into the surrounding community, sickening over 2,000 Dutch people--residents, police and rescue workers--who have sought treatment for a host of maladies including fatigue, breathing problems, hair loss, neurological ailments, mental confusion, depression, encephalomyelitis and disabling joint pains.

The Israelis immediately initiated a cover-up, saying that the flight carried nothing but "perfumes and gift articles." As late as April 22, 1998, Israeli Transport Minister Shaul Yahalom maintained that there were "no dangerous material on that plane. Israel has nothing to hide."

An incident that the Israeli government, in cahoots with the Dutch, have been striving to "wipe off the map" so no evidence exists.
Like the disappearance of the flight's "black box" voice recorder. Plus, metal parts from the wreckage were recycled and melted down before a proper investigation could begin---A technique which was recycled nine years later, with the WTC wreckage.

In addition, soil samples taken at the crash site have turned up evidence suggesting that not only was enriched plutonium on board, but also U.S. nuclear weapons technology that was being illegally shipped from the U.S. to Israel.

Israel stealing America's nuclear weapon technology?

Back in 1992?

Damn straight. This we know from the brave and courageous Sibel Edmonds, who is risking her freedom, if not her life, to expose this gang of thieves.

Israel has no regard for other humans, not even American lives as it proved on June 8, 1967, with its savage and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty.

An attack which killed 34 US personnel.

If this is how Israel treats her "friend", the U.S., what other atrocities has it committed?

How about the September 25, 1997 Israeli attempted assassination of Hamas leader Khaled Meshal ?

Then Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu personally directed the attempted murder of Meshal, using a chemical or biological agent to poison Meshal.

An agent most likely from IIBR.

Extrajudicial executions, carried out by Israel in Occupied Palestine, are too well known for the constantly under siege Gazans.

Israel murders Palestinian leaders on a consistent and regular basis, then whines to the world that they can't find any Palestinian leaders to negotiate with.

Chutzpah beyond belief.

Israel had think tanks study the feasibility of surviving an Israeli initiated nuclear war. A war in which Israel plans on nuking the Aswan High Dam, even though Egypt is not part of the hostilities.

Are these the actions of a sane and rational nation? Or the actions of a nation of "evil-doers?"

Need another reason for striking Israel? Remember back to "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part I" in 1991? Recall the tearful testimony of a 'Nayirah" who said she saw Iraqi troops in Kuwait removing babies from incubators, leaving them to die?

This was proved to be a lie, but hey, it was good enough to help "Pappy" Bush launch a war against Iraq.

Now we have prove from reports that the Israeli blockade and cutting of power to Gaza is causing the Director of Emergency and Reception at Gaza's largest hospital, Al Shifa, to choose between cutting electricity to babies in the maternity ward or cutting it to heart patients.

Where's the world's outrage this time? Why isn't another COW being formed to confront the evil-doers in Tel Aviv?

Wasn't another reason given to invade Iraq that it had committed mass murder against its own people?

What about Israel committing genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine? Doesn't that deserve more than a casual look from the COW's?

Since it is Israel that is the main threat to not only peace in the ME, but world-wide, shouldn't the B-2 bombers and cruise missiles be heading to Tel Aviv to smite those "evil-doers" off the face of the earth?

The question should not be "Should the U.S. bomb Israel's secret chemical and biological weapons complex, IIBR, at Nes Ziona?"

The question should be "Why hasn't the U.S. already bombed Israel's secret chemical and biological weapons complex, IIBR, at Nes Ziona?"


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