Friday, February 29, 2008

"War Pigs" and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Bear with me on this supposition, but why does it seem, that whenever one looks into who is behind these "Democracy" type groups, one finds an abundance of Israeli's, Zionists and NeoCons?

These are the ones that are more familar with the insides of a "think tank" than a battle tank.

Some of the same people helped lie the US into fighting a war against Iraq are now lying the US into fighting a war against Iran. Worse, they are being listened to.

One of those shadowy "think tanks", the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) has been active lately, promoting not only the war against Iran, but also taking to the airwaves pimping the US Congress to pass Herr Bush's latest draconian invasion of our privacy, the so-called "Protect America Act", which will do anything but.

They use warped reasoning for this act, saying that if it had been in place, we might have prevented 9/11. BS. The Bush/Cheney Junta was spying on Americans long before 9/11, so why didn't they ferret out that info back then, in early 2001? Could it be they were spying on Americans to make sure that 9/11 went down as planned? But, I digress...

Such is the warped reasoning of the FDD. They want to protect our liberty by demolishing the Bill of Rights.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is anything but, with a collection of the "usual suspects" whose only interest is to keep the U.S. bogged down in the ME, fighting war after war for Israel, with the next war against Iran being whooped up to a fever pitch.

Some of these suspects you'll instantly recognize, such as Bill Kristol, who recently demonstrated such a poor knowledge of ME history that it got him hired by the New York Times.

If you haven't read this article, showing Billy's basic ignorance about critical Iraq history, do yourself a favor and click here

Frank Gaffney, who lurks about the halls of Congress, peddling more of his brand of Islamaphobia to any and all willing to listen.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., is president, CEO, and founder of the Center for Security Policy -- "a small think tank funded mainly by U.S. defence contractors, far-right foundations, and right-wing Zionists." Gaffney is considered to be a "neo-con" (neo-conservative).

Call Frankie boy a defense contractors dream come true. It's people like this that the heavy metal band "Black Sabbath" had in mind when they composed their excellent antiwar song, "War Pigs." Frank is one of the original signers to the "Project for the New American Century."

The PNAC is road map for waging eternal wars in the ME for Israel. A road map that is more than familiar to the bombed out people of Lebanon. The starving masses in Gaza.
And very familar to the terrorized people of that destroyed nation formerly known as Iraq.

There's Richard Perle. Known in Washington circles as "The Prince of Darkness," Perle is associated with the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century, both of which have been prominent behind-the-scenes architects of the Bush administration's foreign policy, in particular its push for war with Iraq.

Has been accused of looting the assets of Hollinger International, the former media empire of Conrad Black.

Perle and Black are now (2004) estranged and have accused each other of wrongdoing in the looting of Hollinger assets. The Breeden Report, which cataloged the accusations against Black by the now-independent Hollinger directors, singled out Perle, among all of the corporate directors, for criticism: "As a faithless fiduciary, Perle should be required to disgorge all compensation received from the company". In October 2004, Hollinger amended its lawsuit against Black to include Perle as a defendant, asking for $22.9 million, including the $5.4 million of his compensation.

Tsk, Tsk, Richard, is it really true?

Perle has been fighting off the impression that he was trying to use his Pentagon influence to profit from the Iraq war that he was doing all he could to implement. Now it's "Deja vu" all over again as the "Prince" is trying mightily to jump start the war against Iran.

Fought by Americans, of course, for the glory of Israel. Maybe we should start draping the Star of David across those coffins, filled with American kids, coming home from the ME.

There's Charles Krauthammer. Anyone who has a stomach strong enough to watch FOX news for more than five minutes will recognize Chuckie's name and recall his dour countenance. Chuck is another War Pig that just loves to see death and destruction sowed thru ought the ME, as long as the death and destruction isn't hitting his beloved Israel.

"When historians look back on the United States war in Iraq, they will almost certainly be struck by how a small group of mainly neo-conservative analysts and activists outside the administration were able to shape the US media debate in ways that made the drive to war so much easier than it might have been… But historians would be negligent if they ignored the day-to-day work of one person who, as much as anyone outside the administration, made their media ubiquity possible. Meet Eleana Benador, the Peruvian-born publicist for Perle, Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney and a dozen other prominent neo-conservatives whose hawkish opinions proved very hard to avoid for anyone who watched news talk shows or read the op-ed pages of major newspapers over the past 20 months."
— Jim Lobe, The Andean Condor among the Hawks, Asia Times, August 15, 2003.

Guess who's on the Benador list as an available speaker? That's right, our buddy Chuckie. Check out this list for a regular "Who's Who" in the ME war making department.

And, no organization that is currently pimping for another ME would be complete without listing that US Senator representing Tel Aviv, Joe LIeberman of Connecticut.

Damn near anytime one looks into the upcoming war against Iran and who's promoting that war, Joe's name is usually on the list.
Rumored to be John McCain's candidate for either VP or Secretary of Defense.

Do a Google search of Joe boy and see how many articles linked to Lieberman include his fantasies of waging war and more war in the ME.

Joey, like Chuckie, wants US kids stuck fighting ME wars against Israel's "existential" enemies for the next 50 years or so.

If the entire ME gets destroyed like Iraq, that would be fine with these War Pigs, as long as their beloved Israel isn't touched and gets to stay on as ME Overlord.

And Americans get stuck with the bill for this fighting, a bill that comes due with every coffin shipped home from the ME, filled with our kids, killed fighting wars for Israel.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Great-Grandson of Holocaust™ survivor files Lawsuit

Holocaust News Service-Miami

Today, in the Norman Podhoretz Federal Court building in Miami, Schlomo Phulloshitiz IV and others filed a class action lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money to be paid for their ongoing Holocaust™ Survivor Descendants Memory.

Phulloshitz said that he and his fellow claimants have been dreaming up possible WW II scenarios that may or may not have happened to their great-grandparents, like Schlomo's great-grandfather, Schlomo Phulloshitz Sr. and those repressed "memories" are making their lives a living hell.

Said Phulloshitz: "These imaginative scenarios which I( and others) have cultivated extensively have so debilitated my being that I have not been able to do a day of work ever in my entire life." He added "I have been under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr. Kwackberg. Kwackberg said that to help alleviate these symptoms, I should avoid all work, especially the physical kind and spend as much time, during the day, enjoying the sun and fun of local beaches and at night, having more fun, hitting the trendy hot spots of the Miami South Beach night club scene. Of course, this is part of my doctor mandated cure and in no way should be construed as anything else", said Phulloshitz.

"This I have done religiously, but it has not been enough to take away the self-inflicted pain of those repressed Holocaust™ Survivor Descendants memories, so i and others, have filed suit in federal court to seek redress in monetary form."

"Successfully winning that lawsuit will go a long way to helping me recover from this dreaded malady."

Phulloshitz said that having inherited vast sums of Holocaust™ reparation payments from his father helped him to avoid work, so he could concentrate on his cure, but was not enough to spend his life in the style mandated by his psychiatrist.

This reporter could not but helped to be moved by the these tales of woe affecting Schlomo and in fact, during this interview, started suffering some of the same symptoms suggested by Schlomo, so much so that I have decided to seek the care of Dr. Kwackberg.

Reporting--for now--for the Holocaust News Service, this is Ima Golddigger from Miami.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ZioCon™ announces release of "Global Chess 3000"

ZionCon™, creators of "Shock and Awe", "Gaza Blockade" and "Financial Collapse '08" are pleased to announce their latest game for the moneyed elite called "Global Chess 3000."

"Dick" Bush, CEO of ZioCon™, issued a press release lauding the new strategic game being played on GC 3000. Bush said that they were creating a "new reality" of the world, casting and shaping the globe to benefit the upper crust and as such, they deserved a game befitting their status.

The old chess pieces will be replaced by the following creations of the Masters of Disaster at ZioCon™, said their Executive VP in charge of development, Binyamin Olmert. Olmert said that focus groups rated these life-like pieces high, since they seem so realistic.

The Knight will be replaced by the "Mercenary." The Merc will be dressed in a Ninja like outfit, with a hood covering his face. He will be armed with fragmentation grenades and a assault rifle. He will serve at the Queen's discretion and his moves known only to the Queen and her inner circle. The "Merc" is authorized by his Queen to shoot to kill anyone the "Merc" deems an obstacle to the Queen's global conquest.

The Bishop will now be called the "Televangelist." This piece will be dressed in a custom made silk suit from Saville Row, wear a $736,000 dollar Frank Muller timepiece and have bullet proof hair. The beauty of the TE, said "Dick" is that he is so stealthy at getting pawns to believe bunk that their minds are easy for takeover and domination, which in turn leads to control of the Global game board.

The rook will now be called the "News Anchor." The News Anchor will not actually physically move around the board, but his mouth will flap incessantly, making the other pawns think they are actually hearing something worth listening to and at the same time, filling the pawn's mind with useless dreck, which gives the opponent an easy prey.

The pawns, said Binyamin, will stay true to their past and present places in history and remain pawns. He added that there are more than enough pieces available to become pawns and as in the past, are more than willing to die to help the King and Queen achieve their goals.

Binyamin added that ZioCon™ had toyed with the idea of changing the pawns name to "cannon fodder" or "suckers", but that making something so evident that obvious could impact profits, so it was decided to let the pawns stay.

ZioCon™ said they wanted to retain a bit of old world flavor in their new game, so they elected to keep the King and Queen pieces as originally designed.

The ZioCon™ spokesperson said that having a King and Queen rule over the Global Chess 3000 board was a reflection of actualities in the real world, with untold numbers of pawns literally fighting over scraps of bread, so long as their King and Queen could live in the lap of luxury.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jewish Magazine Shows How To Cook A Gentile

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Jewish Magazine Shows How To Cook A Gentile

This particular cartoon proves beyond a doubt that Jews are fearless and wantonly explicit in their hatred of our European-American heritage and our people and they are not scared in the least to say it openly because there will NEVER be consequences for them. Of course if this cartoon taught someone how to cook a Jew, careers would end, death threats would commence and fines or imprisonment would follow. Jews are the most hateful people on the face of the earth.

The magazine was not bought at a Zionist meeting or AIPAC meeting, no, far more insidiously it's sold openly on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

A pdf of the cartoon has been uploaded here, check it out, be outraged, these Jews have some serious explaining to do as to what makes this "funny."

More trash passing off as Jewish entertainment can be seen at Heeb Magazines website.

How to contact Barnes and Noble and get this garbage off of store shelves? Contact customer support and share a piece of your mind.

-the West

Source: News from the West

Think CNN's Wolf Blitzer will cover this story? Or maybe FOX's Britt Hume will give it some air time.

Don't hold your breath for this atrocious cartoon to ever see the light of day in the Zionist owned MSM. In that Never-Never Land of disinformation and propaganda, news anchors get a pat on the back and pay raises anytime they slander, malign or distort anything Muslim/Arabic.

But woe to the fool who dare question anything about Israel/Zionism, for their reward is to be fired, threatened with violence, possibly even tossed in prison, all for asking honest questions about the descendants of the Khazars.

Here's a link to the original story in Heeb Magazine

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why is the "Thought Crime" Act still in Committee?

As the vultures drift slowly overhead, descending in ever decreasing circles to feast on the carcass of the democratic republic formerly known as America, signs of life are detected.

The damned body is still moving!! That's most distasteful to these buzzards. Even though these particular genus of buzzards, such as the "Pelosi Backstabbererus", the "Reid Suckerupus" and the most ravenous of all, the "Cheney Murderusallus" will eat a moving body, they prefer to tear off and ingest whole chunks of dead and decaying flesh.

This morbid crew knows they can count of another of their species, the "Lieberman Asskisserus" to deliver the final blow to the highly desired body by cutting out its heart with his "Thought Crime" Prevention Act--Senate Bill 1959

All kidding aside, why is the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terror Prevention Act of 2007 still stuck in the Senate?

Back in October 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives rushed thru this particular heinous piece of legislation, using a little used parliamentary procedure. Pelosi helped rush thru the bill without giving our reps time to read the bill.

Or maybe that U.S. Senator from Tel Aviv, Joe Lieberman, "Big Dick" Cheney and his trained sidekick, the Filipino Monkey Boy, are waiting for the next "false-flag" op against America on U.S. soil to finally shove this freedom smashing piece of legislation down our throats... and up another orifice.

Like the MOSSAD/CIA 9/11 attacks that gave the Zionists and NeoCONs what they wanted: A blank check to wage endless wars in the Middle East against "existential" enemies of Israel all the while, by passing the misnamed "Patriot Act", shredding what was left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

A shredding of that hallowed document that has been ongoing for a number of years, dating back to the Clinton presidency. That was when the original concept of the Patriot Act was fleshed out, giving one person, President Clinton, the power to decide who was a "terrorist."

Except back then, some Republicans weren't too enamored of the idea of giving that kind of power to "Slick Willie."

But with one of their boys in charge, then "Hey" it's a damn fine idea.

What else could one expect from the "Commander-in-Thief", who has these thoughts on the Constitution?

“I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

“Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

A piece of paper that will soon be used as toilet paper, by our Commander-in-Thief. After the next 9/11 type "false-flag" attack on either America or on American kids, stuck in Iraq, fighting wars for Empire and Israel.

Then, all the pieces will fall into place. The Zionists will get another ME war, fought by American kids, against another of Israel's "existential", enemies, Iran.

Cheney will tell his sidekick to declare "Martial Law". But only to protect We the People from ourselves.

And the "Thought Crime" prevention act will be passed into law, thereby effectively killing the Internet.

When the body finally stops showing any signs of life, the buzzards will sweep down and enjoy a sumptuous feast.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq

Julian Borger in Washington The Guardian

Israeli advisers are helping train US special forces in aggressive counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, including the use of assassination squads against guerrilla leaders, US intelligence and military sources said yesterday.
The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has sent urban warfare specialists to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the home of US special forces, and according to two sources, Israeli military "consultants" have also visited Iraq.

US forces in Iraq's Sunni triangle have already begun to use tactics that echo Israeli operations in the occupied territories, sealing off centres of resistance with razor wire and razing buildings from where attacks have been launched against US troops.

But the secret war in Iraq is about to get much tougher, in the hope of suppressing the Ba'athist-led insurgency ahead of next November's presidential elections.
US special forces teams are already behind the lines inside Syria attempting to kill foreign jihadists before they cross the border, and a group focused on the "neutralisation" of guerrilla leaders is being set up, according to sources familiar with the operations.

"This is basically an assassination programme. That is what is being conceptualised here. This is a hunter-killer team," said a former senior US intelligence official, who added that he feared the new tactics and enhanced cooperation with Israel would only inflame a volatile situation in the Middle East.

"It is bonkers, insane. Here we are - we're already being compared to Sharon in the Arab world, and we've just confirmed it by bringing in the Israelis and setting up assassination teams."

"They are being trained by Israelis in Fort Bragg," a well-informed intelligence source in Washington said.

"Some Israelis went to Iraq as well, not to do training, but for providing consultations."

The consultants' visit to Iraq was confirmed by another US source who was in contact with American officials there.

The Pentagon did not return calls seeking comment, but a military planner, Brigadier General Michael Vane, mentioned the cooperation with Israel in a letter to Army magazine in July about the Iraq counter-insurgency campaign.

"We recently travelled to Israel to glean lessons learned from their counterterrorist operations in urban areas," wrote General Vane, deputy chief of staff at the army's training and doctrine command.

An Israeli official said the IDF regularly shared its experience in the West Bank and Gaza with the US armed forces, but said he could not comment about cooperation in Iraq.

"When we do activities, the US military attaches in Tel Aviv are interested. I assume it's the same as the British. That's the way allies work. The special forces come to our people and say, do debrief on an operation we have done," the official said.

"Does it affect Iraq? It's not in our interest or the American interest or in anyone's interest to go into that. It would just fit in with jihadist prejudices."

Colonel Ralph Peters, a former army intelligence officer and a critic of Pentagon policy in Iraq, said yesterday there was nothing wrong with learning lessons wherever possible.

"When we turn to anyone for insights, it doesn't mean we blindly accept it," Col Peters said. "But I think what you're seeing is a new realism. The American tendency is to try to win all the hearts and minds. In Iraq, there are just some hearts and minds you can't win. Within the bounds of human rights, if you do make an example of certain villages it gets the attention of the others, and attacks have gone down in the area."

The new counter-insurgency unit made up of elite troops being put together in the Pentagon is called Task Force 121, New Yorker magazine reported in yesterday's edition.

One of the planners behind the offensive is a highly controversial figure, whose role is likely to inflame Muslim opinion: Lieutenant General William "Jerry" Boykin.

In October, there were calls for his resignation after he told a church congregation in Oregon that the US was at war with Satan, who "wants to destroy us as a Christian army".

"He's been promoted a rank above his abilities," he said. "Some generals are pretty good on battlefield but are disastrous nearer the source of power."

Source: Guardian UK

And this, from Source Watch

"'The Bush Administration has authorized a major escalation of the Special Forces covert war in Iraq,' reported The New Yorker's Hersh, who said that the proposed operation, 'called preemptive manhunting by one Pentagon adviser,' and secretly assisted by the Israeli military, worries many U.S. officials who think that it has the potential to turn into another Phoenix Program.

American "Hunter-Killer" squads, trained by Israel. Our tax dollars at work. Dollars being spent by that noted hater of all things Muslim/Arab, Lt. General Jerry Boykin.

Boykin, you may recall, had a hand in the failed 1980 Iranian hostage rescue mission. A failed mission that basically gave the 1980 presidential election to Ronald Reagan.

Boykin did such a bang-up job then that he's back for more, fulfilling his lusty need for Muslim blood by helping Israeli trained, American staffed Iraqi "Hunter-Killer" squads stalk the streets of Baghdad, Tal Afar, Mosul and just about anywhere else in Iraq Boykin can get his jollies by murdering in cold blood, Iraqis.

The next time some bought and paid for political hack, like a Pelosi or a Reid, wring their hands and say we can't leave Iraq, you'll know the reason why they are wringing their hands: To wash off the Iraqi blood of millions of civilians, whose only crime was being an Iraqi.

And the next time any of us Americans wash their hands, scrub a little harder, for we too have the blood of innocent Iraqi's on our hands.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mossad: We are alone against Iran

Before reading the article, perhaps a description of the MOSSAD, by none other than the U.S. Army's School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) is in order.

From a September 10, 2001 Washington Times article:

Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Source: Newsmine archive

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Tue, 05 Feb 2008 19:40:33

The Mossad says Israel will face Tehran by itself as all efforts against the 'central strategic threat' posed by Iran have been futile.

In a report presented to a Knesset military committee, the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad claimed the Islamic Republic will intensify threats against the Zionist regime in 2008.

Meir Dagan went on to accuse Tehran of making efforts to attain nuclear weapons within the next three years, predicting that Iran will then join forces with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas in a bid to launch a military strike on Israel's Achilles' heel.

Dagan added that all attempts to impose tough sanctions on the Islamic Republic were sabotaged by the release of the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran, forcing Israel to 'face the threat alone'.
Zionist regime officials have vocally advocated aggression toward Iran to such an extent that they are now bracing for a major war, claiming their 'next war' will be one of raining missiles.

This is while the recent NIE report released by the US intelligence community has conceded that Tehran has no nuclear weapons program.

Source: Press TV

Israel will not face off against Iran in a one-on-one war.

They might bluster and threaten, but after getting their ass kicked by a rag-tag group of Hezbollah freedom fighters when the IDF invaded Lebanon in 2006, is an experience Israel doesn't want to relive.

They don't have to, not with their slavish lackies in the US Congress and their trained pets in the White House more than eager to send off American kids to fight and die for Israel.

With the MOSSAD in the equation, disguising themselves to look like Palestininans/Arabs, it wouldn't take much more for the MOSSAD to disguise an attack on either US ships or personnel in the ME and point the finger of blame at Iran.

Or even launch another "9/11" type of attack against the American homeland.

If that would happen, the Zionist owned MSM would leap into action, portraying this act of Israeli sabotage as an attack by "Iranian" elements and off we go to another ME war, with American kids fighting another of Israel's "existentialist" enemies.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Open Letter from "Joe SixPack" to you Muzlim types

An Open Letter from "Joe SixPack" to you Middle East types

i am writing this letter to clear up some confuzion that you people seem to have about us Americans. My favorite newz chanel, FOX, has been reporting some donnright nasty things said by you people about us Americans.

You people seem to think that we all a bunc of half-wits, with no idea how to vote or even tink.

i'll have you now that i almost graduatted from high school. Hell, i would have excpet my girlfriend got pregnant and we had to get married.

So, bub, who you calling a half wit? Huh? Why i'll have you now i reed evey isue of Natinal Enquirer from cover to cover and have a paid subscr... uhs subs.. uhh oh hell, i get "People" migazine evey munth.

i can tell you the most intimit details about Britney or Paris or Lindsey. i can recite from memori the NASCAR cup winners from the last 5 years.

To keep up on what else you people are up to, i lizzen to the godly John Haggee. O'l John has the inside skinny on you folks and let me tell you, it aint good.

That "Man of God" Reverd John, is telling us wez all get to go to heaven, as soon as our great leeder and devout Christian, GW Bush, nukes a few millionz of you rug heads, then our Jesus will welcom us with open arms. Hows them apples?

i just love to listen to Limbaugh and O'Rielly who tell us Americans the truth about you people.

So how's the half wit know, huh?

As for the EyeIragi invasion, i don't care how many of you pesky Ayyrabs we gotta kill, as long as i can buy gasoline for less than $3 dollars a gallon.

Sorry to cut this lettr short, but i'm late for my church's "Christians United for Israel" meeting. Were i'll get more solid factz on you people.


Joe SixPack
Barf County, Oklahoma

P.S. Although this was written "tongue-in-cheek" as satire, believe me, it's not that far from the truth in many places in the USA, especially the part labeled the "Bible Belt."

That's where around 70 million christians known as Evangelicals and or Pentecostals reside and believe me, they pray for those nukes to start falling so they'll all be "Raptured" up to their version of heaven. These "devout" christians don't give a damn how many people have to be turned into charred corpses, as long as they can experience the "Rapture."

A curious side note to this madness: In the King James version of the bible, the word Rapture is never mentioned.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Haredi sect brands Chief Rabbi Metzger 'Zionist stooge'

By Saul Sadka

The strongly anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews has attacked Ashkennazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger as a "very well paid Zionist stooge" and a "a wicked emissary of evil" who should be expelled from Israel, following Metzger's reported comments proposing that poor Gazans be moved to a Palestinian state established in the Sinai.

The statements, reported in Haaretz last week, spurred an angrily worded response from Neturei Karta, which has often taken vocally pro-Palestinian stances against Israel.

Denouncing Metzger's Sinai proposal, the group refered to him as the "so-called Chief Rabbi of the so-called State of Israel" and as a "very well paid Zionist stooge"

Referring to Zionism as an "idolatrous cult," Neturei Karta called for Metzger to "removed from the Holy Land," describing him as "a wicked emissary of evil".

Metzger had said that his plan would be to "take all the poor people from Gaza to move them to a wonderful new modern country with trains buses cars, like in Arizona - we are now in a generation where you can take a desert and build a city. This will be a solution for the poor people - they will have a nice county, and we shall have our country and we shall live in peace."

Intervoewed by the British weekly The Jewish News, the chief rabbi also said that while peaceable Muslims should be allowed to pray in Jerusalem mosques, they should recognize that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Muslims have Mecca and Medina, he was quoted as saying, adding that "you don't need a third place."

Neturei Karta, an ultra orthodox fringe group whose name means "Guardians of the City", is a virulently anti-Zionist group known for its public displays of hostility towards Israel and Zionism.

Estimates of its size range from a few hundred to a few thousand members. Most of the group's members live in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, with smaller communities in London and New York.

In December 2006, some radical members of the group caused controversy by attending the Iranian Holocaust revisionism conference in Tehran alongside neo-Nazis and holocaust deniers

Source: Haaretz

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Committee: subtitled the "Council on Foreign Relations Members Employment Act."

One would be hard pressed to find a motlier crew of war mongers, Israeli-Firsters, Neocons and Zionists and war profiteers, unless it was John McCain's presidential campaign committee.

Hillary Clinton's campaign committee as of October 2007 from a Washington Post article

Madeleine K. Albright, President Clinton’s secretary of state and now chairperson of the National Democratic Institute, foreign policy adviser

(One could give the nickname "Bloody Maddy" to Albright, due to her comments on a 1995 CBS "60 Minutes" segment, where she stated that "The price is worth it" when asked about the Iraqi sanctions, which to date, had been responsible for the deaths of close to 600,000 Iraqi children. CFR member.)

Samuel R. Berger, President Clinton’s national security adviser and now a principal at business consultancy Stonebridge, foreign policy adviser

(Sammy, in April 2005, pleaded guilty to stealing a total of five copies of classified documents from the Archives. Was Sammy's theft of documents in connection with his work on the 9/11 Commission or was Sammy doing a bit of housecleaning in preparation for Hillary's presidential run? We'll never know, since three of the documents were destroyed.)

Lt. Gen. Daniel William Christman, a former West Point superintendent and now senior vice president for international affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, foreign policy adviser

(CFR member)

Gen. Wesley K. Clark, President Clinton’s Kosovo commander and now a Democratic fundraiser, endorsed Sen. Clinton Sept. 15

(Folks in the Balkans know Clark better as the Commander of Operation Allied Force, the 78 day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Ask them what their thoughts are... at least ask the ones that survived the 38,000 bombing missions.

From that murderous campaign came a new Orwellian term, "humanitarian bombing.")

John H. Dalton, President Clinton’s Navy secretary and now president of the Financial Services Roundtable’s Housing Policy Council, veterans and military retirees for Hillary

(Just what does the Financial Services Roundtable's Housing Policy Council do? Here's a quote from their web page: "The members of the Roundtable and of the Housing Policy Council are directly involved in providing mortgage credit to Americans seeking to achieve the dream of homeownership." Sounds like a prosperous way to engage the mortgage industry.)

Lee Feinstein, a deputy in President Clinton’s State Department, national security coordinator

(Council of Foreign Relations scholar. Co-wrote a paper that stated "... the biggest problem with the Bush preemption strategy may be that it does not go far enough." And that "... U.N. member states have a responsibility to protect the lives, liberty, and basic human rights of their citizens, and that if they fail or are unable to carry it out, the international community has a responsibility to step in.)

Like the way the U.S. bribed nations to become part of the "Coalition of the Willing" to invade and destroy Iraq?)

Leslie H. Gelb; president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, a former New York Times correspondent and a former State and Defense Department official, informal adviser

(President Emeritus of the CFR. In a May 2006 article in TIME, wrote a an article gushing with praise for Condi's talents???? )

Richard C. Holbrooke, President Clinton’s UN ambassador and broker of the Dayton Peace Accords (and now a Washington Post columnist), foreign policy adviser

(CFR Member.)

Martin S. Indyk, President Clinton’s ambassador to Israel and now director of Brookings’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy, foreign policy adviser

(Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy. Indyk, has stated that the United States should maintain our long-standing, IRONCLAD commitment to Israel.

Really? Got any relatives fighting for Israel in Iraq, there Marty babe?)

Gen. John M. ("Jack") Keane, a former Army vice chief of staff who co-crafted the Iraq "surge" and is now a military analyst (sometimes for ABC news), military issues advise

(CFR Member. When he's not out whooping it up for more wars in the Middle East, Keane serves on the board of one of the nation's largest defense contractors, General Dynamics. And he's also an adviser to the chairman and CEO of URS Corp, whose military contracts are a significant portion of its $4 billion in sales in 2005.

Edwin Starr asked in his excellent song, "War, what is it good for?" Mr. Keane seems to have found a very profitable answer to that question.)

Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy, former deputy chief of staff for intelligence, veterans and military retirees for Hillary

Lt. Gen. Donald L. Kerrick, President Clinton’s deputy national security adviser, organizes meetings of retired officers

(Vice-President of strategic development and international business at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.)

Col. Andrew F. Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, briefed Hillary Clinton as well as Sen. John McCain and Gov. Bill Richardson

(Member of CFR.)

Vali Nasr, Naval Postgraduate School professor, Middle East adviser

(CFR Board Member)

Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings senior fellow and former Congressional Budget Office defense and foreign policy analyst, supporter

(O'Hanlon hangs out at the pro-war Brookings Institute, home base of Martin Indyk. O' Hanlon, like fellow war cheerleader Kenneth Pollack, tried to fashion themselves as originally against the Iraq war, before they were for it. Except, as this excellent article by Glenn Greenwald shows:

"What is the most vivid and compelling evidence of how broken our political system is? It is that the exact same people who urged us into the war in Iraq, were wrong in everything they said, and issued one false assurance after the next as the war failed, continue to be the same people held up as our Serious Iraq Experts. The exact "experts" to whom we listened in 2002 and 2003 are the same establishment experts now.

Hence, today we have yet another Op-Ed declaring that We Really Are Winning in Iraq This Time -- this one in the NYT from "liberal" Brookings Institution "scholars" Ken Pollack and Mike O'Hanlon. They accuse war critics of being "unaware of the significant changes taking place," proclaim that "we are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms," and the piece is entitled "A War we Might Just Win."

The Op-Ed is an exercise in rank deceit from the start. To lavish themselves with credibility -- as though they are war skeptics whom you can trust -- they identify themselves at the beginning "as two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration's miserable handling of Iraq." In reality, they were not only among the biggest cheerleaders for the war, but repeatedly praised the Pentagon's strategy in Iraq and continuously assured Americans things were going well. They are among the primary authors and principal deceivers responsible for this disaster.

Rep. (and retired Vice Adm.) Joseph Sestak, veterans and military retirees for Hillary

(Sestak, was described by Military as being an arrogant and obnoxious "bully-boy" who delighted in being rude and unreasonable. Within 24 hours of the new Chief of Naval Ops, Admiral Mike Mullen taking control. Sestak was tossed overboard.

Rude and obnoxious? Sounds like a good fit for Hillary.)

Andrew Shapiro, Sen. Clinton’s Senate foreign policy staffer

(Shapiro worked for that United States Senator from Tel Aviv, Joe Lieberman's 2000 presidential campaign. Need more be said?)

Jeffrey H. Smith, former CIA general counsel and now a partner leading the public policy and government contracts group of law firm Arnold & Porter, national security adviser

Strobe Talbott, Brookings president, informal adviser

(Another CFR member and President of the Brookings Institute)

After reading the above, don't despair, since Hillary has been getting chummy with the evangelicals for the last 15 years. She's a member of a secretive Capitol Hill religious group that seeks to bring Jesus back to D.C. Now Hillary wouldn't seek to gain some political advantage from this, now would she?

Most of these so-called "experts" have been floating in and out of Washington, DC for decades. When not actively involved in the federal government, they migrate to "think tanks" like the Brookings Institute and AEI.

Give that our country's affairs have been sold down the road to special interests and that we are looking at series of military fiascos overseas, that could lead to WW III and a financial Tsunami hitting America at home, isn't it time to jettison these alleged experts for some new blood?

After all, how in the hell could things get much worse?

For the complete list of the CFR board members, click here

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How long before the world experiences a "Cyber 9/11?

As other more astute writers on WUFYS have pointed out, it doesn't take a genius to see where Weinmann wants to lead the U.S. and much of the world: Into a land where our thoughts and conversations are monitored 24/7. And those that don't meet secret guidelines for "political correctness" and thought control will be banished from the Web--like WUYFYS and What Really Happened. Or, tossed in prison, like Ernest Zundel.

Not if, but when this "Cyber 9/11" takes place, it will be used as an excuse to stomp on civil liberties and wage more wars for Empire and Israel, just like the WTC 9/11 attacks have been used.

"Terror" on the Internet by Haifa University professor Gabriel Weimann

Weimann is not only a professor at Haifa University, he is also a "fellow" at a place called the United States Institute of Peace (USIP)--which is funded by the U.S. Congress. USIP also receives gifts and contributions from private agencies, organizations, corporations, or other legal entities, except they fail to say who those agencies, etc. are.

USIP proclaims that their is mission to help prevent, manage and resolve violent international conflicts.

To that end, they pay "fellows" like Weinmann to write policy papers, stating USIP's dogma, such as "The Theater of Terror" and a book on Ernest Zundel.

Some other "fellows" at USIP have been: Daniel Benjamin; Jacob Berkovitch: Avner and Raymond Cohen; Shmuel Eisenstadt; Lily Feldman; Shlomo Gazit; Moshe Ma'oz; Donald Rothchid; Robert Rothstein and Mark Katz........... and on and on. Here's a complete list of these fellows.

Weinmann is good at finding non-existent threats and propping up the current state mandated boogieman, aL-Qaeda.

However, he says time and again thru his articles things such as: it is important to keep in mind that to date there are no documented examples of terrorists using the Internet to launch an attack.

But that doesn't stop Weinmann from promoting goverment monitoring and censorhip of the web, like his following comments from the Christian Science Monitor.

Modify the Patriot Act to allow Internet monitoring similar to the way passengers are screened for airline travel.

(Like the screening now done in the U.S. by the thugs at the TSA?
Where people are held up for hours on end for no apparent reason? Yeah, that would work just fine on the 'Net. Connection speeds would go back to prehistoric times of around 8,000 kbps, while others would be kicked off the web.)

Many of the large ones now, he says, have requirements - no violence or pornography. They could monitor for the promotion of terror as well.

Form an international collaborative of Western countries, the ones that have more stable, advanced Internet services. They could better monitor or prevent these sites from running terror material.

(Wonder if "Israel" is one of these Western countries he speaks of that will be trusted to "monitor" the web?)

Weinmann is all in favor of government spying on people thru the Carnivore , AKA DCS 1000 and Magic Lanternprograms.

"Magic Lantern" is particularly invasive, as it is a "keylogging software that is a combination computer worm/trojan horse. It installs itself on the target computer and allows for keystroke capturing."

From USIP's web site:

Gabriel Weimann is a prominent and prolific analyst of international terrorism and the mass media, and professor of communications at the University of Haifa, Israel. Since 1997, he has led a large research project that has catalogued and tracked hundreds of web sites used by terrorist organizations and their affiliates to recruit and mobilize supporters, to raise funds, and to plan and coordinate attacks. His publications include five books—among them The Theater of Terror: The Mass Media and International Terrorism, Communicating Unreality: Mass Media and Reconstruction of Realities, and Hate on Trial: The Zundel Case—and more than 100 book chapters and articles on conflict, terrorism, the mass media information technologies, and the Internet.

Cyberterrorism: Fact vs. Fiction

Cyberwar and cyberterrorism have been especially appealing to the media and the popular imagination because they combine two prime sources of fear—fear of technology and fear of terrorist violence. While there is some cause for concern about cyberterrorism, it is important to keep in mind that to date there are no documented examples of terrorists using the Internet to launch an attack (such as using a computer to disrupt power grids or take over the control of a plane). In contrast, Weimann presented several examples of more typical uses of the Internet by terrorists such as a web site run by Hezbollah with downloadable games for children and two distinct Tamil Tigers (LTTE) web sites tailored to a local and an international audience.

And yet, despite all the gloomy predictions of a cyber-generated doomsday, no single instance of real cyberterrorism has been recorded.

Amid all the dire warnings and alarming statistics that the subject of cyberterrorism generates, it is important to remember one simple statistic: so far, there has been no recorded instance of a terrorist cyberattack on U.S. public facilities, transportation systems, nuclear power plants, power grids, or other key components of the national infrastructure. Cyberattacks are common, but they have not been conducted by terrorists and they have not sought to inflict the kind of damage that would qualify them as cyberterrorism.

Source: USIP

How to Fight a 'Virtual' War Against Terrorism

According to Weimann, understanding terrorists' activities on the Internet is only the beginning of the problem; the challenge remains to balance the effort to control these activities with the need to preserve civil liberties. Several government counterterrorist measures have been implemented since the attacks of September 11, 2001. These include the use of "sniffers" such as Carnivore and Magic Lantern which can search for certain information or keywords. In addition, there have been efforts to remove material from web sites or even remove entire web sites. These and other countermeasures force officials and citizens to ask hard questions about what price they are willing to pay, and what opportunities are being lost, in the cyberwar against terrorism.

Realistically, the best approach to preventing abuse of the Internet by terrorists will require both the acceptance of some vulnerabilities and some constraints on civil liberties. Weimann's recommendations for such an "optimal compromise" include:

Modifying the Patriot Act, especially to increase the transparency of Internet security measures;

Applying the "social responsibility" model to the Internet (e.g., self-policing by ISPs);

Encouraging international collaboration (to the maximal extent possible);

Creating education and counterterrorism sites;

Promoting peaceful uses of the Internet for conflict management and resolution (such as explored in the Institute's Virtual Diplomacy Initiative).

In closing, Weimann warned that efforts to fight the war against terrorism both off- and online, should not overshadow or take away from the potential benefits of the Internet to the international community. "Once we only look at the Internet as a battlefield, where they fight us and we have to minimize access," Weimann stressed, "we may miss the opportunity to look at the Internet as a peaceful place, as an arena where nonviolent exchange can take place and even the peaceful resolution of conflict."

For more information on this topic see Weimann's March and May 2004 Special Reports: How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet.

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