Monday, March 3, 2008

44 Million USD for the Holocaust Museum; 200K and a "Moment" for our Vets

44 Million USD for the Holocaust™ Museum and a paltry $200,000.00 for the "National Moment of Rememberance", which honors our veterans.

Check out these figures from our U.S. "Knesset" in D.C. Millions and millions of dollars for the U.S. Holocaust™ Museum, but a paltry 200K for our brave veterans, many of whom have paid the ultimate price fighting wars.


Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2008 (Reported in House)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

holocaust memorial museum

For expenses of the Holocaust Memorial Museum, as authorized by Public Law 106-292 (36 U.S.C. 2301-2310), $44,996,000, of which $515,000 for the equipment replacement program shall remain available until September 30, 2009; and $1,900,000 for the museum's repair and rehabilitation program and $1,264,000 for the museum's exhibition design and production program shall remain available until expended.

44 MILLION of our tax dollars to lay a collective "guilt trip" on this nation. Which, of course, can only be assuaged by giving even more money to Israel and anything that is remotely associated with the Holocaust™.

Adding insult to injury, the U.S. Congress has decided to give 5 MILLION of OUR tax dollars to Poland to help them build a museum dedicated to Poland's Jews, that will be located in Warsaw, Poland. Any guess as to what that museum will be about?

110th CONGRESS 1st Session
H. R. 3320

To provide assistance for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, Poland.


(a) In General- Assistance provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State shall be made available to assist in the development of the permanent collection of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.
(b) Authorization for Assistance- To carry out the purposes of subsection (a), the Secretary of State is authorized to provide $5,000,000, which shall remain available until expended, to the Museum for the History of Polish Jews.

44 Million for the US Holocaust™ Museum, 5 MILLION to Poland for their Holocaust™ museum, but only a mere 200 K for the "National Moment of Remembrance", which is a MOMENT set aside to honor our veterans. Gosh, think Congress can even spare a MOMENT to honor our vets?

Maybe they'll find the time in between trips to Israel?

Over the last couple of years, OUR Congress has taken over 663 trips to Israel.

Guess that's why they only have a MOMENT for our vets.


Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2008 (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House)

White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance


For necessary expenses of the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance , $200,000, which shall be transferred to the Department of Veterans Affairs, `Departmental Administration, General Operating Expenses' account and be administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Only a MOMENT spent honoring our vets, yet they do have the time to spend DAYS honoring, that's right, the Holocaust™, as evidenced by this article.

Anniversaries of Warsaw Ghetto uprising, museum establishment noted

"In communities, religious institutions, schools and other facilities across the United States, Americans paused this week to mark the annual "Days of Remembrance," the nation's collective fulfillment of its commitment to "remember" the events of the Holocaust six decades ago.

But that's not enough, as former Sec'y of State Colin Powell said, "We will pass it on to our children. We will pass it on to our children's children."


And to our great grandkids, more than likely. While homelessness among our vets is at an all time high, our Congress only has the time and money to force guilt down the throats of succeeding generations of our kids, forever imprinting in their impressionable minds the never ending shakedown racket known as the Holocaust™.

As for our noble vets, what the hell. At least their family got a new flag and the vets got a piece of dirt in Arlington Cemetery.

All bills available online at


  1. Could you please post this to your list?

    Really, people should watch the excellent video that has come out!! We have so much to lose if Dennis is not re-elected.


    Dennis Kucinich -

    Final Day: Help Stop the Lies and Dirty Tricks

    Click here to view video.Congressman Dennis Kucinich asks for your help - one day before the crucial Ohio primary election - to counter the corporate, special interest funding, the outright lies, and the political dirty tricks that are aimed at taking away the people's voice in the U.S. Congress.

    See his message here.

    And please, in these last several hours, contribute HERE to keep that voice in Congress.

    Thank you,
    The Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee

  2. I could, but probably won't. Kucinich lost my support when he talked big about introducing the Cheney impeachment bill, but then backed down--supposedly under threats.

    If he has no more guts than that, he doesn't deserve to be a representative, let alone a prez.


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