Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Baghdad must be destroyed" and other lies from the Brothers Goldberg

The Brothers Goldberg: Jonah, Jeffrey and Robert.


Jonah's biggest claim to fame is helping to smear former President Clinton during the Lewinsky affair. He got an inside scoop from his mommie, Lucianne Goldberg, who advised Monica Lewinsky to save her "blue dress." Lucianne was a key figure in this mess, but was never subpoenaed by Ken Starr to testify before the grand jury.

(Lucianne Goldberg is alleged to have had an affair with Lyndon Baines Johnson when he was in the White House. And VP Hubert Humphrey. My, my, my, what a small world we live in. Bees might be on the decline, but there is no shortages of "honey traps" in Washington, D.C.)

Jonah's also the pudgy war pig that makes his living as a talking head and by writing columns in various prominent Jewish rags, that as early as 2002 said "Baghdad must be destroyed." One column advocated that not only should Baghdad be destroyed, but that Syria and Saudi Arabia should benefit from American style "democracy" that is usually delivered by F-16's and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

He was so full of himself that he dared anyone to prove him wrong that destroying Baghdad wouldn't be good for the world.

Well, Jonah, FIVE years later, does the loss of over ONE MILLION Iraqi's and over 4,000 Americans for your ideals merit any reflection?

Baghdad has been destroyed, along with much of the country and the entire ME is ready to go up like a tinderbox.

What say ye, Jonah? Mission Accomplished?


His brother is arms is one Jeffrey Goldberg. Jeffrey was one of the White House stenographers that gleefully took Cheney's maniacal dreams and turned them into realities by publishing one piece after another about Saddam's "ties" to aL-Qaeda. No matter that others were disputing these ties and that now, FIVE years after invading Iraq, the Saddam-Bin Laden collaboration has been proven NOT to exist, over and over.

The 9/11 Commission said there were no ties. The Senate Intelligence Committee said there were no ties. The Pentagon's own Inspector General rejected that notion.

The U.S. Military's Joint Forces Command rejected your delusions.

Yet Jeffrey, like an American cruise missile homing in on a Baghdad residence, never falters from his shameless cheerleading for the war, like writing a puff piece of another of the war's architect's, Douglas Feith.

In the article, Feith gets to twist around the original reasons cheerleaders like Jeffrey sold us the war against Iraq without a peep of disagreement from Jeffrey.

Jeffrey's piece on Feith is what someone might expect to read in a love letter written by a love struck 14 yo cheerleader writing an ode to the captain of the football team. For those needing to regurgitate, here's a link to that piece of schlock journalism.

Jeffrey's reward for helping stampede this nation into a an illegal and immoral war? A promotion to a lucrative position writing for the "Atlantic" magazine.


Last, but certainly not least of this terrible trio, is Robert Goldberg, who in a recent American Spectator article, blasted Obama and one of his advisors, retired General Tony McPeak for talking about realities in the ME and placing part of the blame on Israel!!!

For that sin, Obama gets labeled as having a "Jewish" problem.

Heavens to Betsy, the nerve of that man. Doesn't McPeak know that the script says to always blame anything bad that happens in the ME on Hamas, Palestine, Hezbollah and Iran?

The nerve of that traitor to actually espouse thoughts that puts American considerations first, and not Israel's. For that sacrilege, Robert savagely attacked McPeak for saying Jews controlled America's ME policy. And for saying that Israel should pull back to the 1967 lines of demarcation, the ones that existed before Israel launched that war of aggression. In effect, Israel would have to give back the land it stole during the "Six Day War."

Give back what they have stolen? What in the hell is the man thinking? He must be, as Robert writes, anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli--is a Alan Dershowitz column far off?

The brothers Goldberg

Writing propaganda pieces that advocate going to war against certain ME countries that just happen to be "existential" enemies of Israel.

Or, writing hit pieces against presidential candidates that don't display enough subservience to their beloved Israel.

In a more sane nation, such shills prostituting themselves for a foreign nation might be labeled agent provocateurs, rounded up and tossed into prison for their treasonous actions.

But not here in the former land of the free and home of the brave. Here, they are lauded, given promotions and wealth and encouraged to write even more distortions about their warped views of the ME.

Views that always place Israel's considerations, first, second and third. And America's? They get tossed into the charnel house, along with the decaying corpses of our soldiers, sailors and marines who have been murdered fighting a never ending series of wars for that "shitty little country", Israel.

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