Monday, March 24, 2008

Israel threatens the U.S. with another 9/11 attack

What country, in the ME, constantly threatens neighboring countries with war or the threats of war?

What country, in the ME, has invaded its neighboring countries numerous times in the last 40 years?

What country, in the ME, is seeking cover to carrry out it's campaign of genocide against its indigenous people?

What country, in the ME, has profited handsomely since 9/11, by seeing the money, weapons and political backing from its host nation increase?

What country, in the ME, had a film crew standing across from the WTC, in New Jersey, ready to film the 9/11 attacks?

What country, in the ME, is known for launching "false flag" ops against countries that are supposed to be that nation's friends?

That country is Israel and it's Israel behind these messages purportedly to be from the CIA creation known as aL-Qaeda. Israel is trying to get another war started in the ME. A war that will see the U.S. fighting another of Israel's "existential" enemies, Iran, while Israel goes back into Lebanon to murder and bomb that country into oblivion.

Notice that the story isn't sourced, but a Jewish media group, IntelCenter and one Ben Venzke, are quoted in the story.

And, that this MOSSAD press releases hit the headlines the same day that "officially", the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq hit 4,000.

Qaida No. 2 Urges Attacks on Israel, US

By LEE KEATH | Associated Press Writer
4:30 AM CDT, March 24, 2008

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims in a new audiotape released Monday to strike Jewish and American targets in revenge for Israel's recent offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The al-Zawahri tape came on the heels of a message from Osama bin Laden, who called for a holy war to liberate the Palestinian territories. Together, the two messages appeared to be a more direct push by the terror network's leadership to use widespread anger over the Gaza violence to whip up support.

Bin Laden and al-Zawahri have frequently referred to the Palestinian cause in their past messages, but usually in broader terms of liberating Jerusalem and denouncing Israeli violence. Their latest calls for attacks, however, had a more immediate and urgent tone.

The string of messages has raised concerns that al-Qaida could be planning new attacks in the West -- or is seeking to inspire its sympathizers to carry out violence. In another message last week, bin Laden warned of a "severe" reaction against Europe after Danish papers published a cartoon seen as insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The authenticity of the 4 minute, 44-second audiotape could not be independently confirmed. But the voice on it resembled that of al-Zawahri on previous audio and videotapes confirmed to be his. It was posted on an Islamic militant Web site where al-Qaida usually releases its statements, and a banner advertising the tape had the logo of al-Qaida's media arm, Al-Sahab.

"Muslims, today is your day. Strike the interests of the Jews, the Americans, and all those who participated in the attack on Muslims," al-Zawahri said. "Monitor the targets, collect money, prepare the equipment, plan with precision, and then -- while relying on God -- assault, seeking martyrdom and paradise."

Israel launched a weeklong offensive in Gaza that ended in early March, seeking to put down Palestinian militants firing rockets against nearby Israeli towns. The Israeli assault killed more than 120 people, including many civilians. Three Israelis also were killed.

The outbreak of fighting has hampered a new round of peace talks launched at a conference hosted by the U.S. in November. The Bush administration has been pushing the two sides to sign a peace deal by the end of the year.

Al-Zawahri said attacks should not be limited to places in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

"Today there is no room for he who says that we should only fight the Jews in Palestine," he said. "Let us strike their interests everywhere, just like they gathered against us from everywhere."

"Let them know that they will get blood for every dollar they spend in the killing of the Muslims, and for every bullet they fire at us, a volcano will turn back on them," he said, referring to American military aid and other ties to Israel. "They cannot expect to support Israel, then live in peace while the Jews are killing our fugitive and besieged people."

AL-Zawahri also referred to the publishing of the cartoon seen as insulting Islam's prophet. The cartoons, which sparked deadly riots across the Muslim world in 2006 after they were first published, were reprinted last month.

"They will never be able to insult and make a mockery out of our Prophet, peace and prayers of Allah upon him," al-Zawahri said.

The Egyptian-born Al-Zawahri accused Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of colluding with Israel in the siege of Gaza. Egypt has sealed its border with the Gaza Strip since the Palestinian militant group Hamas took over the territory last year.

He said Mubarak "repeats the same dirty role" as the Lebanese Phalangists -- a Christian militia that was allied with Israel in Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war and was blamed in the massacre of Palestinian refugees in the Beirut camps of Sabra and Shatila.

"The roles are the same, even if the faces change -- the same betrayal even if the names have changed," said al-Zawahri.

Ben Venzke, head of IntelCenter, a U.S. group that monitors al-Qaida message traffic, said in an e-mail that the "direct use of language and sense of urgency" in al-Zawahri's call for attacks -- alongside bin Laden's audiotapes last week -- "is cause for concern that al-Qaeda may be moving closer to executing a large-scale attack against EU, American and/or Jewish interests."

But Venzke said that in the past sometimes more than a year has passed between an al-Qaida threat and an attack, making it difficult to tell when a strike could come.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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