Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Thief in the House

The Thief. You know, the one that killed your son and left your daughter in a vegetative state. The one that stole your valuables while at the same time, trashing your house.

There he goes, sauntering out the door, with his cowboy hat, arms akimbo and wearing a perpetual smirk upon his face. Damn, if he don't look familiar, but you're too busy watching FOX, where the latest news from the Iranian War is:

"Today, the president said that multiple victories were being achieved in Iran against the forces of evil and that democracy would triumph.
He further stated that in order to overcome those "evil-doers", that a national service act was being instituted, but was careful to say that this was NOT a draft....."

Your TV induced stupor is interrupted by your daughter's oxygen alarm sounding. Your beautiful, sweet daughter, who was so full of life, now lays like a broken doll on her bed, attached to a number of tubes. One helps her to breathe, another to help her ingest liquid food.
See, she's been like that ever since her convoy got hit by that mine in some godawful city in Iran, don't even remember which one, hell, they all sound the same.

From the living room, you can hear the voice of Wolf Blitzer, saying that the economy was in great shape, despite the recent bank failures.
Wolfie stated that the Federal Reserve was injecting another 300 billion into the market to help stabilize the banking industry, but that action was recommended by the president's council on economic activity, which is made up of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, whose members are the heads of major Wall Street banks.

You don't know squat about no Board of Governors, but you do know that there isn't enough food in the cabinets to make it to the end of the week.
And just what in the hell are you going to do about that? Done cashed in all the valuables at the local hock shop. Damned Arabs, the president said if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be having these troubles.

"Today, the president announced he had signed the "America's Secret Services Helping Our Liberties Endure Act (ASSHOLE). Bush said that ASSHOLE would give the country the vital tools necessary to protect the homeland against Arab spies and terrorists by suspending--temporarily--the Bill of Rights, but only till the fight for freedom and democracy prevails against those who would do us harm."

Damned Arabs. If only I hadn't hocked my deer rifle, I'd go out and pop a few myself, just to make up for my dead son. Killed, over in Israel, fighting those damned evil, Arabs. Killed, fighting for democracy or at least that's what those two officers who came to the house to let me know Bobby was dead told me. Killed while he slept inside some Israeli Army base, that's what they said. Killed by those Goddamn Arabs, that's what the telegram from the Israeli embassy said. Goddamn Arabs.
Well, at least he died fighting for something we all believed in, freedom. But damn, if that don't leave a hollow and bitter taste in your mouth.

Not good to think about this, but damn if it ain't hard not to, what with me being laid off from my job after 22 years. Damn company shipped the factory overseas somewhere, but FOX News said that was a good deal, that shipping those jobs over there would make everyone better off.
Don't know about that. If I don't find some money by the end of the month, gonna lose the house to the damned bank.

"Today, Department of Homeland Security Mike Jerkoff announced that due to recent riots at food pantry's and homeless shelters, that Canadian National Guard troops would be stationed in some of of major cities to help with the budding insurrection. Jerkoff said that this move was only temporarily, until cooler heads prevailed and the situation became manageable.

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