Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jewish Squatters in Hebron Threaten and Curse German MP's

Well hell, guys, that's easy to fix, just offer up several billion more euros to these thugs.

After all, regardless of what happens, it's NEVER Israel's fault and it is NEVER the fault of the Jewish squatters who have stolen land, property and the homes of the indigenous Palesinians.

And the world's most "moral" Army, the IDF, refused to step in and help you when you're life was being threatened by Jewish thugs?

Welcome to Occupied Palestine

At least you weren't shit on or had urine hurled at your face or concrete blocks dropped on your head, like the Jewish sqautters in Hebron have done to the indigenous Palestinians, as this story shows

But the most striking thing is the steel mesh screens (see photo) that the Arabs have installed just above the heads of pedestrians to protect them from the garbage and excrement routinely dumped by the settlers from their second floor windows. The screens catch all sorts of disgusting stuff and lethal objects like cinder blocks, although liquid debris does make its way to the ground or on the heads of anyone below.

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German MPs say threatend by settlers Apr 17, 2008 20:23

German lawmakers touring the West Bank city of Hebron said Thursday were threatened by Jewish settlers and broke off the visit after IDF troops refused to step in.

A masked settler seen waving an Israeli flag on a rooftop in Hebron.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of the week

The IDF declined comment. In Berlin, the Israeli embassy apologized for the incident.

Seven members of the German parliament's law committee toured Hebron, the West Bank's largest city, on Wednesday. IDF forces control the center of the Palestinian city to protect several hundred settlers there.

At the start of the visit, the legislators were cursed, insulted and threatened by a small group of settlers, the visitors said in a statement.

"The Israeli police and army showed no willingness to step in and said they couldn't guarantee the safety of the delegation," the statement said. "In order to give the peace process a chance, the members of the law committee, as friends of Israel, appeal to the Israeli authorities to rein in the fanaticism of Jewish settlers."

The legislators represented a range of parties.

The Israeli ambassador in Germany, Yoram Ben-Zeev, spoke to the lawmakers by phone, said embassy spokesman Aaron Sagui.

"The ambassador here has ... expressed his regret for the incident and during the next week Ambassador Ben-Zeev intends to meet personally with each one of the members of the committee that were part of this delegation to express personally his feelings and to apologize for what has happened," Sagui said.

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