Monday, May 26, 2008

An Open Letter to Rita Katz of SITE and MOSSAD Recording Studios

Dear Rita:

Still waiting for your latest Bin Laden recording which was promised last week. If your computer whizz kids at MOSSAD Recording Studios are having technical problems, I can understand waiting to release the latest aL-Qaeda recording, with BL talking tough to us western imperialists types.

I mean, that one video recording of BL last Fall, was damn near a disaster, with the MOSSAD created voice-over rattling on while BL's lips stopped moving?? What's with that?

Gosh, with all the money, state of the art computers and resources available to MOSSAD Recording Studios, you'd think they would have come up with a better creation.

Guess that's why you and your MOSSAD buddies, since that video release, have opted to only distribute audio recordings of BL.

And is it just me, or has BL slowly morphed from raising hell about America's invasion of Iraq into raising hell about Israel's murderous ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza?

Guess you and your MOSSAD buds think that by now, you can have your computer generated BL talk smack about Occupied Palestine, confident that the gullible American pubic will rally to Israel's side, no matter how many Palestinian kids get shot in the head by the IDF or how many peace activists get shot or run over by bulldozers or how many Palestinian families get blowed to pieces by those "stray" IDF artillery shells and smart bombs.

Anyway, just dropping you a line to see how you and MOSSAD Recording Studios are coming along with the next boffo production of BL.

Yours Truly



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