Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shouldn't The Flag Of Modern Israel Look Like This?

The Flag Of Modern Khazarstan...a.k.a. Israel

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If you were a Jew in Israel today which flag would you prefer to fly, the first or the second? But what if the first flag better represented your heritage than the second? What if your ancestors were a collection of war mongering converted penis worshippers instead of the Judeans of the Bible? That is what I thought. I think I would steal the Star Of David for my flag also. If I could pull it off , I would not hesitate to fraudulate my origins. I would pretend my people were deported from Palestine just like the Jews. Especially since my forefathers got their war mongering asses throw out of Khazarstan. It's going to be a tough sell though. Who is going to believe that the brilliant Jews would allow themselves to be deported to a God awful place like Russia or Poland? No one's going to believe that crap for a second. Couldn't politicians be bought by wealthy Jews back then? Better make sure you get control of the printing presses or your fraud will be exposed in short order. In order to pull stuff like this off your going to need to control public opinion.

In addition, you develop your own Yiddish language. Yiddish of course is not Hebrew, so you are not really a Semite. Because you refuse to assimilate with the inhabitants of the countries where you have been deported you are considered self loving and self serving racists and are unpopular with the citizens of your host countries. Unlike others who were put to death for not accepting Jesus however, you were tolerated. You were important to Royal commerce because you had no issues with money changing. Even though your race purity laws result in genetic disorders and diseases you cling to your racist apartheid practices for centuries.

Then another penis worshipper descendant has a brilliant idea. Hey, we need our own country. Because many of us act like racist assholes, we are no longer popular in our host countries. Why don't we pretend our people are actually from Biblical Palestine and call ourselves Zionists? Why don't we steal the land from the current inhabitants there? If people think we have been persecuted enough they may even help us. Keep those printing presses rolling. We're persecuted Jews damn it. And so the land theft movement began. Hell no one even thought to try and stop them. Because their penis worshipping forefathers converted to Judaism the Ashkenazim called themselves Jews. Most white folk didn't realize that these fraudsters were no more related to Jesus than an Irishman or American Indian. The good news though is that the modern Jews had no more to do with the death of Jesus than yours truly. They are off the hook. The death of Jesus is one thing for which they can't be blamed. Its everything else that these fraudsters were responsible for that's the problem.

Like World War I for example. No the the Zionists didn't start this Imperial war they just helped change its course. Stay tuned for Shouldn't the Flag Of Modern Israel Look Like This...Part II.

From the very excellent of Liberal White Boy

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  1. try to tell the church that trueism and watch you get cures out, but its true anyway


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