Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Terminator" Guv to release Jewish Murderers, Rapists and Thieves to Israel

Murderers, Rapists and Thieves, Oh My!!

Sounds like the Zionist owned and operated Israeli Occupation Force will have a batch of new candidates for their Officer Candidate Schools.

If you think they were a bunch of blood-thirsty SOB's when they had the law against them, just wait until they have the Laws of Israel backing them up. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

But hey, this isn't to benefit Israel, noooooo, It's to help the overcrowded California prison system, which has 77,000 more prisoners than it was desgined for, so releasing those 30 Israeli murderers, rapists and thieves will go a long way to help that.

Look for petitions to appear in the US Congress to repeal Article II of the Constitution, the part that says US presidents shall be born in America, to help jump start Arnie's presidential ambitions.

The article says those indicted for murder would not be eligible, which means they are awaiting trial.

It didn't say that those indicted and convicted of murder wouldn't be let loose.

Attorney says leaders of California's Jewish community behind governor's decision to allow prisoners to serve remainder of their sentences in Israel

Schwarzenegger to authorize release of 30 Israeli prisoners

Itamar Eichner 05.03.08, 18:38 / Israel News

Ahead of Israel's 60th Anniversary celebrations, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected authorized the release of some 30 Israelis from the state's prisons, thus allowing them to serve the remainder of their sentences in Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

California's overcrowded prison system was cited as the official reason for the release of the prisoners. The state's prisons currently house 170,000 inmates, about 77,000 more than they can actually hold. The gesture marks a shift in the policy of the state's parole board, which has rejected numerous pleas by Israeli prisoners for an early release.

Mordehai Tzivlin, a defense attorney for the Israeli prisoners abroad and their families, said leaders of California's Jewish community were behind Schwarzenegger's decision.

According to Israeli Foreign Ministry data, 40 Israelis are currently being held in Los Angeles prisons, while 15 more are serving time in San Francisco for various offenses, including murder, money laundering, drug-trafficking and fraud.

It is estimated that the list of prisoners slated for release will not include Israelis who were indicted for murder or those who hold American citizenship. Israelis imprisoned in California's federal prisons will also be excluded.
The transfer of the prisoners to Israel is scheduled to begin in the beginning of June and will be concluded within a few months. The International Division at the State Prosecutor's Office has already drafted a list of 31 prisoners Israel is requesting that Californian authorities release as part of the gesture.

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