Monday, June 2, 2008

America: The Sickness Within

The America I was born and raised in is no longer the America I was born and raised in.

Our country is succumbing to a malignant and cancerous organism that is steadily eating away our life support systems to feed its own ravenous hunger.

This disease, this cancer, has metastasised to all of America's vital organs, including the brain.

If this malevolent and virulent cancer is not cut out of our collective body, it will completely consume America until there is only a shell left; a shell that has been eaten away from within.

This organism has latched onto to our parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, plus our major organs and is feeding its hunger for our plasma by sucking the lifeblood out of this country.

Like some Black Death Plague of the Dark Ages, this cancer has sent out its agents to infest and infect all branches of our federal government, nearly taking over completely their functions and directing these federal agencies to feed the malignant tumors spreading thru our body.

These agents are skillfully camouflaged to look, act and talk like Americans, but in reality, they are procurers and harvesters for the organism.

Many have invaded and infected both the Congress and the Executive branch, making them damn near impervious to the will of the people.

These carcinogenic tumors not only feast on our blood, but especially the blood of our children, which it sends off to fight wars and more wars for the entity's pleasure.

They also latch onto the financial mechanisms of our country, sucking out real wealth, like the nation's gold from Ft. Knox, which the organism then sends back to its collective overseas to help placate this monstrous alien's unquenchable desire for shiny baubles that are dripping with blood.

America is not the first country that has succumbed to this dreaded scourge. In the recent past, both Germany and Russia were overcome and taken over by this pestilence and both suffered horribly taking on this evil to the point that they were almost wiped out of existence.

Germany survived, in a manner of speaking, but only as a subservient slave to this malignancy, at its constant beck and call, forever feeding the beast.
And that is the only way Germany will be allowed to survive, if being forever on bended knee, constantly praising the cancer and forever giving the lifeblood of Germany to this cankerous menace, if one can call that living.

Russia, not only survived, but has actually learned to thrive and be reborn, in a manner of speaking and as this is being written, is healthy and whole once again.

This is the question now facing America; Will we be strong enough and determined enough to take any and all necessary steps to rid our being of this malicious, cancerous rot or will we succumb to this dreaded affliction?

This cancer, this rot, this terminal disease is Zionism and if not dealt with soon and in a most severe manner, America will cease to exist.

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