Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton: "Being on the ticket with Obama will give me a "shot" at the presidency"

Coronation News Service

(Mena, AR)

The Clinton for President campaign announced that HRM Hillary, would be open to being on the ticket with Obama as his VP candidate

J.W. Booth, Clinton's Manager of Thought, said that Hillary knows that being on the ticket with Obama would give her a "shot" at the presidency.

Booth read from a statement issued by HRM Hillary that said, "My adoring thong of dedicated, if not obsessive followers, need to know that I am not giving up my quest for the presidency, as that is both my right and what I am entitled to, as the heir to the never-ending Bush and Clinton families dominance over the White House."

"We will not give up this fight, but I have had to change my "target" date for acquiring the presidency" read the statement from HRM Hillary.

L. Harvey Oswald, Clinton's Manager of Perceptions, said he was all for HRM Hillary setting her "sights" on the VP spot.

"Hell", said Oswald, "Everyone knows that politics makes for some strange bedfellows and even stranger occurrences. HRM Hillary would be foolish to "shoot" away this chance at the White House, by any means available."

S. Ceerhan, an avid fan of HRM Hillary, was very enthusiastic about HRM Hillary taking "aim" at the top spot thru the Obama-Clinton ticket.

"Heck, that's a "killer" combo that definitely should win the White House for this dedicated team. I just wish some discontents would stop "sniping" about this dream ticket."

HRM Hillary was not available for comment, said her Manager of Reality, J.E. Ray, due to Clinton being on a personal guided tour of the Barrett Rifle Company in Murfreesboro, TN, makers of the .50 caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle.

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