Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Israel develops "Protein" Feeding Mechanism for Americans

Holocaust™ News Service

(Tel Aviv)-Porkem Shatstein, the Israeli Minister of Food Technology, today announced that his department had developed a unique and very effective way of getting protein to the American public.

"We are aware of the financial crisis gripping America, with some losing their homes and many, losing their jobs, in a desperate but brave attempt to keep tax dollars flowing to Israel each year. We realized that to keep our GOY cattle in the states happy enough to be oblivious to the obvious wrecking of the economy to support Israel, that we had to develop some mechanism to at least keep our serfs fed so enough can work in minimum wage jobs, to pay the tax money that flows into Israel each year", said Shatstein.

"Thanks to the amazing strength of the Israeli currency, the shekel, we have been able to use some of that financial gain to invent some easy to use mechanisms to feed our obedient American slaves."

"The simplest device we have is called the 'Flesh Popsicle' and is rumored to be a most tasty treat. It's ingeniousness is that it's very available and easy to use, as every male AIPAC member has one and is more than willing to feed the American masses. Right now, the popsicle is undergoing extensive trials at the semi-annual AIPAC summit in Washington, DC. Every American politician attending will already be on his or her knees, in their usual stance that shows their undying love and devotion to Israel. We are having AIPAC members feed the 'Flesh Popsicle' to the US Senators and Representatives at the meeting and so far, the results look excellent", according to Shatstein.

"The feeding program shows that the popsicle is handily sized for an open American mouth and that with proper training, such as teaching the recipient to ignore their gag reflex and to swallow the load wholly, that an important part of a human's diet, protein, can be readily and easily inserted into the American public at least twice a day."

"Of course, it goes without saying that the popsicle isn't "Kosher", but it doesn't have to be, since none of the Chosen Race will ever have to eat this abomination."

Shatstein would not comment on the rumors that the 'Flesh Popsicle' device was also being tested in a suppository model.

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