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NeoCon Whack Job of the Week: Kenneth Pollack

In the Pantheon of Neocon demigods, stumbling and bumbling about the planet like a herd of deranged rhinos, hopped up on Meth, one stands out for his ability to consistently issue predictions and warnings about ME that turn out to be little more than Israeli induced propaganda.

That CON of Neo's is Kenneth Pollack , former CIA analyst and self-described "Middle East" expert and it appears, according to a U.S. government indictment, a spy for Israel, giving over secrets to AIPAC.

If the neocons and Zionists aren't threatening to "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" for their pursuit of nuclear energy, they're looking at ways to sabotage and wage economic warfare against Iran for its plan on converting its autos to run on liquefied natural gas.

The Horrors!!

Even as the U.S. government labors to exploit Iran’s gasoline import vulnerability, Iran is preparing its riposte. And that means we have to prepare a riposte to their riposte.

An outfit called the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security provides an interesting insight into where a single-minded commitment to escalation can take one.

In a December 2006 report entitled Ahmadinejad’s Gas Revolution: A Plan to Defeat Economic Sanctions, IAGS authors Anne Korin and Gal Luft take aim at Tehran’s diabolical plan to reduce its dependence on imported gasoline, decrease its energy costs, and improve the environment... by converting automobiles to liquefied natural gas.

In its conclusions, the report warns darkly:

“If Ahmadinejad’s plan for energy independence is implemented, within five years Iran could be virtually immune to international sanctions.”

The solution, in Korin and Luft’s view: more sanctions, sabotage, economic warfare, and punitive US actions to strangle the Iranian LNG demon in its cradle. If the Iranians switch to bicycles, I suppose the next step will be a war on gravity.

PDF copy of "A Plan to Defeat Economic Sanctions" available here

To see a list of the "Usual Suspects" infesting IAGS, like James Woolsey, Kevin Rosner, Israeli expert Ariel Cohen and our "NeoCon Whack Job of the Week", Kenneth Pollack,
click here

Kenneth Pollack is one of the more notorious war mongers of the 21st Century. "Kennie" has been an advocate for fighting wars for Israel for years. His 2002 book, "The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq," a neocon fav that basically used the "let's beat those damn dusky-skinned Ayyyrabs half way to death, then they'll come around to our way of thinking."

"Kennie" also likes to play with his fellow war mongers at WINEP, the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy , which might be described as pro-Israeli in the same way one would describe Chicago Cub fans as being obsessed with winning the World Series.

"Kennie" considers himself an expert in nearly all things Mid-Eastern, like Iran, when he wrote another "let's fight another war for Israel," this time against Iran, in a book entitled "The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America."

Except that "Kennie" has never been to Iran.... Oh and he doesn't speak Persian, but hey, "Kennie" is "Da Man" when it comes to figuring out that ancient culture.

As Philip Weiss says so succinctly : Pollack is an influential intellectual. As a scholar at the liberal Brookings Institution, whatever liberal means these days, he advocated invasion of Iraq in the book The Threatening Storm, back in 2002, thereby giving crucial centrist support to the neocons. Pollack argued that the way to peace in the Middle East lay through Baghdad. I.e., convert the Arabs to democracy there and everything else will fall into place. That book begins with Pollack's bona fides: he was in the CIA "on the Iran-Iraq account." Now we know he's never been to Iran. Has he ever been to Iraq?

"Kennie" was one of the professional scam artists that went to Iraq in 2007, and did his master, Cheney the "Dick" well by issuing glowing statements about how swell that war was going and by gosh, why not stick around and have some more fun. But me, I'm getting the hell out of here, it's too dangerous.

"Kennie" also hangs out with some of his buds at the rabidly pro-Israel "Saban Center for Middle East Studies," that was founded and is funded by Israeli-firster Haim Saban, as this article shows:

[The above-the-political-fray Pollack is employed by the "Saban Center for Middle East Studies" at Brookings -- so named because it is funded with many millions of dollars by billionaire Haim Saban, an Israeli-American neoconservative who was a 2004 supporter of George Bush, was a close associate of Ariel Sharon, and spent the 1990s persuading Bill Clinton (with millions of dollars in donations to the Democratic Party) to be more supportive of Israel.

In a 2004 glowing profile, the NYT described Saban as "throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli," and in that article, Saban told the NYT: "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel." The profile also reported: "While Mr. Saban is a vocal opponent of President Bush -- 'I think Bush is just messing it up every day more' -- he supports some of Mr. Bush's policies. 'On the issues of security and terrorism I am a total hawk.'" In essence, Saban is Marty Peretz but with money that he earned himself. That is who backs Ken Pollack's presumably large paychecks and funds his Brookings war "scholarship"].

But never let it be said that "Kennie" doesn't think about his fellow humans on this planet.

Want a glimpse at the size of "Kennie's" heart?

Back in November 2006, "Kennie" wrote an article entitled "Iraq Refugees: Carriers of Conflict" which was published in the Atlantic Monthly (November, 2006). Most of his article depicts the refugees themselves as "the problem" that could lead to those pesky refugees becoming "radicalized" and not gladly accepting the American boot on their necks.

What a guy!! It's not America's fault for invading Iraq and executing brutal military operations that have left that country in shambles, no not us. It's those damned Ayyyrabs, you know how they are, right?

Damned ingrates.

But "Kennie" has a Final Solution for those damned ungrateful Iraqi's, concentration camps , as shown in this piece:

If only this "Kennie" was like the "Kenney" in South Park that could meet the same ignoble end, time after time.

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