Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama's Skin Color isn't Black, but Blue and White

Most people think Obama's skin color is black, that is not the case.

Obama's true color is blue and white, the same as that state of Hate, Israel.

Obama's "true colors" came out less than 24 hours of his cinching the Democratic nomination by running to his Zionist masters at the BORG AIPAC Collective meeting and pledging to do EVERYTHING in his power as prez to keep Iran from getting nuclear energy.

And to keep shoveling more and more of our tax dollars to Israel so that Jews-only state of Hate can keep on with its murderous ethnic cleansing campaign against the indigenous Palestinians.

How does "Uncle Tom" Obama differ from that maniac Bush's pledge to keep "all options on the table" in regards to Iran?

Obama will put a "kinder and gentler" and more refined face on the American wars for Empire and Israel.

He'll make Americans feel good about watching their kids come home in "transfer tubes" while they're living in tents, since they lost their job and had their home repossessed.

Obama, if elected, will be another Israeli bitch, sending our kids off to fight wars for Israel while our economy goes down the toilet, mostly because of our fighting these wars for Israel.

This is America in the 21st Century, run by the "Chosen Ones" for their own benefit and personal aggrandizement to enrich themselves and support that "shitty little country."

If one had any doubts about Zionist control of the MSM, among other things, this 2008 election campaign should lay to rest those doubts. Americans are deluged 24/7 about Obama and his lack of bowling skills or McCain's BS propaganda schtick "Straight Talk Express," but not a damn peep about viable 3rd party candidates like Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader.

When we do hear about a decent presidential candidate, Ron Paul, it's usually some hit piece that paints Paul as some wacko or extremist.

This is the "choice" that the Zionist puppet masters have given to Americans; Vote for Israeli-firster McCain or vote for Israeli-firster Obama.

So, enjoy that "Iron Heel" slowly but surely crushing the life out of America.

Be thankful that your son or daughter was sacrificed on the Israeli Front, killed fighting for that country's dreams of an
"Eretz Isarel"

While you're worried about whether or not your kid will come home from the Israeli front in one piece, the other Zionists in New York on Wall Street will finish off our economy by stealing everything in sight that isn't nailed down and coming back with crowbars to pry loose and steal the rest.

When our country has been thoroughly ransacked and is lying on the ground like a broken rag doll, the Zionists will then crawl off the corpse and find another host.

And we Americans will find out first-hand what it's like to live in some 3rd world hellhole, just like the ones you see on those NG specials.





  1. Greg,

    Ive written my view on Israel's right wing plans..............its very basic, but its what I think they are up to long term. Tell me what you think, if you agree/disagree, or what you think their intentions are over the next century......:

    Here is the Israeli "game plan" as I see it......instead of a two state solution with walls seperating the states, instead of letting the Palestinians immigrate to anywhere on earth that will have them (the best idea for peace as the Israeli's are never gonna stop bullying them), what we have is a situation where Israel can deliberately provoke West Bank and Gaza and Southern Lebanon and Southern Syrian Rage whenever the want to, and get a "terrorist" response. Israel then can use the terrorist response as an exucse for aggression on their own part and land-grabbing on their own part.

    Let me summarize it like this----If you had a mischevious little brother who liked seeing Daddy kick your ass, all he has to do is spit in your face. When you belt him one across the chops, he runs and tells mamma. Mamma tells daddy about his busted lip. Daddy beats your ass good. The little pest can simply deny spitting in your face, and indeed can say that you spit in his face because he controls the media (talks to your parents first in this situation).
    Israel, and the neocons, are spitting in Arabian AND RUSSIAN faces right now, and hoping to get responses. The MSM will show you any responses over and over-MIND CONTROL style, so the planned aggression agreed upon months or even years back can take place and the world will be propagandized to think it "justified". Much like daddy might think he is justified for whipping your ass for hitting your baby brother, even though you brother spit in your face and even taunted you about it.
    (personal note---I dont have a brother, but simply made the story up as an example, and no I never beat up on a family member big or small---LOL). Its passive-aggressive behavior taken to the extreme where the aggressor is getting to make itself out to be "the victim".

    That is my opinion, you can call me kook all you like, but I really think if the Israelis and Likudniks wanted peace, they would define their borders, and wall them off quickly as possible, they'd also lobby hard for AMERICA to accept any Palestinians who wanted to live HERE to come move HERE to America where they'd eventually assimilate and forget all about living in the hot-ass desert. But that would be a solution, and Israel doesn't get the West Bank and more of Gaza for that. I honestly think the long term plan of some of the likudniks is to actaully gain some of Southern Syria, southern lebanon, norther Egypt (not all the way to the Nile, but a military buffer zone), and possibly some of Jordan. The "True Believers" like John Hagee consider the "Royal Grant" of all the land as far east as the Euphrates River God's gift to Israel. So they are for any conflict that can cause a war, whereby victorious Israel grabs more land after they win reaching towards this goal, saying they need it for "security", a catchall phrase these days used to justify about anything. The likudniks think long-term, multi-generational. Most people think in terms of the next 20 years or so......but not these folks who think a century ahead.


    June 9, 2008 6:45 PM

  2. Israel will not be satisifed until it achieves its dream of an "Eretz Israel" that stretches from the River Nile to the Rive Euphrates, from Turkey south to the Gulf.

    If the manage to drive the Palestinains out of Gaza into the Sinai, soon after there will be some of thos Shin Bet launched Qassams coming from the Sinai, giving the IOF the excuse it has been looking for to invade the Sinai again so Israel can start stealing Egypt's oil from the Sinai...again.

    Israel is like some mad, rabid dog that has been turned loose in a house full of kids.

  3. Greg,

    I dont know if you read the post I made, but your scenario encapsulates pretty perfectly what I think their plan is: "passive" aggression.

    Israel plans to either false-flag terror against itself, or instigate some small terror by agitation against itself AS AN EXCUSE TO BE AGGRESSIVE, MAKE WARS, AND TAKE LAND to achieve the goal of ersatz Israel. This might take a hundred or more YEARS to do, but Im pretty sure this is the course she plans to pursue.

    That is why the best thing to do is for walls to go up AROUND Israel AS SOON AS POSSIBLE----getting the Palestinians resettled in other parts of the middle east or other parts of the earth (there aren't that many of them) quickly so large WALLS can be built all the way around Israels borders, LOCKING HER IN. Any "terrorist" attacks taking place then will OBVIOUSLY not be authentic, but stage-managed propaganda.

    In a way, Ahmadinejad and Soddam Hussein played right into Israel's hands......every time there is a flareup, Israel is going to want to make war, and take land for "peace" and "security". This is their game plan, so they can portray themselves as the good guys who want peace constantly, but those bad Arabs keep attacking us, and we have to take more of their land as a "buffer zone" (which our settlers will repeatedly move into----necessitating the need to move ever eastward) until they make it to the Euphrates.

    Thats the likudnik plan in my opinion.

    I agree with you, Ersatz Israel is the main goal------as it has been said on other blogs.....Its too bad the Israeli's didn't get into sports of some kind to channel their passions----this is the "game" of their lives, which they constantly play.


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