Thursday, June 26, 2008

A peek into the trendy Zionist eatery, "Chez Buffoon"

Good evening, I'm your host, Hymie Baqstabberg, to take you on a tour of one of NYC's most famous eateries, "Chez Buffoon," where the Zionist and Neocon intellectuals wine and dine.

Let's take a stroll thru "Chez Buffoon" and see who's plotting and planning!!

Here we have Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz talking, let's do a bit of eavesdropping, shall we?

"... Dammit, Doug, Silverstein's comments about 'pulling' Building 7 has got the 9/11 Truth movement all ablaze. What in the hell was he thinking about, making that comment?"

"We can't have the actual truth come out about 9/11, do you realize what that would mean for Israel and what...."

"Oh, hi there, Hymie."

"Good evening, Master Wolfowitiz, What have you gentleman been up to?"

"Oh, not much, just talking about that hot new Broadway show, "Once, Twice, Three Times a Goy."

"I see, guess we'll leave you gentleman for now."

Over here, we have the talented and beautiful "Queen of Mean," mAnn Coulter. mAnn's lovely legs are matched in beauty by her even lovelier Adam's Apple.

"Miss Coulter, what brings you to "Chez Buffoon?"

"Fuck off, Dickwad."

"Ahh mAnn, charming as usual."

And here is that noted Israeli nationalist Charles Krauthammer talking to that noted Israeli nationalist Bill Kristol. Hmm, wonder what they're cooking up?

".... listen bill, you're MY bitch and when I say I want MY bitch to wear a bra and fish-net stockings while you're polishing my Johnson, you'll... "oh, Hymie, what are you up to?"

"Good Evening, Master Charles. Just giving the GOY a few tidbits to spice up their dull lives."

"Ha-ha-ha. Just don't give the GOY too much info, Hymie, Getting the cattle all excited before their throats get slit isn't Kosher, you know?"

Ohh look over here we have Vice-President Dick Cheney talking to an unknown person, who looks vaguely familiar.

Let's listen in to what they're talking about.

"..... and I'm telling you Bennie that we'll smash Tehran, as long as your MOSSAD hit team has that tactical nuke set up to detonate in Springfield on ..."What the Fuck are you doing here?"

"Uhh, Mr. VP, uhh, just doing my usual carousing of the rich and famous. Care to comment on what you've been talking about?"

"Go Fuck yourself."

"Security, get this idiot out of here and out of my life... forever."

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