Saturday, June 7, 2008

Uncle "Tom" Obama grovels before the AIPAC BORG Collective

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Didn't take long for Obama's "true colors" to start bleeding out and those colors are blue and white, the colors of that racist state of Hate, Israel.

Like a whipped dog, he approached his masters, crouching on all fours, wagging his tail, hoping they'll pet his head and not kick his ass while pledging more blind allegiance and more money to that Jews-only Apartheid state.

It's interesting to note that the other servant of Israel, Shillary, didn't wear an American-Israeli flag pin to the AIPAC BORG gathering.

"Resistance is Futile"

Was she pissed off so much about losing the nomination that she was showing signs of disrespect to her masters?

"Bad dog, Hillary, bad dog."

Of course, no story that has the least little mention of that Jews-only state of Hate, wouldn't be complete without mentioning some type of manufactured threat against that Jews-only state of Hate.

Right on cue, aL-CIA-duh's second-in-command pops up, threatening the regime occupying Jerusalem with Shin Bet launched Qassams.

And, with threats of attacks on European countries, like Italy:

In an audio message released to mark the 41st anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War, al-Zawahiri said increased suicide and rocket attacks were the only way to end Israel's blockade.

But the 11-minute message, entitled 'Remembering the relapse, break the Gaza embargo', seems to contain a coded message that paves the way for new attacks on tourist areas, in Egypt and other countries such as Italy.

Al-Qaeda has vowed attacks on Jews both from within, and outside, Israel.

"Do not go backwards, double your suicide attacks and the number of missiles you launch and the ambushes against Israel. There is no other solution," he said.

Coded messages? Why coded? If aL-CIA-duh is as big and bad as the American MSM makes it out to be, why use code?

Notice the "code" says to attack Italy, recently retaken by that right-wing Mussolini clone, Berluscolini.

And how Jews in Israel and the world should be targeted.

What timing. Just in time for the ongoing effort to have America fight another war for Israel, against Iran.

How does "Uncle Tom's" pledge to the AIPAC BORG hive that he will do EVERYTHING in his power as president to stop Iran from developing nuclear power, how does that sound any different from Bush the Unfit's pledge to leave "all options on the table?"

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