Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zionist "Thought Police" Getting Panicky about the TRUTH

Seems like the rabid Zionists are getting edgy and panicking about the TRUTH concerning their illegitimate and murderous activites getting out to the unwashed masses.

Can't have that, all must be on the same wave length.

From the comments section in in a story about Israel being "forced" to attack Iran.

By nahida, June 6 at 3:13 pm


With regards to the banning of Non Credo, I think that many of the so called progressive sites are either hacked into or bought by zionists

I have been experiencing the same problem of being banned and blocked on other sites: “Comment is Free” of the Guardian, and ” Common Dreams”

on Common Dreams, I was banned completely from posting, and they have deleted EVERY SINGLE POST of mine without any explanation, I cannot even log on under any name.

Even the letter I wrote to inform readers of “Common Dreams” of what happened, which was posted by a friend, was deleted, and he was also banned

it seems that the zionists are really panicking as they failed to stop the flood of information from breaking through the walls of deception they have been erecting for decades, concealing the truth is no longer an easy job as it used to be, so, they put tremendous efforts in desperate attempts to silence the TRUTH

Therefore, we need to persist and keep finding new avenues and platforms; we are indeed fighting a cyber war against decades of lies and deceit

The MSM is out of reach, but even many of the so called “progressive” and “liberal” media is in one way or another under zionist control I am afraid, for it disguises itself with peace and antiwar slogans, but when it comes to Palestine, the silence is deafening and even the faintest voices that attempts to challenge the zionists’ narrative is muted

For example, on this link you can see people commenting on my poem, but the poem is NOT THERE any more!

By Ostrogoth, June 6 at 4:43 pm

I haven’t been on this forum for a while. Truthdig banned Non Credo? What for?

Nahida, I saw your message on Common Dreams. It was pretty innocuous. I routinely denounce Zionism and the Israel lobby on CD and my posts have so far gone unmolested. banned me the first time I posted in defense of Palestinians, but that was no surprise.

And then there's this classic, from the JTA Election Central comments section

A scriptwriter could have written the above words, and any good public speaker, which Obama is, could have delivered it. Actions speak far more loudly than any words that Barack Obama might say.

(1) Obama solicited and accepted the endorsement of, which published not only pro-Palestinian material in an official bulletin, but also a deliberate insult to General David Petraeus. The instant someone spits, whether literally or figuratively, on an officer’s or enlisted person’s uniform, that’s three strikes right there–Obama is out.

(2) welcomed anti-Israel material from Tony Wicher until I forced its removal by exposing it at IsraPundit and elsewhere. Wicher used the phrase “Zionist thought police” while quoting Desmond Tutu’s “Jewish Lobby.”

(3) Barack Obama praised and endorsed Al Sharpton, the racist and anti-Semite who orchestrated the hate event at Freddy’s Fashion Mart. Also Google on Sharpton and “Yankel Rosenbaum.”

(4) The official bulletin of Obama’s church included a guest piece from a Hamas terrorist, a blood libel that accused Israel of making an “ethnic bomb” to kill Negroes and Arabs, and “state” of Israel, as in “so-called state of Israel.” The latter bore Jeremiah Wright’s signature.

Bill Levinson | Jun 4, 2008 | Reply

Mr. Levinson says there are no "Zionist Thought Police", then goes on to brag about how he was able to ban some thoughts from a web posting.

That's "Chutzpah."


  1. Kinda miss your comments on my blog, Greg.

    You always gave me new directions and inspiration to blog as usually your comments were that good.

  2. I've tried to leave some comments, but have been having trouble accessing the "Comments."

    Will try again.

    Haven't stopped reading your blog, just having trouble leaving thoughts.


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