Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Israeli owned shipping company moves out of WTC ONE WEEK prior to 9/11

That a company moved from one place to another is not news, it happens all the time.

But for a company partially owned by the state of Israel to move out of the WTC one week before the attacks and forfeit $50,000.00 in broken lease fees is news.

And where has Zim moved part of its operations to?

Houston, Texas

Clearing the Baffles for 911

O’Neill’s FBI colleague, Mike Dick, aggressively investigated this Israeli ring before and after 911 . But like O’Neill, he soon found himself removed from his duties on the orders of the then-head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division Michael Chertoff. Dick was very suspicious when Israeli movers quickly moved Zim American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of office space on the 17th Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The partially Israeli state-owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one week prior to 911. According to a non official cover (NOC) CIA source who worked with Dick, Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th Floor office space after Zim moved out.

After 911, Dick as well as the CIA NOC were harassed by their superiors on orders “from above.” Those orders came from Chertoff. Dick was first relieved of his primary counter-espionage duties, eventually sent to Pakistan to investigate the kidnapping of <>Wall Street Journal<> reporter Daniel Pearl, and eventually buried in a desk job at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. According to the CIA source, Pearl was murdered because he was getting too close to the money trail that financed 911. The CIA source said, “the same group that beheaded Pearl in Pakistan did the beheadings in Iraq.” The source added that the beheadings were “not Al Qaeda.”

The CIA source, who emphasized his past Republican credentials, emphasized that Al Qaeda was merely a “list” of arms dealers, mercenaries, drug dealers, financiers, and terrorists used by the CIA and Saudis during the Afghan Mujaheddin War against the Soviets. The source also iterated that all the 911 hijackers had fake IDs. During a joint CIA-FBI operation against lead hijacker Mohammed Atta in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 2000, the CIA and FBI team leaders complained to their superiors that their operation was being photographed by Israeli agents, thus compromising the operation. The CIA source affirmed that the Israelis in New Jersey were providing cover for the future hijacker teams.

O’Neill had discovered that some of his Al Qaeda targets were involved in some very un-Islamic fundamentalist activities, including drug smuggling, teenage prostitution, and blood diamond dealing. The financial trail led O’Neill to a network of bank accounts in London, Dubai, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey. The network investigated coincided exactly with the activities being carried out by the Russian-Israeli Mafia and its links to diamond, drug, and weapons dealers that was especially active in New York and Florida. The future 911 hijackers and their Israeli “shadows” had more than living in the same neighborhoods and frequenting the same bars, video rental stores, and rental mailbox stores in common.

September 4, 2001: Israeli Company Moves Out of WTC

The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli government owns 49 percent of the company.

More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten are still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escape. [JERUSALEM POST, 9/13/2001; JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 10/18/2001]

The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape. [JERUSALEM POST, 9/13/2001]

One year later, a Zim ship is impounded while attempting to ship Israeli military equipment to Iran; it is speculated that this is done with the knowledge of Israel. [AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, 3/29/2002]

BTW, how many Muslim owned companies hot-footed it out of the WTC right prior to 9/11?

I Googled that question and could find NO listing of Muslim companies leaving the WTC right before 9/11.

Just another coincidence, right?


  1. I like your idea of devising communication system for after the next false-flag. my email is notamobster@gmail.com send me a line and let me know what you're thinking. it will be absolutely imperative to be able to speak to each other (patriots) for news, etc. check out my blog www.all-enemies.blogspot.com

    all of the info is accurate, except my name (obviously). i'm an honest, hard-working American who loves everything this country used to stand for. i have nothing to hide. i only want a return to our limited Constitutional Republic.

  2. Thanks for the heartfelt comment.

    I too love my country, but i no longer recognize what it has become.

    The hijacking of the federal government back in December 2000 by the Supreme Court in giving the election to Bush was troubling, and it's been all downhill from then on.

    The Congress--most of them--is corrupted beyond redemption and looks at We the People with disdain.

    As for a free and independent press, forget it.

    We're on our own and what's coming down the pike isn't going to be any better, with another 9/11 type false-flag against America, so the Neocons can declare marital law and Israel will get us suckered into fighting another war.

    Hell, the Internet is already getting censored in Les Visible's country, France.

    Sites they deem to be "anti-Semitic" or "anti-Zionist" are banned from the web in that country.

    When I was inducted into the US Army, i took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

    To me, that oath is still in efffect.

  3. Israelis usually get warnings before a terror attack, just like Bibi Netanyahu got a warning just before the 7/7 subway bombings. Why? Because they carry them out, like the King David bombing.

  4. I don't know if you're right in all you said, but there is something I can say it's true, it's information about 9/11 in France: Every time you ask questions about 9/11, on sites or to politicians or newspapers, or radio, or television, you're "blacklisted" as "anti-zionist", "anti-semits", even "negationists" or "terrorists". Two French artists were banned from TV, one of them just telling his own doubts after the official 9/11 story on a TV show. Lost of sites are down for the same reason. Reporters from the channel France24 who made an interwiew with Thierry Meyssan, loose their jobs, and the independant reporter Thierry Meyssan was declared "personna non grata" on all channels, even privates channels by the "Conseil Superieur de l'Audiovisuel".
    "antisemitism" is a crime punished by a French Law, and everybody is afraid to only mention the name "Jew".

    I left France some years ago for my work, and when I came back for a vacation last Spring, I didn't recognize my country.
    Trying to ask questions about 9/11 on Internet, I didn't start my research by pointing to Israel. I have nothing against Israel and Jews, in fact some of my friends were Jews, at this time. I was just looking for some explanations about things looking too strange for me in the official story. But I soon realised that every French sites talking about 9/11 "non-correctly" (even those not talking at all about Israel) was spammed by debunker's accusations of "Anti-Zionism". That's why I looked further and found your page. I went on Jewish sites and blogs too, to see what is said about it. You should try too, it's very instructing (especially a certain RonM.ss.d blog near from yours)
    And thank you for your informations, I'll try to verify by myself, if you have solid sources for them, please give them, it will help all people in other countries, not only France to find the truth, we must stand together for a better world.
    Take care

  5. your all asking the wrong questions what you should ask yourself and what should be investigated is WHO moved this Zim Company out of the WTC and what type of access did they have to the WTC..Its known that Mossad uses moving companies as a front operation. Did one of these front companies move the Zim compnay out?

  6. At last someone else who see's through the lies.

    visit us at www.indoctrinated.co.uk

    we have nothing to sell only a desire for the truth

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