Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LIEberman addresses CUFI, threatens bloggers and cheerleads for war against Iran

You thought Cheney was a bad SOB? Just wait until that hate-filled LIE berman gets his claws on the levers of power put in place by Cheney.

Don't get me wrong. Cheney is one of the biggest SOB's ever to walk upright, but he'll pale beside a VP LIE berman, or Odin forbid, a President LIE berman.

Because that is the reality we are facing, Joe LIE berman as the American president. Joe-boy knows he couldn't get elected prez, not even using the vote stealing machine used by little Georgie, so he'll take the presidency the old-fashioned way, by succeeding McCain after Johnny-boy dies from some mysterious ailment or gets a "Kennedy" pulled on him.

Either way, with LIE berman as either VP or prez, get ready for an even worse 8 years than we've experienced at the hands of the Bush/Cheney Junta.

It will be good-bye to the Internet and hello to the American Gulag for a lot of us bloggers.

Around about the same time Joe-boy's itchy trigger finger sends American ICBM's screaming into Tehran.

BTW, Joe-boy, did you know that:

Israel has over 200 nukes.

Israel has land-based ICBM's capable of hitting the USA.

Israel has subs capable of tossing ICBM's into the USA.

Israel has threatened to incinerate the entire world in a nuclear Armageddon, if it feels threatened. It's called their "Sampson" option.

Iran has NO nukes.

Iran's missiles can barely get into the stratosphere.

Iran has NO subs carrying nukes.

Iran has NOT threatened to incinerate the world.

So, Joe-Boy, who is the real threat to world peace?

(Due to reasons invovling my mental health, I only copied and pasted portions of the traitor LIE berman's speech.)

Lieberman's Speech To Christians United For Israel

Below are Sen. Lieberman's remarks as prepared for delivery:

You have gathered this evening, united by faith and a commitment to the State of Israel -- sixty years after its miraculous rebirth in the Holy Land.

But you know well that Israel's existence did not begin sixty years ago. It began four thousand years ago, as told in Genesis 12:1, when God told Abraham: "Leave your land, your birthplace, and your father's house and go to the land that I will show you. And I will make you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you."

blah, blah, blah, blah, until this little gem:

Even Moses fell short of God's expectations. He made a mistake and hit the rock rather than speaking to it as God commanded. His sister, the prophetess Miriam, sinned too when she spoke badly about Moses. But this didn't make Moses and Miriam bad people or failed leaders. Their shortcomings were only part of the larger fabric of their remarkable lives of faith and service. And that's the way the Bible and those who read it view them.

And that's why I would say Moses and Miriam were fortunate that they did not live in the merciless attack-counterattack political culture of our time which would undoubtedly have stressed their shortcomings and ignored their great deeds. I can only imagine what the bloggers of their day would have had to say about Moses and Miriam.

It's easy to condemn someone you don't know. It's easy to take to the airwaves, or type up a blog post, and just like that, write off the life and work of another human being you've never met, on the basis of a sound bite you just heard or an old video you have just seen.
That is the world that we live in........

The threat from Iran lies not just in their arming, training, and funding terrorists throughout the Middle East and the world, but even more from the nuclear weapons development program they are clearly pursuing.

A nuclear Iran is a mortal danger to all of our allies in the Middle East--both to the Arabs and Israel--and it is a threat to us. A nuclear Iran would transform the balance of power in the region in the worst possible way. As Iran continues to expand the reach of its missiles, it will soon not just be the Middle East that is threatened, but Europe as well.

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