Friday, July 18, 2008

"When Donkeys Fly..."

Of course there had to be Arabs on those planes-- how else could the murderers in the White House justify the genocidal assault and occupation of Iraq? And, if the immediate blaring of Bin Laden as being the mastermind wasn't enough, photos of the 19 perps were blazoned on every media outlet within hours of the attack. Still not convinced? Well, lookie here -- three passports and a bandana floating unsinged from the blazing inferno -- landing at the feet of the FBI...

Orwell said "The people will believe what the media tells them they believe." Not what the media tells them TO believe, but tells them they believe.

Well, I have a tendency to believe my own lying eyes. And anyone who has ever seen one -- just one -- controlled demolition knew by 9:30 am on 9-11 what happened.

Of course I have questions, but how hot steel has to get to sever myriads of beams cleanly into the exact lengths to fit onto waiting trucks and be rushed out of the country isn't one of them.

I want to know about...

1. Neil Bush's security company, which was responsible for security not only for the World Trade Center, but for the two airports from which the planes were hijacked.

2. The put stock option flurry on 9-10-01.

3. The security "stand down" the week before 9-11 so computer technology could be "upgraded." Workmen came and went, undeterred, throughout that period -- bomb sniffing dogs removed. Busy...busy...busy...

4. Building 7 falling neatly into its own footprints shortly after owner Larry Silverstein announced on TV that it was to be "pulled."

5. The lies and omissions of the criminal 9-11 Commission. Please read Chapter Two of David Ray Griffin's "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" for the sheer ghoulish audacity of this investigation. Condi's bud, Philip Zelikow, was executive director of the Commission, the primary author of the doctrine of preemptive warfare. Griffin says Zelikow "drove and organized the staff's work...called the shots...skewed the investigation and ran it his own way." When the report was complete, it was submitted to Zelikow and the White House who "edited" it before publication...

All roads lead back to 9-11. Everything this monstrous gang has done for the past five years is a direct result of 9-11. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are wounded, disabled, dead because of 9-11. Thousands of Afganistanis and millions of Iraqis have been slaughtered or displaced because of 9-11...

And I am to fret over how hot steel gets before it causes three buildings to collapse in "controlled demolition" fashion for the first -- and last -- time in history? That will happen -- when donkeys fly.

Or, when pigs fly.

Like the pig Cheney.

Or the pig Bush, or Chertoff or Mukasey or Feith or Rumsfled or Perle or Wolfowitz or any of that gang of cutthroats.

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