Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Algeria created their "aL Qaeda" cell

Need to maintain control over your country's energy resources and political machinery, and at the same time, turn that nation into a model of political repression that would make Joe Stalin proud?

Easy, just create a local branch of the CIA financed and MOSSAD run boogieman, aL Qaeda, add in a very compliant lapdog, Zionist controlled MSM to help spread this fear and some MOSSAD trained assassins and voilĂ , you have "McQaeda" operating in your country.

Take this op abroad and repeat in other countries, like France, in preparation for the world's leading CIA/MOSSAD false-flag of the century, 9/11.

Now that the pump is primed, with the Zionist media disseminating bogus aL Qaeda stories all over the world, you're ready to go Prime Time, with the most masterful false-flag of the them all, 9/11.

After 9/11, you have that image of airliners crashing into the WTC burned into people's minds, making them so scared, they'll agree to anything, including invading countries at Israel's behest and establishing a police state in the USA, purportedly looking for "terrorists," when the two of the world's leading terrorists are easy to find:
One lives in the White House and the other, on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory in DC, the home of the Vice-President.

1991: Algerian Army Helps Create Al-Qaeda Linked Militant Group

Mohammed Samraoui. [Source: Rachad]
Mohammed Samraoui, the Algerian army’s deputy chief counterintelligence specialist, will later desert in disgust and explain in a French trial that the Algerian army helped create the Groupe Islamique ArmĂ© (GIA), supposedly an Islamist militant group linked to al-Qaeda fighting the Algerian government. He will say that in the months before an Algerian army coup in January 1992 the Algerian army “created the GIA” in an attempt to weaken and destroy the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), an Islamist political party poised to take power in elections. He will say, “We established a list of the most dangerous people and demanded their arrest, but in vain: they were needed [to be free] to create terrorist groups. Instead, we arrested right, left, and center. We were trying to radicalize the movement.” Army intelligence identified Algerians returning from the Soviet-Afghan war and many times recruited them. “They all took the flight home via Tunis because it was half-price. As soon as they landed in Algiers, we took them in hand.” [RANDAL, 2005, PP. 169-170]

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