Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am NeoCon, that is my name
Starting illegal wars is my game

Death and destruction is what I deal
From the dead and dying, I steal

I am NeoCon, that is my name
Trashing freedom is my fame

Ethnic cleansing is what I hold dear
Democracy is what I really fear

I stalk the world, dealing death
You can taste the putrid smell on my breath

I have no friends, but the Zionists
Hand in hand we exist, in mutual bliss

I am NeoCon, that is my name
The Grim Reaper and I, are one and the same

Shooting kids in the head, makes me laugh
From the depths of hell, I claw and grasp

Abandon hope, when I am near
I'll butcher you like a steer

I am NeoCon, that is my name
Trading blood for gold is no shame

Hell on earth, is what I'll bring to thee
Hearing humans cry, brings me glee

There's no stopping, my type of insanity
Not until I bring mushroom clouds to humanity

I am NeoCon


  1. Gentiles Must Adopt Most Serious, Effective Anti-Semitic Measures
    (Apollonian, 9 Aug 08)

    Excellent poem, well-expressing anti-human monstrosity of Jews (not just "Zionists" or "neo-cons")--and note it's ALL JEWS who/which are horrific problem, Jews a socio-biologic parasite disease-of-opportunity which afflicts over-populated humanity suffused in hubris (esp. of Pelagian hereticalist "good-evil").

    Thus we consider Jew problem scientifically--socio-biologically (see we observe problem is CYCLIC in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    Hence then Jew disease steadily reduces host-victim gentiles, Jew disease CYCLICALLY waxing, as gentile victims wane. And now we see Jew disease becoming OVER-POPULATED themselves, Jew masterminds beginning to fall-out against one another, as we see by CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see putting finger on "Zionists" as by Walt-Mearsheimer and "The Israel Lobby."

    Thus we surviving gentiles must react in accord w. circumstances, making most of our opportunity, such as it is--what do we do?

    Thus we patriots must do two principle things: (a) promote serious, true Christianity and anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and (b) in rationalist spirit, promote INDUCTIVE LOGIC: "it's Jews, stupid"--see Ed Steele's "It Wasn't Arabs," Nov 03 archives,

    Note it's INDUCTIVE LOGIC which so strongly hypothesizes Jews and Israelis for overwhelming suspicion for 9-11, which now REQUIRES Jews PROVE they're NOT responsible.

    CONCLUSION: But of course, remember Jews simply capitalize upon basic cultural-psychologic problem which is gentile HUBRIS and pretense to perfectly "free," God-like, human will, thus moralism-Pharisaism and Pelagianist "good-evil" fallacy/delusion; this is crux--which then leads to that practical fraud of fractional-reserve money and banking (COUNTERFEIT scam)--see for expo/ref. Keep up ur excellent anti-semitic efforts, good comrades. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. I agree that the Fed should be abolished, AKA the Creature of Jekyl Island.

    If more people understood and realized how manipulative and monstrous the FED is, they might get off their arses and demand change.

    Except they'll never learn from the Zionist dominated MSM, which is too busy rumaging thru the trash, exploiting the non-story about John Edwards.

    Between that garbage and the story about some lost little girl, methinks somethings afoot and not just the usual dumbing down of the huddled masses.


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