Friday, August 29, 2008

If Americans Only Knew about the AIPAC & Zionist ADL control of America

The source of most if not all our woes, revealed (from the present to the past): Connecting the dots through 5000 years of revisionist human history, spanning from the time of the pharaohs, all the way up to the present dynasties creating the New World Order, in a quest to perfect the enslavement of mankind. From pirates to banksters, to the ruling elite, who run the world's finances, the media and cover both side of nearly every conflict or war: the world may make more sense after watching all the videos on this 911investigator You Tube channel.

Who Funds AIPAC?


  1. [I posted below at the blog, "Barr blog" (there two), "Do you want...," 27 Aug 08 for a neato dialectic--ck it out, as there's more. A.]

    Libertarians Should Value Truth, Hence Facts, And Premises For Conclusions
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 08)

    "Luke," at 2:44 pm, note Christian New Testament is all about Conspiracy, which conspiracy murdered Christ no less, foremost defender of TRUTH, according to New Testament (NT) literature and Gosp. JOHN. The Federal Reserve Bank is a counterfeiting conspiracy by definition (see above cite).

    Entire problem is we have a government bought, financed, and controlled by these counterfeiters, conspirators, and criminals. Ck for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy.

    Note David Rockefeller, founder of Trilateral conspiracy ADMITS explicitly to such conspiracy in his memoirs (sorry, I don't have a cite right off-hand, but ck search engine, and u'll surely find it pretty quick). Entire purpose of government is to PROTECT THE PEOPLE FM CONSPIRACY.

    Observe criminals acting only by themselves wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as conspiracies which are criminals acting in collusion.

    I like the "razorback fan" at 2:55 pm above, who, in his short post talks at one and same time about "freedom" and censorship disguised as "moderation." "Razorback" doesn't say whether he ck'd the citation I gave for Jew media conspiracy. It's "razorback fan" who hates truth, which truth is always hated by criminals who are exposed by truth.

    For Jews are legitimate topic of concerned political discussion in view of the incredible conspiracy of "neo-cons" who are practically all Jews loyal to Israel and connected with aforementioned CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy. Note again, only legitimate question now is whether these are actual facts which can be verified; I give most excellent citations/ref.s, don't doubt.

    Then there's the AIPAC spying and bribery/extortion operation being run by Jews, Jews in foremost gov. "gate-keeping" positions, as Sec. of Homeland Security, Chertoff, who sent the Israeli spys back to Israel, who were caught harassing DEA people among other illegal activity. Jew Mukasey, the AG, is yet another prominent Jew "gate-keeper."

    Note Jews are by definition Talmudists, which Talmud encourages Jews lying to and cheating gentiles, Talmud asserting Jesus Christ was rightfully executed for blasphemy and heresy, who was illegitimate offspring of a harlot who mated with Roman centurian named Pantera. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    Jews dominate and control organized crime according to Mike Collins Piper in "The New Jerusalem," and who writes for Note these pertinent facts I herewith proffer are all verifiable.

    So I think we should never hesitate to discuss these important topics, especially as discussion is informed with valid premises and references given as I do so carefully.

    Unfortunately as Jews are so powerful, esp. in the Fed counterfeit agency, they essentially control the funding for all the top political parties, including Libertarians, I'm afraid, and they'll bring the usual pressure to bear for censorship of these blogs.

    And don't forget Jews control the electronic vote-machine companies like Diebold and the others too--see, also and Jews are a huge socio-political problem--again ck out the Talmud, their definitive battle-plan. The truth should be respected, and hence those truly interested should ck the ref.s I give.

    CONCLUSION: "Razorback fan" hates the truth and is no fan of freedom or freedom of expression, true libertarians may be sure and be warned. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    Razorback Fan Says:
    August 27th, 2008 at 2:55 pm
    I hope someone is moderating these posts. We don’t need wing-nuts posting about some “Jew media conspiracy” (see post by “apollonian” above). This campaign is about freedom, not hatred.

    Luke Says:
    August 27th, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    D Thomson,
    This is a manufactured controversy that has no basis in fact, and never has. See here:
    No offense, but people with wild conspiracy-style ideas is what frightens me about the Libertarian party (”OMG, Obama’s a secret muslim!!@@!@#$”, etc.). Everything else the party stands for is great, but I wish more people were more rational. Thanks.

  2. Razorback needs to get the wax out of his ears and the blinders off his eyes to help understand the world as it really is and it's not one full of sugar-plum fairies.

    The US is under attack by a foreign power that is doing everything in its power to suck us dry financially and send our kids off to wars for Khazaria.

    Wake up, RB, we need you.


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