Friday, August 8, 2008

Jewish Media Group, SITE, is the first to release another Islamic threat video

Yes, another Islamic threat video by a group purportedly having ties to aL-Qaeda was released by our good friend, Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence group.
The six-minute video, issued two days before Friday's opening of the Beijing Games , was purportedly made by the Turkistan Islamic Party, which seeks independence for China's western Xinjiang region, the SITE Intelligence Group said on Thursday.

Yes, Rita, we get it and we also get that these videos always seem to be found by either your Jewish Media Group or the Jewish Media Group run by Ben Venzke.

How is that, Rita dear that a Jewish Media Group is always the FIRST to come up with these videos?

The MOSSAD computer geeks threw in a nice touch on this video, making threats about avoiding planes, which will make the target audience remember the false-flag of 9/11.

And why do I get the feeling that you and your bud, Ben Venzke, are tag-teaming the world with these MOSSAD crafted videos?

Someone might start asking questions, and wondering if these videos are designed and crafted in MOSSAD HDQS in Herzliya, Israel, a small town north of Tel Aviv, where many Israeli software companies area based, like Odigo.

You remember Odigo, one of the world's largest instant messaging companies, that received a warning several hours before the first plane hit the WTC, giving the employees plenty of time to hot-foot it out of that doomed structure.

Odigo, like many Israeli software companies, is based and has its Research and Development (R&D) center in Herzliya, Israel, the small town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to be where Mossad's headquarters are located.

The last time Rita did the promo work for the latest video release from MOSSD was back in May 2008, but things got ugly fast when it was discovered that Katz had used a computer-generated image of a post-nuclear Washington, DC that had been crafted by the Fallout 3 computer artists for their computerized video game, Fallout 3.

MOSSAD is taking its motto, "By way of deception, thou shalt do war," seriously and so should the world, as some type of MOSSAD false-flag must be in the works.
That would give the murderous thugs in Israel the excuse and diversion it needs to attack Lebanon and Gaza and the ultimate prize, Iran, giving that homicidal maniac in the White House, Bush, the cover needed for him and Cheney to unleash hellfire upon Tehran.

Here’s some additional info about Rita and her S.I.T.E. farce…


Between 2003 and 2004 the SITE Institute earned more than $500,000 from the U.S. government.

[2003 tax return here (.pdf) and 2004 return here. (.pdf)]

The 2004 returns show that over $273,000 came directly from taxpayers.

Katz says she received over $150,000 as a paid consultant from the FBI, which must be money granted outside the SITE Institute, since she claims she only gets paid about $40,000 a year from S.I.T.E. in salary.

SITE describes itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization "that provides information related to terrorist networks to the government, news media, and general public.”

Thought Crime Act

Rita Katz gave testimony to Rep. Jane Harman's committee that crafted HR 1955, which will give the government control over the Internet, so only government sanctioned propaganda vehicles like CNN and FUX News will be allowed to shape and frame the White House press releases that now days, pass as news.

(Mr. Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, also gave testimony that implied that Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth was some type of sinister conspiracy group .)

When the next MOSSAD/CIA false-flag attack hits, the 'Net will be temporarily shut down, for "our safety," and censoring software installed and laws passed making it VERBOTEN to search out actual news and stories that haven't been pre-approved by either the White House or the Zionist terror masters in Tel Aviv.

Sooner or late, the world will need to wake from its slumber and realize who the real terrorists are and where they are located; Israel.

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