Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who you going to believe, the NIST report or your lying eyes?

If you think the media or our government has given us the answers, think again. If you think this can’t happen again, think again. Seven years later most Americans haven’t even heard of Tower 7. Seven years later, most Americans don’t know thousands more of those rescue workers are sick, and many are dying from their exposures at Ground Zero. Seven years later, the FBI still hasn’t listed Osama Bin Laden as “wanted” for the 9/11 attacks. This is incredible–they are the lead investigators, and they don’t have enough evidence to put him on the “most wanted” list for those attacks? So, why do so many Americans believe he was behind it? Why are we at war over it? Do you know what evidence there is? The destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, incomplete answers, and abysmal accountability is disgusting and unacceptable.

Remember those horrendous pictures of the jets slamming into WTC 1 & 2? Remember those huge fireballs? Remember all of that crashing down, thousands of tons of dusty debris hit the NY streets, yet the FBI was able to recover intact, a passport from one of the alleged hijackers, Satam Suqami, a passport that showed NO signs of fire or of damage. Amazing, that a fire that could melt steel and titanium couldn't affect a paper passport!

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How about the recent "investigation" by NIST, who insisted that there was no explosives like themite used in the towers. So, who you going to believe, NIST or your lying eyes?

NIST denies the existence of molten metal even though we have video and photographic evidence suggesting otherwise. We also have witness testimony from FDNY firemen themselves. Jet fuel and content fires do not produce the temperatures necessary to produce molten steel - that is why NIST has to deny the very presence of molten metal. This is not small stuff. This is a “smoking gun.” NFPA very clearly states melted steel or concrete is a sign of exotic accelerants. Therefore, the debris should have been thoroughly analyzed for exotic accelerants, specifically Thermite.

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No molten metal. NIST? No molten concrete, NIST?

Tell me, NIST how can a fire burn hotter than the on site contents and what residual jet fuel that might of survived the initial crash?

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We are not implying the improbable is impossible. As professional firefighters, we have seen many things from fire, accident and crime scenes that don’t “make sense”. What we are suggesting is that there is more than sufficient evidence to doubt the “official” government story. There was no reason to destroy the very steel from all three towers that would have aided in the investigation. There is no reason to withold vast amounts of evidence that would very clearly support or disprove their version (ie: hard evidence proving the make/model/specific registration numbers from the aircraft, or the complete collection of the Pentagon vidoes, specifically any images of a commercial jet flying into the Pentagon). There is a large body of physical, photographic, audio, witness testimony and video evidence that directly contradicts the “official” story. We challenge you to really look at what the goverment has presented versus what many independent researchers have produced.

All of the above and more, from the recently created
Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

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  1. Christian Honesty: Still Such Potent Anti-Semitic Force, Both Practical And In Abstract
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 08)

    Note how INDUCTIVE LOGIC, essence of science, works: it generalizes, built upon particular instances. Thus necessary inductive conclusion is USA gov. (elements within) CONSPIRED against people, murdering 3,000 or so in classic false-flag attack--ALL DETAILS so indicate and confirm.

    Alternative story/conspiracy-theory given by USA gov. DOES NOT confirm for any details, actually failing so miserably.

    Further details as they emerge continue to confirm guilt of Bush-Cheney-"neo-cons," et al., and note people and public continue to move to the anti-USA gov. conspiracy theory inexorably. Internet has been absolutely devastating for gov.-Mass media conspiracy (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media conspiracy).

    Question now is what, specifically, to do? And answer, most compelling, sensible, and substantial is JEW-EXPULSION, including against those gentiles who co-conspired.

    And now only specific, evermore isolated obstacles continue to remain against prospective, cleansing Jew-expulsion; surely the greatest is anti-racism deliberately built-in, "politically-correct" bias which remains due to "good-evil" delusion/heresy built upon guilt premise.

    Hence then Christianity and Honesty can and should well be brought to bear against such remaining "good-evil" prejudice, honesty now upheld as new "active historical force" for new resurgent phase against present CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, such "decline" positively caused by such heretofore thematic "good-evil" Pelagian heresy fm Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians.

    CONCLUSION: Hence then thematic Christian honesty will work most effectively for a double effect: (a) against Jews and accomplices directly, Jews being Talmudists, thus worshippers of lies (see, and for best Talmudic expo), and (b) against Jews' most effective weapon, that COUNTERFEIT fraud (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) which then gives Jews all their practical political-economic power within Western culture. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


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