Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Dis is a stickup, give us ALL yer Money!"

That's the kind of talk you'd expect from a gang of thugs who just broke into your home or business, wearing masks and waving guns.

Except the thugs that have broken into our collective home aren't wearing masks or using guns.

This mob family that is so brazenly demanding ALL of our money or else, is led by two of the most notorious henchmen to ever lead a daring daylight robbery.

One, is Hank Paulson, AKA "King" and the other mafioso head is Ben Bernanke, AKA "Shalom."

Call them what you will, but don't call them cowards.

This massive underworld theft of the American purse is going on in full view of the public, who are being threatened not with physical violence, if they don't hand over the loot, but with economic violence, as this "Potomac Posse" has stated that if we don't succumb to their brazen threats, they're going to crash the U.S. economy and the world's.

These are the "experts" who have been lauded time and again in the past, for being so knowledgeable about the U.S. economy. The same economy that they drove off the cliff and now are demanding that we hand over our grandkids future or else.

I say call their bluff and let it collapse.

What can we lose, except the mechanisms that got us here in the first place? And now we're being told that the beast is still hungry and needs more, more and more?

If we give those gangsters that initial 700 BILLION,they'll be back for another and another and ....

They tell us we do have a choice? BS.

After all, what kind of choice do you expect from a gang of Armani wearing thugs?

Here's a choice no one's talking about.

Send that 700 BILLION to us taxpayers, after all, a lot of it will go to the banks to pay off late or overdue mortgages.

Don't give in to these mob bossess, who only need cigars sticking out of their mouths and a fedora hat to complete the picture.

(Stick a Thompson submachine gun in Shalom's hand's, let him wear a cheap pin stripe suit, with a Fedora on his head and picture him with a scowl on his face and boy, does he ever look like that classis 1930's gangster played numerous times by the excellent Edward G. Robinson.)

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