Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Alaska almost became Israel

Republican Jewish Coalition and the Alaskan Holocaust™ Museum

Alaska’s Holocaust™ Museum

At different points of history, such as the Russian pogroms (anti-Semitic riots) in the early 1900’s and the Holocaust™ in the mid-century, Jewish people have turned to the Alaskan Government and its people as a place to find refuge from persecution. During crises, the government considered the possibility of placing Jews in Alaska. In the early 1940s, Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes and members of Congress, considered a proposal for Alaska as a settlement for Central European Jewish refugees seeking asylum from the Nazis. Abe Spring, the first mayor of Fairbanks, introduced a more modest proposal in 1906.

Damn, just think if the Khazars had moved to Alaska. Right now, the poor Khazarians would be under relentless attack by Eskimos, doing drive by shootings in their dogsleds. And Uncle Sucker would be handing out immense amounts of money and weapons to fight the "Frozen Menance" of Yellow Snow.

We'd be seeing stories in the American MSM about how those "Inuit" terrorists hate the poor, misunderstood Israeli's of Alaska and how the Alaskan Jews were being portrayed in the blogs unfairly.

And that the Israeli-Alaskans really, really, really wanted peace, but the Eskimos were a violent and savage people, who hated the Alaskan Jews for their freedoms.

To help establish a "security" zone, the IADF--Israeli-Alaskan Defense Force--would have bombed the hell out of untold numbers of Canadian towns and villages just across the border from Alaska and the IADF would have set up operations in some choice Canadian gold mines and oil fields, but only on a temporary basis, and only for Israeli-Alaskan's "security."

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