Friday, September 26, 2008

Saddam planned to deploy 'camels of mass destruction'

What's next? Finding out that Saddam was going to use fighting techniques the "Road Runner" used in his never ending battles with "Wiley Coyote?"

Maybe Saddam was going to copy some battle moves from that legendary hunter, Elmer Fudd in his relentless tracking of the "Rascally Rabbit, Bugs Bunny."

Hey Junior, did you find those WMD's yet? You know the ones you and your henchmen and women talked about 24/7 in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

The WMD's were already here, skillfully planted on Wall Street by a various assortment of con artists, hustlers, liars and thieves and boy oh boy, the explosions are still rocking Main Street.

Junior, what makes me think that a year or two from now, you'll be joking about those phony Wall Street WMD's?

Saddam planned to deploy 'camels of mass destruction'

By James Langton

Saddam Hussein planned to use "camels of mass destruction" as weapons to defend Iraq, loading them with bombs and directing them towards invading forces.

The animals were part of a plan to arm and equip foreign insurgents drawn up by the dictator shortly before the American-led invasion three years ago, reveals a 37-page report, captured after the fall of Baghdad and just released by the Pentagon. It is part of a cache of thousands of documents that the United States Department of Defence says it does not have the resources to translate.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon released copies in the original Arabic onto the internet in the hope that others would interpret them into English.

Handwritten on official paper, one of the reports appears to be a road map for the insurgency, with detailed instructions for training what it calls suicide bombers.
In the memo, they are described as "estishehadeyeen", Arabic for suicide martyrs, and would almost certainly have been foreign volunteers.

The memo details a training commission to be headed by senior officers, including a colonel from the "Directory of Political Orientation". Their job, says the report, was to "prepare a very intensive training course", "to raise the physical fitness and train in the use of Kalashnikovs and hand grenades".

It continues: "The largest section of the course will be specialised to focus on using the explosive material in the body, in motorcycle, in cars, and in camels". Camels will be "provided by the Directory of General Military Intelligence".

The memo also reveals the incredible bureaucracy that underpinned Saddam's Iraq. Rifles and hand grenades were to be provided by a Department of Armament and Equipping, explosives by the Directory of Military Engineering and "religious sermons that emphasise jihad'' by the Directory of Political Orientation and the Religious Scholars.

The papers have been translated by Arabic-speaking members of Free Republic, a conservative internet discussion forum that believes the documents will justify British and American claims that Saddam had made Iraq a haven for terrorists.
If the translation is correct, it suggests that many of the foreign fighters now attacking coalition forces and bombing Iraqi civilians were directly trained by the Saddam regime, although there are no known reports of camels being used in suicide attacks.

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