Friday, October 17, 2008

36 Zionists who are shaping the 2008 U.S. election

Notice how many of these Tribe members are on McCain's and Obama's staff?

Including Robert Rubin, who is with Obama?

Rubin helped create this mess in the mortgage market by pushing for the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act, that gutted the Depression era law known as Glass-Steagall, that had put a firewall between commercial and investment banks.

An act for which he was richly rewarded, by leaving the Clinton administration and joining Citigroup.

A Depression era law that needed to be tossed aside, for the money men's upcoming scheme to loot trillions out of pension funds and stockholder accounts.

Specifically, let's look at this "pre-crime" law act’s Title IV, which explicitly exempted from regulation the new gimmicks by forbidding the government to “exercise regulatory authority with respect to ... an unidentified banking product which had not been commonly offered, entered into, or provided in the United States by any bank on or before Dec. 5, 2000

They already had the crime of the century in mind and didn't want anyone nosing around and asking questions about this daylight heist.

Now Rubin has returned to the scene of the crime, pushing for his candidate Obama.

Lest anyone think Jews controlling America thru her money supply is a recent phenomenon, think again. The first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was a Jew

Just don't think, let alone say, that Jews control America, why, why that would be anti-Semitic.

Members of the tribe / 36 Jews who have shaped the 2008 U.S. election

By Bradley Burston and J.J. Goldberg

The John McCain-Barack Obama contest has been one in which the issues of Wall Street and fitness for the presidency have far overshadowed the subject of Israel. But the Jewish vote remains a key element in battleground states, and, playing a wide variety of roles, Jews have helped to shape the campaigns. Thirty-six of them are mentioned below. This list is by no means all-inclusive, and, for considerations of space, many Jews who have played active parts in the campaigns do not appear - among them Obama surrogate U.S. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, and Obama advisor and ex-California congressman Mel Levine.

Also missing are a number of Jews who have played minor roles, but merit mention for the interest they have attracted - in particular, Sandra Froman, the first Jewish president of the National Rifle Association (2005-7), and a steering committee member of Sportsmen for McCain; and Linda Lingle, the first Jewish governor of Hawaii and an early defender of Sarah Palin.

It should be noted that perhaps the most significant name that appears on the list belongs to a man who has been dead for 153 years.

Following is the list, in alphabetical order:

Sheldon Adelson: He is Republican, neoconservative and a mega-donor, however, a combination of financial reverses and internal disputes has muted his contribution to the McCain effort.

David Axelrod: Chief strategist and media advisor for the Obama campaign, he has harnessed grassroots support through "viral" media, new technology and emphasis on the theme of change.

Steven Bob and Sam Gordon: The two Reform rabbis from the Chicago area founded Rabbis for Obama, which has persuaded hundreds of rabbinical colleagues to go on record by name supporting the candidate. The group's influence on the Jewish electorate has been difficult to gauge.

Matt Brooks: The executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition is a frequent media "first responder" on Jewish issues.

Mark Broxmeyer: A businessman and chair of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs conservative think tank, Broxmeyer serves as national chairman of the McCain campaign's Jewish Advisory Coalition and as a member of the candidate's national finance committee.

Eric Cantor: This Virginia congressman, the sole Jewish Republican in the House, has emerged as a primary McCain surrogate in a bid to sway Florida and his home state.

Laurie David: The global-warming activist and producer of "An Inconvenient Truth," starring Al Gore, she is ex-wife of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator Larry David and one of Jewish Hollywood's most prodigious fundraisers.

Ira Forman: The executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, he is Matt Brooks' counterpart.

Barney Frank: The Massachusetts Democratic congressman is one of the most visible, outspoken liberals in the House. He is openly gay and a frequent target of pro-McCain commentators, particularly on Fox News, where, because of his role as chair of the House Financial Services Committee, he has been said to bear crucial responsibility for the sub-prime lending crisis. He played a key role in negotiating the Wall Street bailout package.

Malcolm Hoenlein: Formally nonpartisan as professional chief of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, he invited Sarah Palin to speak at an anti-Ahmadinejad rally at the UN, then bowed to pressure to rescind the invitation. He is seen to have aided the McCain campaign in terms of some Jewish undecideds.

Cheryl Jacobs: A McCain campaign co-chair in Broward County, Florida, the Conservative rabbi, a longtime Democrat, supported Hillary Clinton's primary race for president, but then switched to McCain.

Henry Kissinger: The New York Times calls the former secretary of state a "close outside adviser" to McCain's campaign. He is regularly called upon by the candidate for advice on foreign affairs, and held a high-profile briefing session with Palin prior to the vice-presidential debate.

Ed Koch: The former New York City mayor is still a gold standard for Jews of a certain age. He backed Bush in 2004 and Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Now he's for Obama.

William Kristol: As editor of Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard magazine, a New York Times columnist and a Fox News commentator, he is an extremely influential neoconservative voice.

Sherry Lansing: The first woman to head a major Hollywood studio (Paramount), she is a major Democratic donor and fundraiser.

Ed Lasky: Through the American Thinker Web site, his articles helped spawn the widespread Internet campaign alleging that Obama is anti-Israel.

Henry Lehman: A Bavarian immigrant who settled in Alabama in 1844 at age 23, and founded H. Lehman, a general store that, by accepting raw cotton in lieu of cash, would later lead to commodity trading in cotton. In 1850, he and his brothers Emanuel and Mayer formed Lehman Brothers, which became one of the first and most powerful investment houses on Wall Street. Lehman Brothers' spectacular collapse in mid-September, the largest bankruptcy in American history, triggered a worldwide financial panic that, more than any single factor, may determine the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.

Joe Lieberman: The Connecticut senator was Al Gore's 2000 Democratic running mate. He is now McCain's point man for undecided Jewish voters.

Mik Moore: He launched, utilizing high-tech methods to counteract Web-borne attacks on Obama. The group also sponsors The Great Schlep - a campaign to get grandchildren to visit grandparents in Florida, to persuade them to vote for Obama.

Eli Pariser: He heads, a liberal on-line advocacy group that has raised large sums for Democratic candidates.

Martin Peretz: The editor of The New Republic, he wrote an influential article entitled "Can friends of Israel - and Jews - trust Obama? In a word, Yes."

Dennis Prager: He is an influential, outspoken and often strident nationally syndicated radio talk-show host. Despite reservations over McCain's campaign reform bill, he has thrown his weight behind the GOP ticket.

Penny Pritzker: She is the national finance chair of the Obama campaign. A billionaire executive, pioneer Obama supporter and scion of a well-known Jewish mega-donor family, she has taken flak over the degree of her involvement in a the failure of a bank driven by sub-prime mortgages.

Ed Rendell: The governor of the key swing state of Pennsylvania, he is former head of the Democratic National Committee and a top Democratic campaign spokesman.

Denise Rich: The socialite and ex-wife of disgraced billionaire Marc Rich is a Democratic megafundraiser.

Dennis Ross and Dan Kurtzer: They are the center-right and center-left anchors of Obama's Middle East advisory staff.

Robert Rubin: The top Obama economics advisor has unsurpassed knowledge of the workings of Wall Street and was treasury secretary in the Clinton administration.

Dan Shapiro: A former Clinton administration National Security Council official, he is a senior Mideast policy advisor and Jewish outreach coordinator for the Obama campaign. He is said to have co-written Obama's speech before AIPAC (the pro-Israel lobby), in which the candidate declared "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided" - a statement Obama later partially recanted.

Sarah Silverman: A "shock comedian," she served as video spokeswoman for The Great Schlep (see Mik Moore, above). Her monologue spawned a counter-clip from veteran comic Jackie Mason.

Alan Solow: The Chicago lawyer is active in the Jewish community and in the Conference of Presidents. He has been an Obama supporter for a dozen years.

Jon Stewart: As host of the satirical TV news program "The Daily Show," he has become perhaps the most listened-to liberal voice in the nation. The New York Times called Stewart's program "a genuine cultural and political force."

Barbra Streisand: The superstar singer is a Jewish-liberal icon and mega-fundraiser. She endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary race and has backed Obama since the Democratic convention. She also headlined a Hollywood fundraiser in September, which included a $25,800-a-plate dinner.

Robert Wexler: A key Obama surrogate, the Florida congressman has campaigned extensively in the effort to shift the electoral vote-rich Sunshine State from the McCain column to the Democrats.

Fred Zeidman: McCain's lead Jewish strategist, he is chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, and a heavyweight among Jewish Republicans


  1. Yea but Greg, this could all be...just a coincidence.

    Something you might like to know and find comforting is there are heavy level discussions going on right now-Friday-as most of us sit back and wonder how we're going to pay mortgage this month, that will deal with the coming huge derivitive problems.

    Guess who was invited?

  2. IMO, this whole thing about the bank bailout for the troubled mortgages is a front for the real problem you've mentioned, the derivatives bubble.

    i've read some amazing figures, anywhere from 150-500 TRILLION dollars.

    All it takes is for one of those financial institutions involved to go belly up and the whole damn thing will implode.

    A million is easy to understand and even a billion.

    But a trillion?

    This is what 500 Trillion looks like:


    Don't even know if there is that much money in the entire world.

  3. Ahh, but Greg, some have gone belly up. WaMu AND Leeman come to mind.
    Goldman and AIG was "allowed" to survive.
    The $64,000 question is why.

    Logically it would seem prudent to just outright state ALL derivitive contracts as unenforcable: therefore nipping the potential problem in the bud. Would that hurt? Yes, quite a lot. But we would survive.
    The way they are doing it now seems akin to the Sword of Damocles. Blackmail.
    That, is even more unnerving.

  4. 3 Americans
    George W Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Osama bin Laden, Rupert Murdoch, Wall Street and the financial crisis in prophecy.
    Thomas, appointed to minister prophetically to President George W Bush and the American people by the Will of God according to Ephesians 4:11-13.
    To the church of God in America and the faithful throughout the world.
    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
    May the Lord grant you an open heart with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” His message.
    The Lord has led me to set up this “blog” because of the stubbornness of the American church in refusing to listen to direct communication and due to the seriousness of the situation. Even from a secular point of view it is alarming that so-called “financial experts” have failed to make the correlation between similarities that led to the Great Depression and those prevailing today. After the “Black Tuesday” crash of 1929 the stock-market rallied but drought coupled with slow automobile sales and falling commodity prices sent the market into free-fall in 1930. What do we see today? Mini market rallies while much of the US is in drought. General Motors and Ford are in serious trouble while the slowdown in China in particular is contributing to falling commodity prices.
    The sick and disgusting “joke” of the financial crisis from a secular point of view is that many of the “financial experts” responsible for the entirely predictable and avoidable fiasco are the very same people now charged with the responsibility of fixing the mess. It is even alleged that the week after AIG received a multi-billion $ bailout its senior executives treated themselves to US$40,000 in massages whilst staying in US$1,000/night hotel rooms and then had the audacity to put their hands up for another multi-billion $ bailout the following week!
    Fear not, because even if George W Bush is an inept lame duck president incapable and lacking the resolve to curb such excesses, God is still in control and those people have a fearful judgment awaiting them – if not in this lifetime, certainly in the next. They will be punished severely. I Thomas, (not the Lord) say to those executives that they should repay out of their own pockets those extravagances and it would be fitting for them to contribute to the poor and homeless out of their excessive and underserved salaries.
    Serious questions need to be asked of Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson (and before them Alan Greenspan) and the ratings agencies Standard & Poors, Moodys and Fitch. What did they know about “ninja”/liar loans etc? If they didn’t know, why didn’t they? Is this a case of all care and no responsibility? And if it is, what is the role of the Federal Reserve and ratings agencies? International class actions against all of the preceding would go a long way to ensuring future executive accountability and that there is no repeat of this financial fiasco.
    Christian people may rightly ask that if this letter is prophetic why is it raising questions from a secular perspective? Quite deliberately so because the intention is to highlight the commonsense commonalities of the secular and theological positions. Firstly, surely it is commonsense that loaning money to people with no income, no job and no assets is a recipe for disaster. A person does not need a banking degree to work that out. Similarly, any Bible believing Christian should be able to recognise the “signs” of what is going on today and why. But just as there are high powered over-paid executives scratching their heads that we have a financial crisis there are Christian leaders and others sounding off their own thoughts without any God given authority to speak. Oh yes, there are a number of high profile “prophets” stroking their egos, trying to boost book and CD sales, claiming “revelations” and declaring that they had previously prophesied current events. Oh really! What tripe! How easily you are deceived. But what this also shows is how desperately some people need a “guru” to worship or to guide them. How desperate some people are to hear “good news prophecy” that they will swallow any rubbish and how deluded and evil some people are to prey upon these vulnerable people in what amounts to little more than “prophetic businesses” that peddle religion along with assorted goods ranging through to vitamins and health foods.
    There always have been and always will be false prophets and false teachers. People will continue to gather around them people who will deceive them and tell them what their itching ears want to hear. Leaving aside the lack of faith and obedience this attitude displays it is blatantly foolish. It is like a person who refuses to listen to a cancer diagnosis from the doctor and so seeks out another doctor to tell the patient what he wants to hear: “No, you do not have cancer” when all along the condition is evident. Similarly, the “good news prophecy business” in America is telling those lacking discernment: “All is well. God loves America. God is not angry”. Absolute rubbish! God IS angry! God told President Bush: “Do Not invade Iraq for if you do there will be serious consequences.” (My previous letter, 2 Americans, which I will include on this “blog” sets this out in greater detail.) It is time for America to wake up and face the truth. The inconvenient truth is that our Holy God IS in control and His Holiness and His Justice decrees that He is not going to allow any nation to illegally and immorally invade any other sovereign nation resulting in death, injury and harm to innocent civilians and then bless the disobedient aggressor. To think that God would do so is not to know the God revealed in the Bible and a serious sin to falsely proclaim “prophesies” contrary to His revelation and the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. (Deuteronomy 13:1-5; 18:18-22; 2 Timothy 4:3f; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Matthew 7:15; 24:24; Luke 6:26; 1 John 4:1)
    God’s timing is perfect. There is no mistaking that God has planned the current circumstances to give George W Bush a fitting send off. The most disliked and inept president in the history of the United States. History will record George W Bush as the man who destroyed the prestige of the USA along with its economy leading to the US relinquishing its world dominance and becoming a second rate power largely reliant upon the European Union and China.
    But it didn’t have to be this way. God promised George W Bush that if he would obey Him then God said: “I will make you the greatest ever American President, even greater than Abraham Lincoln”. That is why George Bush acted as though he had a divine blessing. But while George Bush basked and delighted in thought of God’s blessing he lacked the strength of character to stand up to Dick Cheney and all of the other neo-cons driving the war with Iraq.
    God spoke to President Bush through His Holiness, Pope John Paul II and then through the Pope’s emissary, Cardinal Pia Laghi and various American Christians giving the message of “no war”. When the President refused to listen, God sent me, His prophet with the message and clear warning: “Do NOT invade Iraq. For if you do there will be serious consequences. You George W Bush will not benefit economically from war with Iraq. You will be saddled with crippling debt. You will not make your oil supply more secure but less secure. The price of oil will go up and not down! You will not reduce terrorism but increase it. I, the Lord, will humiliate and frustrate you, you will not capture Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive”. You will not decrease the nuclear threat but increase it. You will ruin the prestige and good name of the United States – even your allies will have difficulty defending and standing by you.”
    Earlier I talked about the secular history of the Great Depression and the lessons, the similar factors that apply today. In the books Deuteronomy through to 2 Kings is contained what is known as “The Deuteronomic History”. The essential theology of the Deuteronomic History is one of blessing and curse, that is to say that when the leader and nation was obedient to God’s commands they enjoyed His blessing – it rained for one thing, the weather was “good”, there was peace and plenty to eat etc. By contrast, when the ruler and nation disobeyed God He withdrew His blessing. There was drought, failed crops – even defeat, humiliation in war! (1 Samuel 2:12, 17, 25; 4:2, 10)
    God said to President Bush: “Do NOT invade Iraq because if you do you will be responsible for killing, injuring and destroying the homes and welfare of many innocent civilians. If you, George Walker Bush do this, then I, the Lord will fight against you. I, the Lord will kill, injure and destroy (randomly) the homes of innocent Americans. I, the Lord will do to America what no enemy can do. I, the Lord will show that My Power exceeds any human power. Your bombs may destroy city streets and blocks but I can destroy whole cities by my word. Be warned George Bush, I, the Lord will destroy the city of New Orleans by wind and flood.”
    Of course it is history that Hurricane Katrina was prophetic fulfilment but still there are doubters. In these things God has and is acting entirely consistently with His revelation of Himself in Scripture and sacred texts. Significantly, The Wisdom of Solomon 11:16 informs us that “punishment for sin takes the same form as the sin itself.” (Good News Catholic Edition) Psalm 148:8 (NIV) declares that: “lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding.” While Sirach 39:28-31 tells us that: “There are winds that were created to bring punishment, fierce enough to move mountains. In times of judgment, they unleash their strength and calm the anger of their maker…fire, hail, famine, and disease; these have all been created as punishments. They are all glad to obey the Lord’s command and are ready to serve him here on earth.” (Good News Catholic Edition)
    The Lord told President Bush that no longer would the twisters come down “harmlessly” in the fields but increasingly they would land on homes and even churches. Just as America is destroying innocent people’s homes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan God declared that he would destroy American homes and He has kept His Promise. God has taken the homes of many Americans through flood, through wind, through fire and through the financial crisis brought about by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac liar loans. Make no mistake, the wildfires in California are prophetic fulfilment just as the recent destruction in Galveston was prophesied to President Bush. Just as America has destroyed the jobs and livelihoods of many people God Himself is throwing many Americans onto the scrapheap of unemployment. God IS keeping His Promise to President George W Bush. Everything that is happening in America today is down to George Bush’s disobedience to God. God IS punishing America and it does not help America one little bit to ignore and deny this.
    Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida and many in the Muslim world are sitting back and laughing at America. They are absolutely right when they speak of God punishing America though they do not know the true facts nor the true love motivating this discipline.
    When America votes the people need to take all of this into consideration because if America does not repent there is only a very bleak future ahead. America needs to recognise that the policies of the Bush Administration are seriously flawed and there needs to be drastic change before things get much, much worse – DEPRESSION!
    In terms of the mind of God neither John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are close to God’s thinking in terms of “Just War” and God’s Will in terms of US foreign policy. Everyone of these candidates is seriously out of step with God. In fact, none of them are good choices. Each one of them represents a particular danger to America and the world. There is not one that a spiritually discerning Christian could whole-heartedly embrace with the peace of God. That is despite several prominent Christian leaders exhorting votes for McCain/Palin. These people speak from a human perspective not with God’s authority or blessing.
    To John McCain and Sarah Palin, listen to what the Lord says to you: “You are wrong on Iraq and Afghanistan. US & Allied forces in Iraq must be replaced by a UN operation comprised of troops from Muslim nations, now! Escalating the war in Afghanistan by surge tactics is a mistake. Afghan tribal leaders should take over the fighting. There must not be any military incursions into Pakistan territory. All bombing of Iraq, Afghan and Pakistani civilians must cease immediately.”
    The Lord Jesus Christ said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9 NIV) By contrast you are acting like war-mongers. In my country genuine war heroes do not blow their own trumpets. Almost every genuine war hero is anti-war and rarely speaks about war or their service record. The only way that some genuine war heroes have been found is through others speaking about their heroism, their sacrifice and their service. Genuine war heroes rarely speak – at least they do not promote war or use their war “status” as leverage.
    America does not need another war. America needs a president with diplomatic skills who can repair and build bridges with other nations to bring mutual peace and prosperity. America needs a president with a social conscience to look after your own citizens and not just “free market cowboys” and greedy crooks. Good economic management skills are far more important at this time than any strong military leadership. (Ecclesiastes 3:8; 1 Timothy 5:8)
    To Barack Obama, listen to what the Lord says to you: “You are about to receive a great honour but with that honour comes great responsibility. There is NO solution to the nation’s problems apart from Me. If you implement your liberal social agenda to its fullest extent (abortion, same sex marriage etc) then I, the Lord cannot bless your presidency or the nation. You will live out your days in fear for your safety and that of your loved ones. Your life will be no better than that of a caged bird. The irony being that in “the land of the free” the main man will be anything but free. Prison inmates will feel more secure than you and your family. Do NOT, repeat Do NOT make military incursions into Pakistan. Do NOT, repeat Do NOT make any pre-emptive military strikes on Iran. Be very careful from whom you receive advice. Some will be out to use you – others will be plotting your downfall. Seek genuine wisdom and you will find it.” (1 Kings 3:28; 10:24; 2 Chronicles 1:10; Psalm 51:6; Proverbs 1:7; 2:6; 8:11; 11:2; 13:10; Ecclesiastes 2:26; 7:12; 9:18; Matthew 11:19; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31; James 1:5; 3:13-18; 2 Peter 3:15)
    Concerning Israel: What Israel wants and what Israel needs are not always the same thing. Sometimes the things Israel wants are not in the best interests of Israel. Israel needs true friends that are willing to stick by her in good times and bad but she also needs true friends who are honest and courageous enough to be true friends and not just go along with any old plan or idea of human origin. Israel needs true friends who put God first and commit ALL plans to Him first – especially military plans because without Him there will be no success. (Proverbs 16:3
    Listen oh Israel. Listen to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and Jacob: “Israel, oh Israel, how my heart aches for you because you are a stiff-necked people. Go back and read your history and remember the lessons I, the Lord have taught you. There is a time for everything. A time for war and a time for peace but first put your own house in order and then I, the Lord will bless you and give you victory. But be warned oh Israel, what do the Scriptures say? Who is it that gives you victory over your enemies? War apart from Me will be bloody, costly and prolonged. It will not come swiftly. Be warned, My Beloved.” (Exodus 32:9; 33:3, 5; 34:9; Deuteronomy 9:6, 13; Acts 7:51; Ecclesiastes 3:8; Deuteronomy 20:4; 2 Samuel 8:6, 14; 2 Kings 5:1; Psalm 44:7; 144:10; Proverbs 2:7; 21:31; Jeremiah 11:15)
    This IS a clear message to the USA. Be a good and true friend to Israel. Commit everything to the Lord and do NOT be deceived by plans and knee-jerk reactions that have no basis in God but only evil human imaginings and scheming. Be warned, God will not be mocked. The US cannot afford more wars that do not enjoy the blessing of God. Be warned:
    “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.” (Proverbs 21:30 NIV)
    A couple of weeks back while a television crew was reporting from the floor of the Australian Stock Exchange a big-noting, egotistical stockbroker was calling out in the background that the market had hit bottom. Apparently he wanted to gain the credit and peer adulation for having picked the bottom but he was nowhere to be found a few days later when New York shed 8%. Bottom, indeed! But the market has rallied from that point and with news of a further US Government bailout things do seem to be improving. So, has the market hit bottom? Has a recession been avoided? Is it all over?
    No. No, that would be all too easy for too many people and not achieve God’s purposes. You see, for the average person the financial crisis has just been a bit of a “paper” fright with “paper losses” that really do not mean much provided that you do not have to sell your shares, do not intend retiring in the short term, do not lose your job etc. For many, the “fright” is over and it’s back to “normal”. Well, no, that doesn’t suit God because God wants a positive result from that “fright”. God wants to see genuine change – true repentance - and so He cannot allow a “business as usual” attitude to come back so swiftly. The reality is that the markets only appear to have bottomed. Remember the lessons from the Great Depression, the Black Tuesday 1929 crash was followed by a resurgence. Yes, we are at the start of the resurgence. President Bush will take credit for that (and conveniently forget his role in the crash).
    The prevailing “wisdom” is that the financial crisis can be solved by throwing truckloads of cash at the problems. Sure General Motors and Ford will benefit from massive taxpayer injections but there is no response to the God factor in all of these issues. No-one has assessed the importance of drought in the Great Depression and the importance of drought today. Water IS the most valuable resource on earth. Because the United States of America has deliberately disobeyed God in such things as war in Iraq and because the Church in America has fully supported this disobedience through apathy, lack of faith, false prophets, false teachers and Christian leaders more interested in stroking their own egos and peddling Christianity as a business the Lord is going to withhold the rain where it is needed most. America is about to enter a prolonged extreme drought which when coupled with twisters, tornadoes, hurricanes, dust, fires, hail, ice, snow, floods, earthquakes, terror attacks, lawlessness, civil disobedience, riots, unemployment and company closures leading to DEPRESSION! (2 Timothy 3:1-5)
    By the authority vested in me by God as His prophet to America I am formally declaring drought in America. This drought shall not pass until such time as the Lord deems. Take heed false prophets and false teachers – you peddlers of religion for money – you who prey upon the vulnerable and deceive the gullible. What does the stock-market do? Is it not one step forward and two steps backward and vice versa? Is it not the overall trend that matters? Similarly, God will not be mocked, it will rain – sometimes too much – sometimes just a tease but do not be fooled – watch the trend. The trend is drought. Drought has been a significant factor throughout history. It was in the Great Depression and it will be again in this financial crisis leading to DEPRESSION. (Genesis 2:5; Leviticus 26:4; Deuteronomy 11:17; 1 Samuel 12:17f; 1 Kings 17:1, 7, 14; 18:1, 41, 44f; Job 5:10)
    The way out of DEPRESSION is to learn the lessons of history and not repeat elementary mistakes. Learn the lessons from the Deuteronomic History and take heart from the message of Jonah because God does not enjoy punishing anyone or any nation but certainly sometimes discipline is necessary. Before you go to war again, make certain that the war has God’s blessing and do not compound your sin by falsely claiming things by God when none exist.
    “His wisdom is profound, his power is vast. Who has resisted him and come out unscathed?” (Job 9:4 NIV)
    The Lord has spoken. Blessed be His Holy Name.


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