Thursday, October 23, 2008

The American-Muslims that Palin and the Right Love to Hate

Who among us can disagree with the fact that Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan was and is more patriotic than the two draft dodging chicken hawks and war mongers, Bush and Cheney?

This must be a Zionist dream come true. Not only did the false-flag attacks of 9/11 get Christians fighting Muslims, they also got Muslims fighting Muslims.

Helped in no small part by draft-dodging "Chicken Hawks" who have been cheeerleading for the phony War on Terror since 9/11.

Those hate mongers, who love to spread fear and sow ignorance like O'LIElly, Limbaugh and Savage?

Draft dodgers.

That tough-talking phony sack of shit, aging rocker Ted Nugent?

Another draft dodger.

Jonah Goldberg, Doug Feith, Sean Hannity, Elliot Abrams, Ken Adelman, "Scooter" Libby, Paul Wolfowitz?

Proud members of the "Chicken Hawk" brigade, who have seen action at DC cocktail parties and in Wall Street penthouses and who know all about a "think tank" but have never seen the insides of a battle tank.

And yes, some of the most vociferous proponents of more wars for Empire and Israel were either draft dodgers or couldn't find time to give two years of their life in service to the country they profess so loudly to anyone within 200 yards to love so deeply.

All members of the "101st Keyboard Brigade."

I'm not arguing for the phony War on Terror, just pointing out that Kareem felt a call to duty and responded like a red-blooded American, by enlisting in the Army to fight what his country told him was the enemy.

When all along, the enemy was within.

My heart goes out to Kareem's family.

From an article in the ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY web site:

Blast kills Jersey Shore GI

Friday, August 10, 2007

By SHRUTI L. MATHUR Gannett News Service

When it came to a post-high school career decision, there was nothing Kareem R. Khan wanted to do other than join the Army.

Spurred by the Septermber 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Khan, a 2005 graduate of Southern Regional High School, wanted to show that not all Muslims were fanatics and that many, like him, were willing to lay their lives down for their country, America. He enlisted immediately after graduation and was sent to Iraq in July 2006.

So when his father, Feroze "Roy" Khan, saw three soldiers walking up to his door on Monday, he knew what it meant.

Specialist Kareem Khan, 20, was killed with four others earlier this week when a blast destroyed a house he and members of his division, the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, were clearing in Baqouba, Iraq.

An interpreter and 12 soldiers were also injured in the explosion, the Army said.

"It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy," Feroze Khan, 49, said Thursday night at his home in the Ocean Acres section of Manahawkin.

Khan's faith in Islam is important now to his father and stepmother, Nisha Khan, because they want to make sure people in America know that Muslims like Kareem were willing to fight for their country.

"His Muslim faith did not make him not want to go. It never stopped him," said Feroze Khan. "He looked at it that he's American and he has a job to do."

One thing's for sure, the Chickenhawks might be gutless wonders, but they breed like rabbits.

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