Thursday, October 16, 2008

Iranian President Scares Israel with talk of justice, truth and affability

Israel answers Ahmadinejad by putting IDF on alert and threatening to attack Lebanon and Gaza.

Shlomo Thugstein, IDF head said "It's obvious that Iranian madman is threatening the peace of not only the Middle East, but the entire world with his incendiary talk of justice and truth," said Thugstein. "Just one more reason the U.S. needs to bomb Iran now, before this dreaded talk catches hold and we have people demanding peace and justice."

"That type of scenario is too horrible for Israeli's to contemplate. We need to stay on a war footing 24/7, 365 or else we will cease to exist as a race," added Thugstein.

Alan Dirtbagowitz, noted American Zionist, said that "Ahmadinejad is obviously threatening the worldwide destruction of not just Israel but all Jewry, because where is there place for them in a world of truth, justice and affability?"

He added that "Ahmadinejad is not only insane, but dangerous and should immediately be led in shackles to the International Criminal Court for his inflammatory statements against Zion."

Lebanon stability scraps Israel's schemes

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 00:34:05 GMT

Iranian President Mahmoud says Lebanese independence and stability will halt Israel's conspiracies in their tracks.

"The Zionist regime's raison d'etre depends on war. That is the reason why global hegemony supports this regime," President Ahmadinejad commented on Monday. He made the remarks in a meeting with the leader of Lebanon's Free Patriotic Movement, Michel Aoun in Tehran.

He added that the Zionist regime is on its way to destruction.

"The United States as well as the Zionist regime are moving towards downfall and neither one has popularity whatsoever in the Middle East."

"The Zionist regime has no prestige and weight in Asia, America, Latin America as well as Europe," he said.

President Ahmadinejad meanwhile held US atrocities to humankind accountable for the American economic crisis.

"We are of strong opinion that justice, affability as well as truthfulness will eventually conquer the world," the Iranian President highlighted.

Michel Aoun, for his part, briefed President Ahmadinejad on the latest developments in Lebanon, stating that Lebanon views Iran as its firm supporter.

He also termed Hezbollah's triumph in the 33-Day Israel's war on Lebanon as a 'turning point' in the history of Lebanon and that of the Mideast.

The Lebanese official meanwhile described his visit to Tehran as a means to voice Lebanese appreciation of Iran's all-out support and to praise principal stances adopted by senior Iranian officials.


  1. This is some very funny work, my friend. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    Sometimes, a little bit of satire mixed with reality goes a long ways.


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