Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's TRUE!!! Money DOES grow on trees!!! We're saved!

Cpt. Ben Shalom KIrk: "Scotty, you gotta get those printing presses running at Warp 5, I need that extra cash infusion NOW!

Scotty: "But Captain Kirk, we're giving it all she's got, we try to go any faster and..."

Kirk: "Dammit, Scotty, we've been together a long time and you've never let me down. If you can't get those presses running faster, I'll find someone who will."

Scotty: "Aye, Captain, I'll tinker with the M3 and see if that will help. But, Captain, what about inflation?"

Money DOES grow on trees, because that's where the Federal Reserve has been getting close to 500 BILLION dollars a day to lend/give to their bankster network.

I mean, all that cash the Fed is pumping into the system has to come from somewhere and since the government is beyond broke, the money's not coming from DC. It's not coming from China and some other countries that have been financing our debt, since they've seen the writing on the wall and have cut back on purchasing T-bills.

The only place left is the Magical Money Tree that grows in the Federal Reserve NY bank's courtyard. There, the fed can pick millions and millions of fresh 100 dollar bills off the branches day after day.

Cpt. Ben Shalom Kirk: "Dammit, Scotty, the warp drive stopped, What in the hell are you doing?"

Scotty:"But Captain, it's not me or my crew! The utility company came by and shut down our electric since we've been paying the bill using that some of the fiat money we created out of thin air and they refuse to take anymore for payment, saying it's WORTHLESS."

Cpt. Shalom KIrk: "That's it, I'm busting out of here and using my golden parachute to land on some cushy, tax free haven where one of my mansions is located. Damn Chinese coolies better have all of those gold plumbing fixtures polished... or ELSE!"

Scotty: "But Captain, what about us?"

Cpt. Shalom Kirk: "Your on your own, suckers. If you survive this crash, look me up, maybe I can offer you a job shoveling shit out of one of my horse stables for $2.00 an hour."

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