Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NO BANKER LEFT BEHIND ACT set to pass corrupt House

Looks like those lobbyist's calls and phone banks are giving cover to the thieves, liars, pimps and con artists in the House that want to serve their Wall Street Masters.

By rigging the public opinion polls ahead of the vote, sufficient cover will be given for these cockroaches to scurry out of the dark and into the light for a brief moment, all to vote for the No Banker Left Behind Act.

Both chambers are in recess, as ordered by their other Masters at Zhid Central, to show their loyalty and submission to Judeofacist holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

The Senate will vote AFTER sundown, to make Zionists happy and the House will not vote until tomorrow, to show Americans who REALLY runs this country.

After the vote, both the House and Senate will be feted with champagne, cocaine and prostitutes, all to let them know that their Masters are pleased.

And We the People will be left holding the bag.....again.

Any Americans not in favor of this daylight robbery of the Treasury will be deemed anti-American and anti-Semitic.

They will be rounded up and shipped off to re-education centers run by Lubavitcher Rabbis from Kosher meat plants, who will not hesitate to use restraint and meat hooks to get their point across your forehead.

Congress leaders optimistic on revived bailout

WASHINGTON - Congressional leaders said that adding tax breaks and increasing federal deposit insurance should improve chances a $700 billion financial rescue plan will pass the Senate Wednesday night, a message that didn't resonate very much with a still-skidding stock market.

Some leading players on the difficult legislation also saw heightened odds in signs of greater acceptance of the measure — if not a collective embrace — from constituents, based on e-mails, calls and letters in the wake the bill's defeat on the House floor. It was an assessment that lifted expectations for passage.

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt said calls and e-mails to congressional offices that were running about 90 percent against the measure earlier now are coming in about a "50-50" pace.

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