Friday, October 24, 2008

Stepping Softly into the Dark Night of Martial Law

Welcome to "Goon Squad," American style.

Looks like they've got us surrounded, with the ENTIRE U.S. border being subject to checkpoints 90 miles inland

"May we see your papers, please?" is no longer snarled on the screen by some fascist thug to some innocent bystander, it's happening right in our own backyards.

They'll start closing in, now that they've clamped down on points of exit.

U.S. Army troops, fresh back from the killing fields of Iraq and being trained on how to handle civil unrest and uprisings with TANKS, are stationed in country and Congress only yawns.

There won't be an actual declaration of Martial Law, no need to, since numerous "signing statements" from Bush and draconian laws passed by a Vichy Congress have already installed a de facto Martial Law.

Next, they'll be stopping and questioning those who go the polls to vote, but only because they had "info" on some terrorist attack and BTW, this is for your safety, of course.

They'll be clamping down, hard, on the protests after the next stolen election, come November 5. After all, those people are subversives and they have no place in a country on a 24/7 war footing, fighting those "evildoers," manufactured by the same people bringing you Martial Law.

Checkpoints will be set up at crucial highway intersections, randomly stopping vehicles, based on the "info" they received about a pending terrorist attack. All for our safety, of course.

The Minneapolis RNC model will be exported across the country, with preemptive warrantless raids against Americans, since they had "info" on a planned terrorist attack and wanted to protect you against THEM.
Don't resist, after all, it's for your protection. Oh, and BTW, we'll have to confiscate your guns, only on a "temporary" basis, until we check the serial numbers against our terrorist database.

Para-military outfits like the trained killers and hired thugs of Backwater will roam the streets of cities that are deemed to be in danger, due to some "info" they received about a terrorist attack.

Never ask what that "info" they received is, since that would put National Security in danger and you don't want to be on the list of terrorists we've developed, do you? And don't ask how you got on the list or how you can be removed from the list, unless you REALLY want to be removed... permanently.

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