Saturday, November 15, 2008

1.3 Million Americans Lost Their Homes to Foreclosure in 2007, but No Israeli's Lost Their Homes?

How many Israeli's lost their homes in 2007 to foreclosure? Good question and one I attempted to answer.

Try Googling homes being foreclosed on in Israel. Variations of that theme I searched are illustrated below:

Try this one, "No Israeli Lost their Homes to Foreclosure in 2007."

Or this: "Israeli Homes Not Being Foreclosed"

Or this: "Israel homes not affected by U.S. foreclosure problems"

Or this: "Foreclosed Properties For Sale in Israel"

Or this: "Home foreclosures not a problem in Israel"

Or this: "Israel homes + foreclosure"

So how many Israeli's are facing foreclosure on their homes? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

The number of stories found was ONE, this story, "Bill would help customers whose homes were foreclosed."

Except that article is about Israeli homes foreclosed on YEARS ago, not now and didn't give any numbers.

Israeli homeowners don't appear to be the crosshairs of their financial institutions like millions are in America. Why is that?

Maybe Uncle Sam can stop those yearly welfare checks to Israel and in a show of appreciation for all the support America has given that racist and apartheid nation, Israel will now start repaying back some of those trillions of dollars we've gave them.

Besides, if an Israeli family did lose their home, they could always steal another residence from a hapless Palestinian family.
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Actually, most of these new homes are NOT in Israel; they are for Israelis moving into settlements on Palestinian land under a land acquisition program considered illegal by every civilized western nation, except ours. So while your friend and neighbor is packing up, or while the little old couple’s house down the street sits vacant, I want you to know what your tax dollars are paying for. They’re paying for the eviction of a carpenter or a fisherman in Palestine. A family that has never raised a hand in anger toward us or Israel for that matter. Your tax dollars ultimately pay for the bulldozers that knock down their home and for the Israeli carpenters who build another on the land. Another home to hand over to a “settler” family for next to nothing so that Israel can get a deeper hold on another nation’s land. They build these illegal settlements on hillsides and they put up Israeli flags and they deem, under no rule of international law, that the land is then the sovereign soil of Israel. Even their outgoing Prime Minister has stated that this practice is wrong and must stop.

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