Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fairy Tales Now Accused of being "anti-Semitic"

Because of Rumpelstiltskin's odd name, magical powers involving gold and attempted theft of a human child, some critics have also interpreted the story in the context of medieval German anti-semitism.

Hell, what's next? Will the ADL swoop down ASPCA sites and accuse them of infringing on the Holocaust™ since these places use carbon monoxide gas to kill off unwanted pets?

Zionist front groups like the ADL are getting a bit edgy these days, since the wonders of the Internet have broken their monopoly over the news and people around the world are reading REAL news and not Zionist/Israeli filtered BS that always portrays Jews and Israel as being the perpetual underdog who is never at fault for whatever happens.
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Most people, if they have been kicked out of various countries, states or nations repeatedly over the centuries, will do some soul searching to try and discover what makes them so universally reviled.

Maybe the concept of a soul is too deep or maybe an artifical concept for those "Masters of the Universe."

These legends reflect an anti-Jewish sentiment long exhibited by European Christians. These tales, like their witchcraft analogs, illustrate a tragic and lengthy chapter in ecclesiastical history. Archives, like microscopes, often reveal root causes of sickness and evil. Our best hope of correcting the errors of the past lies in exposing their root causes to the light of

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