Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Someone dial 9-11, there's a robbery going on!"

Being robbed blind by Wall Street & White House con artists, liars, pimps and crooks in Broad Daylight

Hmm, trillions and trillions of dollars of OUR money that is being given, with and will continue to be given to the Wall Street banksters, with no oversight in place, even though it was mandated by the same law that put the No Banker Left Behind Act into existence.

Five TRILLION US dollars are being shoveled into that bottomless pit, with no end in sight.

Huh, wonder why Congress is dragging its feet over this matter? Maybe they trust this same gang of rapacious thieves to do the right thing this time around, ya' think?

Gosh, you don't think some untoward activity is going on in and around Wall and Market Street, do you?

I'm shocked, shocked to find that corruption is going on in here." (Apologies to Claude Rains and the movie, "Casablanca.")

All those American flags Wall Street displays, flapping in the breeze, must mean they're true blue patriotic Americans and wouldn't think of stealing large sums of money, right.

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By the time that bunch of pirates get thru scooting all of those trillions of dollars of OUR money offshore, into secretive tax free banking havens, we'll be lucky to have any clothes on our back, let alone two pockets to check and see if there's any change left.

Welcome to the holocaust, American style

The altar is located in Wall Street and what's being burnt is our future.

By the time this heist is thru, this holocaust will be protetcted by the Kabbalistic significant number 6, as in SIX TRILLION DOLLARS.

Gone. Forever. Sacrificed to Mammonism.

But not to worry, all the right sound bites are being offered up by the banksters cohorts in this massive swindle, the U.S. Congress

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged

By Amit R. Paley
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 13, 2008; A0

In the six weeks since lawmakers approved the Treasury's massive bailout of financial firms, the government has poured money into the country's largest banks, recruited smaller banks into the program and repeatedly widened its scope to cover yet other types of businesses, from insurers to consumer lenders.

Along the way, the Bush administration has committed $290 billion of the $700 billion rescue package.

Yet for all this activity, no formal action has been taken to fill the independent oversight posts established by Congress when it approved the bailout to prevent corruption and government waste. Nor has the first monitoring report required by lawmakers been completed, though the initial deadline has passed.

"It's a mess," said Eric M. Thorson, the Treasury Department's inspector general, who has been working to oversee the bailout program until the newly created position of special inspector general is filled. "I don't think anyone understands right now how we're going to do proper oversight of this thing."

In approving the rescue package, lawmakers trumpeted provisions in the legislation that established layers of independent scrutiny, including a special inspector general to be nominated by the White House and a congressional oversight panel to be named by lawmakers themselves.

Some lawmakers and their aides fear that political squabbling on Capitol Hill and bureaucratic logjams could delay their work for months. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office, which also has some oversight responsibilities, is worried about the difficulty of hiring people who can understand the intensely complicated financial work involved.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, the ranking member on the Finance Committee said “ Considering how taxpayers' money around Washington isn't respected, a day shouldn't go by without having an inspector general checking on it."....


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  2. I heard from Sullivan via the underground site and it seem the entire server is down. However, Sullivan stated that maybe it's just a matter of forgeting to renew. In any even, he stated further that only Qrswave is able to deal with the service department of the web host. So let's hope legal pressure wasn't exerted on the host, which resulted on censure.

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