Thursday, December 18, 2008

Esoteric Agenda - Symbolism, 2012, Mystery Religions, and Illuminati Bloodlines

How much of this is for real and how much fiction? Damned if I know, but it is interesting.

What I do know is that much of what was taught me in grade school, a lot of what was taught in high school and some of what was taught in college is either a lie, a deliberate distortion or misleading.

And about 98% of what the federal government says is BS. So, what's left except to figure shit out for yourself?

His assertion that the tribe of Israelites was made up from three different pagan religions, one that worshipped Isis, one that worshipped Ra and one that worshipped eL, ISis RA EL is intriguing.

"Every twenty-six thousand years our solar system passes through the twelve zodiac signs . Ancient civilizations such as the Hopi, Egyptians, Cherokee, Apache, and the Mayans were aware of this great cycle and developed calendars according to it. This cycle stems from many different occurrences in nature such as the suns orbit around Alcion, the central star of Plaidies, as well as the 260 day cycle of human gestation. This cycle is broken down into five sub-cycles of 5,125 years each which were thought to have their own age. The Aztec Calendar, or Meso-American Sun Stone, depicted each cycle being destroyed by one of the five elements. The cycle we are currently in is the age of the fifth sun. 3113 BC to 2012 AD. More precisely this great cycle ends December 21, 2012. Mayan cultures and civilizations were aware of this end date and Nostradamus even prophecized about it."

"The IRS isn’t even an agency of the United States government. If you don’t believe me look up IRS Publication 6209. It is an agency of the IMF which if governed by the United Nations. The FCC, CIA, FBI, and NASA were never a part of the United States Government. The US government only holds shares of the stock in various agencies. Social Security numbers are also issued by the UN through the IMF."

"On March 20, 2003, President Bush launched the bombing of Baghdad at 5:50 Baghdad time. This lasted until March 21st. It was called “shock and awe” by the mainstream media. But, according to the mystery religion this date is known as the Eve of Ostara, more commonly known as the Spring or Vernal Equinox. Occultists worship the Goddess of the Earth, Gaea, on this day. The druids knew this date as the Spring Fertility Rites,the Day of Feast. The war was promptly ended on May 1, 2003 (day of “Mission Accomplished”). This date is known on the druidic calendar as Beltane,or Walpurgis Night. It was named after St. who is the pagan goddess of fertility. From March 20th to May 1st, the pagan ritual is to give blood to Earth and renew life to the goddess of fertility. What better time for them to declare a bloody war on the days of a ritual sacrifice and end it exactly when the pagan ritual ends."

"…and one of the greatest examples of group think is the stigma given to conspiracy theories. The phrase “conspiracy theory” gives a distinct impression to the average person. The JFK assassination, Area 51, Roswell, government cover ups, strange disappearances… These subjects probably sound a bit too fantasy for the average person. And it’s quite understandable. They’re supposed to sound made up. Throughout the mistranslation of time, and embellishment of these stories, facts were added or omitted. Some may be true and some may be false, but one thing’s for sure, if a global secret needed to remain hidden, yet began emerging among the public, the best cover up is to embellish or alter the story until it sounds ludicrous. So what happens when the secret involves the government and the government has intimate ties to the mainstream media. And the mainstream media, as said before, has been proven to sway at least 80% of the public’s opinion. The logic is undeniable. Media in every form is put in place to make people feel stupid for even keeping an open mind towards conspiracy theories."

There's eight more videos in this series, available at this link:


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