Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to get branded as being "anti-Israel" & "anti-Semitic" & "anti-Zionist"

It's easy, just publish a fine magazine like Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, with quality journalists and authors like Chris Hedges, Charley Reese, Paul Craig Roberts and former California congressmen Pete McCloskey contributing articles that try and shine a light on ME affairs, showing both sides, and the Zionist Media Goon Squads will descend upon you like a biblical plague of locusts, devouring everything in sight, especially the truth.


Just ask another WRMEA contributor, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer, who this past Summer, returning to Palestine, was detained, beaten, attacked, robbed and tortured by Israeli border police.

The Zionist Seekers of Carrion are ubiquitous, infesting and infecting all forms of the MSM in America, with their beaks constantly sniffing the air, looking for any realistic and legitimate questions about Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

These queries must not be allowed, they must be devoured.

Which they then convert into tasty droppings to plunk down on America's ready made and eager palates across the country. Call it a form of alchemy, converting buzzard droppings into sound bites, which are eaten up.

"It might look like shit, it might smell like shit and it might taste like shit, but, Mmmmmmm, is it good.... Zionists and Israel, Good, Double Good... Give me More!"


One of the more virulent Zionist front groups is an outfit called "Middle East Forum," with a well paid staff of professional hacks who abhor the thought of Palestinian rights and self-determination..

Says that purveyor of all things Israeli, Daniel Pipes...

Central American sponsor of American backed Death Squads and supporter of Israel's brutal and savage 2006 attack on Lebanon, Elliot Abrams...

Always foaming at the mouth, "Can we Nuke them Now?" John Bolton...

The one that helped stovepipe "dodgy" Iraq intelligence directly into the White House, Douglas Feith....

PNAC founding member Frank Gaffney....

"The only good Muslim is a dead one" philosopher Robert Kagan...

"The US needs to invade a shitty little country every 10 years or so" reasoning of Michael Ledeen....

Uber Zionist Bernard Lewis...

The irrational one that sings like a "Mockingbird," MIchelle Malikin...
Disgraced former New York Times stenographer and current FUX News talking head Judith MIller...

AEI and Zionist stooge Danilelle Pletka...

AIPAC denizen currently being tried for spying for Israel, Steven Rosen...

Iraqi War Enabler and War criminal at large George Tenet....

Disinfo specialists and most likely, MOSSAD agents and the force behind another ZOG group, MEMRI, the Wurmsers, who were staunch advocates of having the US invade Iraq to remove an "existential" enemy of Israel, Saddam Hussein.

And on and on and on.

This is what gets this flock roused from their roost.
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a magazine published 9 times per year in Washington, D.C. that "focuses on news and analysis from and about the Middle East and U.S. policy in that region."

Political position

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs does not take partisan domestic political positions. As a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli dispute, it endorses U.N. Security Council Resolution 242´s land-for-peace formula, supported by seven successive U.S. presidents.

In general, the Washington Report supports Middle East solutions which it judges to be consistent with the charter of the United Nations and traditional American support for human rights, self-determination, and fair play.


The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs has been characterized by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America as "virulently anti-Israel," as "bitterly anti-Zionist" and "the most conspiratorially-minded of the anti-Israel forces" by the Middle East Quarterly, as "a journal known for its strong anti-Israel bias" by Honest Reporting, and as "an anti-Israel publication that frequently serves as an apologist for Muslim American groups advocating anti-Semitism and support for terrorism" by the Anti-Defamation League.

Canada's National Post has also described the magazine as "anti-Israel," the Jewish Virtual Library has stated that the "WRMEA publishes many articles that are considered to be anti-Israel and anti-Zionist", the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles notes that critics view it as "guilty of frequent factual distortions" and "an unrelenting polemic against Israel", and Jonathan Tobin, executive editor of The Jewish Exponent has described the publication as "the guidebook to the Arabist lobby in the United States" that "specializes in defaming Israel."


The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is published mainly by retired U.S. foreign service officers and it features writers of multiple ethnicities and religions and across the political spectrum. Paleoconservatives, leftists, secular Israelis, Jews, Muslims and Arabs.

Notable contributors

James Abourezk

James Akins

Uri Avnery

Eugene K. Bird

Pat Buchanan

Andrew Cockburn

Jonathan Cook

James Ennes

James Ennes Jr.

John Esposito

Paul Findley

Robert Fisk

Neve Gordon

Ran HaCohen

Leon Hadar

Chris Hedges

Elaine Kelley

Andrew I. Killgore

Alfred Lilienthal

Michael Lind

Pete McCloskey

Norton Mezvinsky

Donald Neff

Mohammed Omer

Victor Ostrovsky

Ilan Pappe

William Pfaff

Charley Reese

Sheldon Richman

Scott Ritter

Paul Craig Roberts

Edward Said

Israel Shahak

Alison Weir

Alan Weisman


  1. ""The US needs to invade a shitty little country every 10 years or so" reasoning of Michael Ledeen...."

    That's what DANIEL BERNARD, the French ambassador to Britain, called Israel. Of course, it's only hate speech when applied to Israel, right?

  2. Ledeen either said to invade a shitty little country or a crappy little country every 10 years or so.

    Not much difference in wording.


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