Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Israeli's in your PC and Cell Phone

Taken all the needed precautions to keep hackers and crackers from invading your computer? Might all be for nought, if your computer is running on an Intel chip. Anyone think that Israel wouldn't stoop so low as to put spyware into the chip's code better think again.

Israel has a long and sordid history of spying on the U.S. and wouldn't stop at spying on individuals, such is the level of their paranoia.
If you don't act subservient to that nation of racist bigots or have the audacity to ask questions about Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, then you are an "existential" enemy of Israel and will be treated as such.

Those cell phone conversations you have with your loved one that might get a bit steamy? Also monitored by Israeli Intel chips made in their Petah Tikva development center and the Haifa R&D center, to be stored and used for possible future blackmail, as events dictate.

Here's some info on the Petach Tikva Intel Center, which is developing future applications to spy on an even wider swath of the wireless market and future computer applications.

Petach Tikva

Intel's design and development center in Petach Tikva employs approximately 500 people developing products for the future cellular market (2.5G, 3G), combining advanced communications systems with content-rich applications such as multimedia and Internet. The center is a leader in the development of wireless cellular technology on chip components. These wireless handheld communication devices combine voice communications and Internet access capabilities onto one chip using 0.13 and 0.09 micron technology.

Computer chips aren't the only hi-tech invasion being mounted by Israel, as they have numerous companies like the following making the innards and accessories for your PC.

In the last few years many high-tech companies and start-ups have moved into the Petah Tikva industrial zone, which now house the Israeli headquarters for the Oracle Corporation, IBM, Intel, SanDisk, ECI Telecom.

And the fact that these Israeli R & D centers are located less than 30 minutes away from the MOSSAD, the Israeli spy agency, false-flag specialists and assassins bureau is only a coincidence.

New Intel Chips from Israel to Increase Capabilities of Laptops and Cellphones

By Beth Weiss

Centrino Chip

Intel is now marketing the Centrino computer chip, also known as the Pentium M, for laptop and notebook computers. The chip, codenamed "banias," was developed over a period of three years in Intel Israel's Petach Tikva research facility.

"Everything was done in Israel, from top to bottom," said Intel Israel spokesman Koby Bahar.

The total cost of advertising worldwide for the chip is estimated at $300 million, an amount far greater than the money Intel spent on promotion of its Pentium processors. Global markets for the chip include the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Australia, and South Korea.

Manitoba Processor

Simultaneously, another product came to the market, a partially Israeli-developed processor with the code name "Manitoba." Six Intel centers around the world, including two in Israel, helped create the product.


  1. A real goodie. thx. have reposted all over hell and gone. :)

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  3. At some point, email and text messaging you send will go thru one of these Israeli made chips, so my guess is that they'll have access to the info regardless of what you buy.

    I've always been a fan of AMD's chips myself.

  4. I'm pretty sure they have both of our numbers aren't you Greg?


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