Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's "Top Secret" Phone to Run on Windows? Yikes!

Obama's Top Secret Phone will run using possibly the buggiest and most easily accessible software for hackers to penetrate, WINDOWS.

When the prez isn't having trouble dealing with bugs, shut downs and Boot Again? messages, his Top Secret phone will be hacked into in no time, most likely by that SLC in the ME that is always proclaiming that it is our best friend in the world, at the same time sending armies of spies to penetrate the Pentagon, White House and the State Department.

If Obama wants a secure phone, he'll have to get one that runs on open source software, like Linux, not the notoriously hacker prone Windows. Obama will be using General Dymanics Sectera Edge, as this story shows:
One is General Dynamics' Sectera Edge, a combination phone-PDA that's been certified by the National Security Agency as being acceptable for Top Secret voice communications and Secret e-mail and Web sites. Through three separate interchangeable modules, it works with Wi-Fi, GSM, or CDMA networks, and is dust-proof, waterproof, and rugged enough to survive repeated 4-foot drops onto concrete. Physically, it's a chunkier second cousin to the Palm Treo 750, though with an additional LCD display below the keyboard.

The Sectera runs a mobile version of Microsoft Windows, including versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows Media Player. The NSA claims that the installed versions of Internet Explorer, WordPad, and Windows Messenger are good enough for data that's classified at a level of Secret. Presumably the federal spooks have found a way to protect IE from the numerous security flaws that continue to plague the Internet's most popular browser.

Both PDA-phones owe their existence to a Defense Department project called SME-PED, meaning Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device. Because the SME-PED was explicitly designed to act as a classified-information-friendly replacement for a BlackBerry, it should be an easy switch for a President Obama.

Who's behind this brain fart to use Windows software in Obama's phone?

The Defense Information Systems Agency:
This DISA initiative is a critical, urgent step in leveraging DoD's ongoing investments in intelligence, reconnaissance, and command and control capabilities. Since the evolution of wireless mobile communications, DoD personnel have identified the need for secure devices to provide the same wireless features for classified systems as that of an unclassified system.

Unless Obama's phone uses a dedicated network not available to us mere mortals, it will not only be in danger from Israeli hackers and crackers, it will also be accessed thru the phone logs, like this story shows when Verizon caught employees last Fall snooping in on Obama's calls.

The same bunch that snooped into then President Clinton's phone calls when he was getting his cigars soaked by Monica Lewinsky will be the same bunch that spies on Obama to twist and bend him to their will.
That same bunch which had a huge part in helping pull off the false-flag of 9/11, thru a massive spying operation on American telecommunications, thru the Israeli companies AmDocs and Comverse Infosys:
Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel . This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon.

What Israel has done in return was to set up government subsidized telecommunications companies which operate here in the United States. One of these companies is Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA. Amdocs' main computer center for billing is actually in Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis"; a picture of someone's activities based on a pattern of who they are calling and when. Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys, which subcontracts the installation of the automatic tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. Comverse maintains its own connections to all this phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for maintenance purposes only. However, Converse has been named as the most likely source for leaked information regarding telephone calls by law enforcement that derailed several investigations into not only espionage, but drug running as well. Yet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services. Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning. Odigo has an office 2 blocks from the former location of the World Trade Towers.

These are the same traitorous fucks that will bend and break every U.S. law in order to spy on Obama, all to protect that racist and bigoted Jews only state of hate, Israel.

Postscript: Here's a little bit of 9/11 trivia, which the MSM chooses to ignore, about Odigo, the Israeli Messaging company cited above:
Odigo, like many Israeli software companies, is based and has its Research and Development (R&D) center in Herzliya, Israel, the small town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to be where MOSSAD's headquarters are located.

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