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American Tax Dollars being used to Finance Israeli War Crimes

Strong Indications of Israeli War Crimes


We are a delegation of 8 American lawyers, members of the National Lawyers Guild in the United States,who have come here to the Gaza Strip to assess the effects of the recent attacks on the people , and to determine what, if any, violations of international law occurred and whether U.S. domestic law has been violated as a consequence....

The delegation recorded numerous accounts of Israeli soldiers shooting civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, in the head, chest, and stomach. Another common narrative described Israeli forces rounding civilians into a single location i.e., homes, schools which Israeli tanks or warplanes then shelled. Israeli forces continued to shoot at civilians fleeing the targeted structures.

We spoke to Khaled Abed Rabbo, who witnessed an Israeli soldier execute his 2-year-old and 7-year-old daughters, and critically injure a third daughter, Samar, 4-years old, on a sunny afternoon outside his home. Two other Israeli soldiers were standing nearby eating chips and chocolates at the time on January 7, 2009. Abed Rabbo recounts standing in front of the Israeli soldiers with his mother, wife and daughters for 5 – 7 minutes before one of the soldiers opened fire on his family.

We spoke to Ibtisam al-Sammouni, 31, and a resident of Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City. On January 4th, the Israeli army forced approximately 110 of Zaytoun’s residents into Ibtisam's home. At approximately 7 am on January 5th, the Israeli military launched two tank shells at the house without warning killing two of Ibtisam’s children: Rizka, 14 and Faris, 12. When the survivors attempted to flee Israeli forces shot at them. Her son Abdullah, 7, was injured in the shelling and remained in the home among his deceased siblings for four days before Israeli forces permitted medical personnel into Zaytoun to rescue them. After medical personnel removed the injured persons, an Israeli war plane destroyed the house and it crumbled over the lifeless bodies. The dead remained beneath the rubble for 17 days before the Israeli Army permitted medical personnel to remove their bodies for burial.

We spoke to the family of Rouhiya al-Najjar, 47, who lived in Khoza’a, Khan Younis. Israeli forces ordered her neighborhoods residents to march to the city center. Rouhiya led 20 women out of her home and into the alley. They all carried white scarves. Upon entering the alley, an Israeli sniper shot Rouhiya in her left temple killing her instantly. Israeli forces prevented medical personnel from reaching her body for twelve hours.

Misuse of Weapons

Our delegation has heard allegations of the use of DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) weaponry, white phosphorus and other possible weapons whose use in civilian areas is prohibited. We have also heard of the use of prohibited weapons, such as fleshettes. We have found our own evidence of the use of fleschette shells, which we will combine with evidence collected by Amnesty International to push for further investigation. We have not found any conclusive evidence of the use of DIME, though we believe that this warrants further investigation and disclosure by the Israeli military.

Our findings overwhelmingly point to the use of conventional weapons in a prohibited manner, specifically, the use of battlefield weaponry in densely populated civilian areas. Customary international law forbids the use of weapons calculated to cause unnecessary suffering. We found evidence that Israel used white phosphorus in extensively throughout its three-week offensive in a manner that led to numerous deaths and injuries. For example, Sabah Abu Halima, 45, lived in Beit Lahiya with her husband, seven boys, and one girl. It was midday and she and her entire family was home. Within minutes she felt her home shaking and missiles fell through the rooftop. She fell to the ground upon impact. When she looked up she saw her children burning.


This delegation is seriously concerned by our initial findings. We have found strong indications of violations of the laws of war and possible war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip. We are particularly concerned that most of the weapons that were found used in the December 27 assault on Gaza are US-made and supplied. We believe that Israel’s use of these weapons may constitute a violation of US law, and particularly the Foreign Assistance Act and the US Arms Export Control Act.

The above article, at Counterpunch, is too long to reprint in this blog, but well worth the time to look up and read the entire article about Israeli atrocities against Occupied Palestine.

And more:
Israeli settlers open fire on Bethlehem village 10.02.09

PNN exclusive / Najib Farrag – With the Israeli elections being largely campaigned on support for the militant settler movement Jewish extremists continue to act with impunity.

The occupied West Bank was the scene last night of the type of shooting that has become routine from the south's Hebron to Nablus in the north.

Israeli settlers from the Beitar Illit Settlement built on the land of several western Bethlehem towns opened fire on Husan Village Monday.

Settlers entered the town and began firing at houses and along the streets. Residents describe the shooting as “sudden” and “indiscriminate.”

Citizens are increasingly agitated and despairing as the Israeli policy of settlement expansion continues in spite of international law, the United Nations, the US envoy George Mitchell and the nonviolent resistance movement that routinely protests.

In Husan Village today the people say they are afraid to let their children outside. “The incident confirms once again,” a resident said, “that the settlers are a danger to people.”

"Moshe, Aron and Bennie, if it doesn't have side curls, or isn't wearing Hasidic garb, start blasting away."

And even more:
Gaza – Ma'an – Invading Israeli soldiers steal the life-savings of Palestinians, physically assault women and loot homes, reveal eyewitnesses. In a new report, Ma'an investigates Israeli violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian citizens living in areas close to the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, especially the Sufa area, east of Rafah, and Al Fukhari, south of Khan Younis, areas surrounding Al Maghazi refugee camp and the Shajaiya area, east of Gaza City, informed Ma'an that Israeli soldiers have been looting Palestinian property and beating citizens including women.

Local citizen Abu Suleiman sent a letter to Ma'an which read, "The Israeli soldiers ordered me to open the front door to my home in Al Fukhari. They then beat my wife and stole her gold, before asking me where my money was kept."

Ma'an spoke to the head of the council of Al Fukhari, Oda Ammour, he said "this is not the first time Israeli soldiers have committed such acts, they behave in this way during every incursion." He added "the Israeli soldiers stole cameras, mobile phones and money from the houses they raided. They steal everything they can get their hands on."

Ammour said that the homeowners watch the Israeli soldiers as they thieve their belongings, but can do nothing to prevent them.

"The Israeli soldiers stole at least $3,000 US from eight homes and 7,000 NIS [~$1,600] from one citizen alone," said Ammour. "These acts are repeated during every incursion, in some cases they steal the entire life-savings of the citizen.

And more. A casual search of the web will turn up article after article of documented Israeli War Crimes against the Palestinians, just don't expect to see these truths on CNN or FOX or MSNBC.

When the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force--isn't shooting Palestinian kids in the head, they spend their time thinking up newer and more sadistic ways to treat those children.
Ramallah, 19-08-07: Footage captured by an independent American filmmaker on Wednesday 15 August, showing Israeli soldiers beating, spitting on and throwing stones at three Palestinian children offers yet further proof that Israel's 543 permanent and 610 'flying' checkpoints "are sites of systematic torture and human rights violations against Palestinian civilians", said veteran human rights activist, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi MP at a press conference held in Ramallah today.

A female Israeli soldier beats and spits on 3 Palestinian children while her colleague is seen picking up stones and throwing them at the children as they drive away. Ras at-Tira checkpoint, Qalandia District

This is what Israel has the Chutzpah to call the world's "most moral army?"


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