Monday, February 9, 2009

Chinese skyscraper defies the Laws of Thermodynamics!!

A Tale of Two Buildings

Look at these photos of two skyscraper fires. One building is partially completed, and the fire and flames are licking at the exposed steel beams and girders.

The other building has a few fires here and there, but not near the amount of flames that the partially completed building does.

Which one of these buildings do you think collapsed in on its own footprint, at near free-fall speed and which one is still standing?

Here's the fire at the 47 story tall WTC 7 on 9/11:

And the Beijing, China fire at the 44 story Mandarin Oriental hotel on February 9, 2009.

Hey, N.I.S.T., what about that "thermal expansion" thing? Or does that NIST made law of physics only apply to the World Trade Center building 7 and was only valid for that day and that building alone?
NIST, I've come up with a new theory about your theory and this theory involves heated air and baloney, but I'll not use the actual term here, as I think you know what kind of heated baloney I'm talking about.

Fire rages at Beijing luxury hotel after fireworks

BEIJING – The burning shell of an unfinished, 44-story luxury hotel lit the night sky over downtown Beijing on Monday after being showered with sparks from fireworks set off during China's biggest holiday.
Flames surged up one side of the hotel and sent off huge plumes of black smoke, showering the ground with embers as police held back crowds of onlookers.


  1. Oh, Gawd, not the hot baloney stick!

  2. NIST just responded and has now declared that the laws of physics are indeed localized and vary from place to place.

    Case closed, again.....

  3. No doubt if the buildings next door had been hit by jet airliners that Chinese skyscraper would have collapse in 7.5 seconds flat!

  4. Just passing by to say good work and to stress the fact that thermodynamics don't apply to Chinese skyscrapers when built with recycled steel from the WTC buildings unless of course they're hit by FAA 'deregistered' United Airlines jets like 93&175 carrying copies of the Koran and at least one smoking gun like a fireproof passport.

  5. Or if China's version of the SEC had been in that building or an emergency command center that had directed the fireworks display, then the building might of fallen.


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