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Israel's "Project Daniel" and the USS Liberty

Anytime some violent out of control thugs use religious imagery to back up and legitimize what they are doing, you know that they are truly whacked out... and that the violence they're espousing, usually in God's name, will be so brutal and deadly that it will shock society.

If that violent and out of control thug is Israel, backed up with one of the world's largest nuclear arsenals, then you know the entire world is in danger from being consumed in a radioactive ball of fire, all to please the God of Israel.

Like the religious metaphor Israel uses in its Project Daniel. Daniel was the biblical character that was captured and taken to Babylon(Iraq) and forced in servitude to the king. But thru his intelligence and above average ability (Jewish notion of being the Master Race), Daniel was elevated to being the king's top advisor. But he was surrounded by enemies (Arab States) who were trying to kill him off.
They finally managed to get Daniel tossed in a lion's den (Occupied Palestine), but Daniel was not eaten alive (Israel's use of overwhelming force to kill off as many Arabs as possible)

The author of Daniel recommend wiping out any existential threats to Israel using nukes. Israel's paranoia has developed to the point of it being neurotic, as this report on Project Daniel shows.

Project Daniel was a 2003 Israeli project , commissioned to assess the threat to the nation of Israel from other states in the Middle East, drawing particular attention to Iran, with Iran's nuclear program in mind. It was prepared by a high-powered team of Israeli foreign policy and military experts. The report was submitted to Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and was discussed between Israel, the United States, and NATO.
... we strongly believe that Israel immediately adopt – with highest priority – a policy of preemption with respect to enemy existential threats.

Existential threats? That means a threat doesn't have to actually exist, but if Israel thinks it does, then it's "Bombs Away."

Like the "threats" Israel saw in those Gaza gardens and planted fields which Israel either bombed or destroyed with bulldozers. And the Gazan health care clinics and hospitals the IDF bombed? Or those Gazan ambulances strafed by IDF jets?

If a family member became as crazy and violent as Israel is, the other family members would have the crazed one committed.

Israel is that crazy, out of control family member, but instead of having access to a 12 gauge shotgun, it has 300 nuclear weapons on hand and the ability to deliver them anywhere in the world.

Who will confront this maniac?

Ranges would be to cities in Libya and Iran, and recognizable nuclear bomb yields would be at a level sufficient to fully compromise the aggressor's viability as a functioning state," says the report.

Compromise the viability of LIbya and Iran? In other words, wiping Libya or Iran off the face of the earth with nukes. That's Israel's way of saying "I don't like you."

Israel reminds me of a verbally and physically abusive husband, who regularly beats up his wife. One day, the battered woman finds the strength to hit back. At first, the husband--Israel--is taken aback with this show of determination and starts crying about how much he loves his wife and how could YOU do this to me? The husband reverts to past practice and really beats the hell out of his wife. Maybe even to the point of death.

The final recommendation was that Israel should provide constructive support to the United States' War on Terrorism, particularly in counter-terrorism operations

No thanks Israel, the USA doesn't need help of the sort you're offering, since you are the world's #1 terrorist state, which you've proven time and again by massacring Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and anyone else that thru your paranoia, you deem to be an "existential" enemy of Israel.

Even Americans, just ask the survivors of the USS Liberty, who became an "existential" enemy of Isarel in June of 1967.

A particularly damning report compiled by a CIA informant suggests that Israeli Defense minister Moshe Dayan personally ordered the attack and wanted it to proceed until the Liberty was sunk and all on board killed. A heavily redacted version of the report was released in 1977. It reads in part:

"[The source] said that Dayan personally ordered the attack on the ship and that one of his generals adamantly opposed the action and said, 'This is pure murder.' One of the admirals who was present also disapproved of the action, and it was he who ordered it stopped and not Dayan."

More proof has recently come to light from the Israeli side. A few years after Attack on the Liberty was originally published, Ennes got a call from Evan Toni, an Israeli pilot. Toni told Ennes that he had just read his book and wanted to tell him his story. Toni said that he was the pilot in the first Israeli Mirage fighter to reach the Liberty. He immediately recognized the ship to be a US Navy vessel. He radioed Israeli air command with this information and asked for instructions. Toni said he was ordered to "attack". He refused and flew back to the air base at Ashdod. When he arrived he was summarily arrested for disobeying orders

Seriously Israel, seek some professional help and own up to all of the millions of murders you've committed and maybe, just maybe, you might cure yourself.


  1. I think a strait-jacket, a rubber room and some lithium might be safer than waiting for Israel to fess up to anything.

  2. Yeah, Israel just gets more and more frightening by the minute. You might be interested in reading a recent article, Netanyahu, Israel's Mussolini, found here that goes into some very interesting detail about Netanyahu.
    Thanks for your post!

  3. “The Achilles’ heel of the Arab coalition is Lebanon. Muslim supremacy in this country is artificial and can easily be overthrown. A Christian State ought to be set up there, with its southern frontier on the river Litani. We should sign a treaty of alliance with this State. Then, when we have broken the strength of the Arab Legion and bombed Amman, we could wipe out Transjordan; after that Syria would fall. And if Egypt dared to make war on us, we would bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo. We should thus end the war, and would have settled the account with Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea on behalf of our ancestors.”
    David Ben-Gurion, 1948
    If those last 4 words don't convince you they are insane....

    Israel is an IMMANENT THREAT to Humanity. Israel is armed with every WMD known to man including 2-400 secret Nuclear warheads built with material STOLEN from America. Israel is insane from 3,500 years of "biblically mandated" inbreeding, Israel Threatens LIFE on Earth. Israel believes they are the "Chosen People of GOD". That belief alone should be a warning flag to any NON-Jew. Jews believe that to BE a Jew, The parents must BOTH be Jewish, the mother determines that one IS a Jew, the father determines which "tribe" one belongs to. They INVENTED "Eugenics"......."This belief has led to mental illness from inbreeding. These people now are engaging in GENOCIDE and declaring it to be "justified" under THEIR religious beliefs. Today, Gaza, tomorrow they NUKE Europe !? Israel is engaging in War Crimes and Aggressive War against non-Jews, whom they denigrate and DEHUMANIZE as GENTILES, GOYIM, SISHKAS.
    Israel allied with APARTHEID South Africa, trading weapons and torture techniques with THOSE "white supremacists", when the CIVILIZED world was boycotting them. Now Israel has allied with the DEATH CULTISTS of the "Rapture". They call themselves "Christian/Zionists" which is an oxymoron, you CANNOT be Christian/ANTI-Christian at the same time. These "rapture" Prophets for PROFIT are ANTI-Christ DEATH CULTISTS

    All "GENTILES/GOYIM" must unite to disarm these LUNATICS before they NUKE Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon,

  4. Israel's ideology is no different from ours (U.S.). That's why we've invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, because we perceived a possible threat from these countries or thought they were somehow behind 911. The governments of both countries are incredibly paranoid.

  5. The governments of both countries are incredibly paranoid.

    And that's why the US and Israel are the world's leading terrorist states.

    They talk of peace but only wage war.

  6. Who will confront this maniac?

    Of course Israel will!

    Isreal should attack the Iranian maniac and his toys and free the world from it's fear!!!

    Allahu Akhbar !!!

    Dr. Dan said bla bla bla ... but David Ben Gurion didn't say what he says he said. Recicling stupid anti-Semitic trash won't make you right and clever. The opposite is true.

  7. Recicling stupid anti-Semitic trash won't make you right and clever. The opposite is true.

    Abraham, don't you have some Palestinian kids to shoot in the head or some West Bank homes to destroy with an IOF bulldozer?

    Go do you He-Man stuff so you can feel so potent sexually that you can almost have sex and not use violence as a substitute.


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